Was a Married Straight Until? Gay

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Was a Married Straight Until? Gay
I sat down when I arrived at home feeling exhilarated, and shocked at what had just happened.

Only this morning I was a regular married straight guy with k**s. I had never had sex with a man although I had fantasized about it many times. I often asked myself why I had never done anything about it. And the answer I always gave was that it just never happened. I was happy and comfortable in my life and didn’t want to mess up my life by doing something stupid. So I never went looking for it and it never found me.

Until today.

My life was normal, predictable and run of the mill only two hours ago. But that was before I sucked three black cocks and I loved it so much I know that I will have to be doing it again very soon.

The day started normally enough, getting the k**s ready for school, kissing my wife goodbye before doing the school run. Then home for a coffee before sitting down to do some work.

It was a hot and stuffy day so about 11am I decided to take a break and go for a walk in the woods that were nearby to me.

I had left the main path and went on one of the smaller tracks that led deeper into the woods. As I walked I could hear voices getting closer. I then realized that it was me getting closer to the owners of the voices, as I could make out the shape of some people behind some thick bushes. I could hear male voices and one female voice. The female voice sounded scared and she appeared to be pleading with the men, Then I heard her scream.

I ran into the bushes to be confronted by a sight I will never forget. A young girl lay partially naked on the floor and there were three large black men standing over her. They were naked below the waist and were waving their very large cocks at the frightened girl.

I was shocked and said: “Hey what the fucks going on.”

One of the black guys said: “Fuck off man can’t you see we are busy.”

The other two laughed.

“Please help me.”

Implored the frightened young girl who didn’t look much older than 16.

“Leave her alone guys, can’t you see she is frightened and she looks u******e too, just let her go.”

“You are fucking joking right? I mean we caught this little virgin and now we got some hard cock here that needs sucking, so she goes nowhere until we’ve all cum.”

The girl was sniveling now and begging them to leave her alone. She said she was a virgin and had never had sex before. They just laughed at her and said they didn’t care as they güvenilir bahis just wanted their cocks sucked.

Then I said something stupid.

“Let her go and I will suck you all instead.”

“You joking man?”

Said the largest of the men, probably about 30 years old, 6 foot two inches, with the body of an athlete and a good looking thick cock that must have been about nine inches long.

I told him I wasn’t.

“Look leave the girl alone, no one gets hurt and you will all get sucked so what’s the problem?”

The smallest of the guys who was in his late 20’s and had a muscular body and an even longer cock than his taller mate retorted.

“I guess we could maybe do that, never had my cock sucked by a faggot before. I like the idea of messing up your face and shooting my load down your throat.”

“Yeah man, count me in, let’s fill the girly faggot’s mouth up with black cock and pump his stomach full of black baby seed.”

The others all laughed.

The tall guy said

“Ok, but you got to strip naked and kneel to suck us all ok? Oh yeah and the girl gets to watch you get plastered in spunk. It will be good for her education so she knows how to give a blow job.”

They all laughed again.

“Ok man, strip.”

I felt nervous and strange as I undressed in the woods in front of the three men and the girl.

“Oh my look the girly boy has a pretty good sized dick, for a white guy.”

I felt humiliated, sluttish, excited and very nervous as I knelt down before them.

“What’s your name girl?”

said the tall guy.


“Ok Katrina, get your clothes off, I want to see your tits and pussy while this cock sucker works on my meat. By the way I’m Paul the short guy there is Stevo and that’s Jake.”

Katrina undressed and was pushed to the floor next to me.

“That’s it Kat, get yourself nice and close so that you can enjoy the show.”

I was feeling so horny, kneeling in the woods naked, my cock was hard and pressed up against my belly. I looked at Kat’s beautiful naked body and the three monstrous black cocks sticking out in front of me and tried to steel myself for what I was about to do.

I licked my lips as Paul pushed his cock towards my mouth. The head of his cock was wet with pre cum and he rubbed it against my lips before forcing it into my mouth. My mouth was stretched wide as his seven inch cock moved slowly in and out of my mouth.

“Mmmmm, that feels good cocksucker. You like watching that Kat? You like watching the faggot take my black türkçe bahis cock into his mouth?”


Replied Kat.

“I bet you do girl, bet you wish you were sucking on it yourself girl. Unlucky you lost out because of this slut here.”

