Vivian’s Story Ch. 03

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I couldn’t describe the feeling that were coursing through me as I expelled the enema. Certainly fear mingled with lust, but it was so intense that it was as if I was experiencing every emotion in the universe at once. It was over with in seconds, but I felt drained as I sat on the toilet seat. I have no real idea of how long I sat there, but after waiting for a bit, I cleaned up and started the shower.

The evening air in our bungalow had turned chilly, so I made the shower nice and hot. I washed and stood under the stream, feeling the hot water melt away some of my tension. It was impossible not to enjoy the surroundings. The bathroom featured an entirely glass wall facing out to the open ocean. There was planter box just outside that provided some privacy but still let the magnificent views be seen. It was filled with the most beautiful and exotic plants that I had ever seen in my small mid-western life.

The lights on the ocean and the stars set an incredibly romantic mood, and for the first time, I forgot my apprehension and realized that I was here with my husband. The man I loved and wanted to honor above all others. The man who would be my partner in life. I would be the same for him. With thoughts of the romance to come this evening instead of the actual events that would transpire, I finished my shower and dried off. Paul left me alone during all this time, only knocking once to ask if I was all right. I was just fine.

I took my time and primped somewhat, enjoying the leisure. I knew that I had better not push my luck, though. My new husband was waiting. Unsure of his wishes, I stepped out of the bathroom completely naked. He looked swiftly up at me, seemingly surprised at my naked state. Thinking about it now, it was kind of a metaphor for my thoughts at the time. Naked, waiting for him to mold me.

Paul came up to me slowly, looking me in the eyes the whole time. He drew me slowly into an embrace and bent his head to kiss me. Gently, his tongue parted my lips, and I felt the sizzle in my loins start again. His kiss was gentle, but I felt myself growing impatient, wanting more and deeper contact with him. He broke apart and chuckled at me. “A bit excited, are you?” he asked teasingly.

I grinned up at him and he gently steered me over to the bed. Easing me backwards, he leaned into me with another kiss. I eagerly responded to him, bringing my arms up around him to encourage him to come closer. He lost his footing and came tumbling down on top of me on the bed. I ducked and laughed and he rolled over completely on top of me. He pinned my arms above my head and leered down at me.

In his best evil villain voice he said to me, “I have you now my sweet. You are my prisoner!”

I laughed and tried to roll out from underneath him, but he was having none of it. He flopped me like a rag doll over his lap. “You must be punished for trying to escape me!” he declared and brought his hand down on my left ass cheek. It wasn’t hard enough to really hurt, but as he continued, I could feel the heat build inside and out. Soon, I was arching my back to get my ass up higher for him. I felt like a cat in heat.

He started rubbing my cheeks in the same spots that he had made pink. His right hand slipped lower to my moist core and I opened my legs slightly for him to get better access. He started slow, but gradually increased the friction on my clit, and I could feel my juices start to really flow again. He leaned over and whispered in my ear again, “I have you now”.

He continued manipulating my pussy until I thought I would scream before gently rolling me over on my back again. He pushed my knees up to my chest and spread my thighs wide. I couldn’t see his face, but I casino şirketleri could feel his hot gaze directly on my spread open pussy. I know I was blushing down to my toes at his close scrutiny, but I held still and let him look his fill.

He lowered his head and planted a soft kiss on the inside of my thigh. I quivered as he repeated the act a little higher up. A little higher up and a litter higher until he paused right above my quim. I shuddered as I felt his hot breath caressing my sensitive clit. He slowly lowered his head and touched the very tip of his tongue to my nubbin. I couldn’t believe that he was doing something so intimate. This seemed so depraved to let a man do this to me. Even if that man was my husband. I blushed even more, if that’s possible.

He started slowly sweeping his tongue around the inside of my pussy lips. He used long motions, apparently wanting to lap the dew seeping out of my hole. After gathering the outer moisture, he focused his tongue on broad strokes up and down from my clit to my perineum. Every now and then he would stop to swirl around my clit a few times. This had me breathless and crazy and I was afraid that if he did that for too much longer, I would loose control.

He slithered around some more and then snaked his tongue down to my tight rose hole. I was unprepared for this. Now this was too intimate. I moaned and thrashed my head back and forth. I tried to protest, but he grabbed my hands at my waist and stilled me.

“You will be silent and allow me to do this. Pay attention to your body,” he instructed. I closed my eyes and allowed my mind to picture our bodies from above. The scene of me on my back with my legs spread and my pussy exposed was bad enough. Picturing my husband’s muscular back and dark head between my thighs had my head swimming. And add the final mortification that he was licking my virgin ass hole had my pussy quivering and the juice running down towards his laboring tongue. I was so ashamed that I was actually enjoying this. What kind of woman would get pleasure from such an act?

With a last lingering lick, he eased up on the bed and covered my body with his. He bent to kiss me again and this time, I showed no hesitation in displaying my horny state. The musky taste of myself was a potent intoxicant and I greedily sucked on his tongue as I lifted my hips to meet his. I felt his hard cock against my soft belly and it sent me even deeper into a frenzy. I couldn’t stop myself from humping against him and whimpering in frustration.

Paul slowly lifted himself up off of me and watched me writhe uncontrollably for a few seconds and then reached to the bed table beside him. He came back with a small tube of some kind of liquid. His hands urged me up and into a position on all fours. He put a pillow under my abdomen and gently pushed my head down to rest on the my arms and spread my knees wide, but comfortably.

“I am going to prepare your little hole to take my cock,” he addressed me again. “First, I will use the lube and my finger. I am going to use a generous amount.” I heard the squish noise as the lube and air were expelled from the tube onto his finger. “Just a little chilly now. Shh…” he crooned as I felt the cold lubricant touch my tight little rosebud.

He spread it around some before dipping his finger into the narrow opening. I gasped at the sensations, still a bit strange. It took less time to get used to his finger this time, and the lube warmed quickly to my body temperature. I was afraid that he would just get on top and jam his cock right into my ass, but he looked as if he understood my reservations.

“I am going to take my time with you tonight, little one. I am going to casino firmaları be as gentle as possible with you,” Paul said to me tenderly. “I still want you to know that no matter how much I prepare you, it is still going to hurt some. That is the nature of the act and unavoidable until you get used to it.” He came over to the side of the bed and crouched down next to me. I lifted my head to look him in the eye. I could tell he was serious. “I am sorry this will hurt. I love you.”

I was truly touched by his compassion. I knew then that I could place more trust into the hands of this man, and I settled back into position, ready and waiting.

He went back around and sat on the edge of the bed behind me. I could feel his gaze on my most private places again, and I felt another rush. He leaned forward until I could once again feel his breath on my open pussy. His finger gently twisted its way back into my anal passage. I could barely hold still, but he seemed to be taking his time. His hot breath was steady. I knew that he could smell my soggy cunt and that just inflamed me more. His finger gradually worked its way deeper until I could feel his knuckles against my moist lips. He rocked in and out several times before pulling all the way out.

I heard the snap of a lid and the gush of more lube, and this time, I felt more than one finger working its way into my rectum. This was slightly more uncomfortable, but tolerable, I decided. He started twisting them around, trying to loosen my tight channel. I was rocking back on my knees at this point, desperate to keep his hands in contact with my body. I was unprepared, however when he spread his two fingers while buried deep in my hole. I jumped forward on my knees a little and he hushed me again.

“I know that hurt a little, Sweet, but I want you to try to focus now. Focus on my voice, and focus on what your body is feeling at my hand,” he murmured. I was mesmerized. “Don’t just focus on the pleasure or the pain. Let them merge. Focus on sensation. Open your body to me.”

I dipped my head low and brought my ass high to allow him greater access. I couldn’t believe that something that hurt like that could have me begging for more. It was like it didn’t matter what act I was performing or what it felt like. As long as I could do it for him, I was willing to give anything. I was all his, now. There was no turning back.

A third finger was added to my rectum and Paul placed his hand on the back of my neck to hold me in place. Greasing them all good back and forth for a few, he then gently spread his fingers until I could feel the cool breeze just inside the warm interior of my ass. I had no desire to struggle this time, as the cool/warm sensation caused fire to lick through my veins. He held me open for a moment before withdrawing his fingers.