I was in heaven as he pumped his hard shaft faster in and out of my mouth. I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper into me. I loved the taste and smell of his cock and I knew I was doing a good job as his thrusts became more aggressive as he shouted out that he was going to cum.

He pulled his cock from my hungry mouth and started to wank it in front of my mouth.

“Open wide gay boy, it’s time for you to swallow my cum. Show Kat here how to take a load and then swallow it.”

I opened my mouth wide and stuck out my tongue just as he pumped his first shot. It took me by surprise as it landed on my tongue and I closed my mouth as his second blast hit me on the lips. Hot sticky cum was shooting fast out of his cock over my face and in my mouth.

“Swallow it all down boy, and lick me clean. You like the taste of my spunk gay boy?”

“Yes Paul.”

“Come on man, out of my way, my turn now.”

Jake positioned himself in front of me. His cock was huge, long and thick and sticking up hard against his belly. He slid his hand back and forth along his shaft and I could see its large purple head oozing with pre cum.

“Get your pretty little lips around this dick cocksucker.”

The other men all laughed.

I was still in a state of shock, kneeling naked in the woods, cum over my face and about to suck this nine inch monster. However I was more excited than I had ever been in my life and wanted his beautiful cock in my mouth. I was even more turned on as Kat watched fascinated as I greedily sucked his dark meat into my warm mouth.

I licked around the head of his cock enjoying the taste of his sweet and sticky pre cum, I then slowly took more of his cock into my mouth until it was in my throat.

” Hey boys anyone fancy fucking his tight white ass?”

I quickly pulled his throbbing shaft from my mouth and said:

“No way I’m not doing that, I just said I would suck you all.”

“Shut the fuck up cocksucker, I don’t think you are in charge here. Now kneel up on all fours and take some black dick up your ass.”

With that he roughly forced his cock back into my mouth.

Stevo said, “I want to fill his belly with a load first, what about you Paul? You must be ready to go again?”

“Yeah I fancy fucking a tight güvenilir bahis siteleri ass.”

Paul positioned himself behind me, spat on his hand and wiped it over my arse hole. He played with it a bit, first pushing in one finger and then two.

It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it was going to do so I relaxed a bit and got back to sucking Jake’s sexy stiff cock.

Then I felt Paul pushing his cock into my ass. It hurt at first but then as the large head of his cock penetrated my anus the pain subsided. He was not being rough, and gently eased his length inside me.

I was so turned on, gobbling on a fat cock while another man used my arse to slide his cock in and out. I was really enjoying it now and with a mouthful of cock I was begging Paul to fuck me.

Paul was pumping his black meat faster in and out of my stretched hole as I felt Jake’s cock swell in my mouth before squirting his thick load into my hot mouth. As I slurped on his twitching cock and sperm run down my face I heard Paul shout out:

“Oh fuck I’m cumming.”

He seemed to shoot his load into my arse forever, I could feel each squirt and it felt warm and filling. Paul pulled out of my butt and Jake wiped the end of his sticky cock in my hair.

“Get your dick in that nice warm mouth Stevo, I’m telling you he’s a great cocksucker.”

Stevo didn’t need asking twice and was pushing his beautiful large veined, cut cock into my face.

“Go on man, suck out my load for me.”

I started sucking on his rock hard penis while I watched Kat who was close by still watching all the action. Our eyes locked together as I slowly sucked Stevo’s length into my mouth. Kat was looking very turned on but also still very scared.

“You like watching faggot boy sucking cock eh Kat?”

Kat replied with a very softly spoken


Stevo fucked my mouth hard and fast and was soon grunting as he pulled his cock from my mouth and shot string after string of sticky white cum over my face and lips.

“Nice blow job man. Look at him guys, completely covered in cum, what a fucking faggot.”

Paul shouted over that I could dress and go.

“You too Kat, you can go off together holding hands but don’t wipe the cum from your face, ok cocksucker?”

I replied

“Yes ok.”

So I dressed and walked out of the woods holding Kat’s hand with my face covered in cum. We only past a few people on the path back to the main road who gave us a few strange looks. Then I wiped my face clean and said goodbye to Kat who thanked me for saving her from the ordeal.

As I walked home by myself I felt like a dirty faggot thinking about all the cock and cum I had just taken. But I had to admit I had loved it and was already thinking of ways to get to suck more cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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