I heard him rustle his clothes behind me and squirt more lube. He came around and stood next to the bed near my head.

“Open your eyes and watch me. Watch me get ready,” he told me. “Tell me what I am preparing for,” he instructed. “Be specific”

“You are getting ready to stretch my virgin asshole with your cock,” I panted, as I watched him slowly pull on his hard cock. I was blushing so much, it felt like my face was engulfed in flames. “I am going to receive your cock in my backdoor and finally see how it feels to serve my Husband.”

The look in his eyes as he gazed down at me was intense. He growled deep in his throat and grabbed me by the hair. I was startled, but he brought me up and his mouth down to my lips in a fierce kiss. I responded and he deepened the kiss before breaking off and slowly easing me back down on the bed by the hair. I went back down on my hands güvenilir casino and knees, head down, ass high in the air.

Paul was ready. So was I. I felt the bed shift behind me as he moved himself into position. His hard member grazed my cheeks and I think I whimpered. I felt the cool air on my rosebud again as he separated my cheeks and slowly rubbed the head of his dick up and down my crack. I was scared and excited at the same time. I didn’t want to get hurt, but then again, the hurt had been so good earlier. I wanted it done, but I wanted this deliciousness to last forever.

I screamed and went rigid as I felt the head slip easily into my lubed hole. “Shh…relax,” he whispered in my ear. “I know it hurts, but I am not pulling out. You will get used to it. I am going to hold it here while you try to calm down. Relax and breathe.”

I tried to do as he instructed, and in an few moments, I was breathing a bit easier. I consciously relaxed my muscles and settled back into position. “Good girl,” he whispered to me. I felt him move a fraction further into my sore rectum and I stayed as still and relaxed as I could to accept it. Slowly but surely, he worked the entire length of his member into my ass and groaned as his hairy balls grazed my juicy, open cunt.

We were both gasping for breath as he began to slowly move back and forth. The sensations were incredible to me. The actual feeling of having a cock pumping my ass well as knowing that I was submitting to it willingly had the juice dripping out of my pussy and down my thighs. After a few minutes, he told me to reach down and hold the lips of my pussy open, but not play with myself in any way. I couldn’t believe it! He wanted me to do something so nasty, but I wanted to do it. I wanted to do it because he told me to, and because I knew that I wanted whatever he would do to me.

The breeze was cool on my exposed clit and I desperately wanted to rub it as Paul picked up the pace to piston my behind. The pain was getting hard to ignore again, and I begged him to let me play with my pussy. He reached down and flicked my clit gently with his finger. I whimpered and moaned, and he chuckled. With the pad of his finger, he traced circles as I continued to hold myself open. I couldn’t help but buck slightly which sent his cock deeper into my ass. He growled again and braced himself with both arms on the bed to drive his pole as deep as he could.

I was crying now, in pain and in pleasure. He was spearing me so deep. His balls slapped on my clit with each thrust, and it drove me crazy. My clit was throbbing and my whole body was on fire. I heard him whisper to me to play with my clit and I practically attacked it, rubbing and spanking, searching for more of that incredible sensation. It seemed like I couldn’t get enough, couldn’t quite reach that plateau of feeling that always signaled the onset of orgasm for me.

I started getting close, and I told him so. “I am too, I want you to wait until I tell you. Hold onto it until you hear my ok. Can you do you do that?” he asked. I nodded into my pillow, incapable of speaking. I was right on the verge, holding onto the rhythm of the pain to keep me steady.

He plunged in and out as I clutched him with my muscles. I could not feel his balls swinging low any longer, but his cock seemed incredibly harder than it was before. It was mind-blowing and I knew that I couldn’t hold on much longer when I heard him say, “Now!” He lunged forward and buried himself to the hilt. I crumpled under him and my world shattered into a thousand pieces. I came with such intensity I thought I might pass out. Paul wrapped his arms around me as we rode it together and finally crashed down to earth, and collapsed on the bed in a heap.

“I love you,” he whispered in my ear. “You are incredible. You are the one for me.” I smiled to myself as I dozed off. I was sated and happy that I had pleased him so well. I fell asleep quickly, knowing I would need my rest.

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