Watching my mommy Sobha getting fucked 1

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Watching my mommy Sobha getting fucked 1
This is a series specially written for those people who cannot imagine themselves having sex with their mothers but fantasize about seeing their mothers as sluts and being fucked by other men.

This incident happened about five years ago. I live in a city nearby Kanjirappally in Kerala along with my mother, Sobha. My father works in Dubai. So, he comes home only once in every year. Now let me tell you about my mother. She is forty years old and she keeps a good figure. Big breasts and a slim waist define her structure. But the thing that attracts me the most is her plump ass. There are many times when I have caught myself absent mindedly staring at it. I have also masturbated many times thinking about it. My mother loves to dress up and put make-up. Sometimes, she does it so much that she looks like a total slut and I pray that she looks so every day. Anyway, my mom is a very bold person and has more male friends than female friends. She always tells me about her male friends and invites many of them to our house. She once told me that one of her friends had introduced her to this famous serial actor, Rajeev.

One day, as I returned from college, I heard her laughing loudly while speaking on the phone. Curious to know what was so funny, I picked up the parallel phone in my room.

‘No, really, you are fit to be a mega serial star,’ a male voice said.

‘Stop it, Rajeev. You are just trying to make fun of me,’ said my mom amidst laughs.

‘I am not teasing you. You rally must try once,’ said Rajeev.

‘Even if I have the looks, how can I get the skill?’ said my mom in a very sexy and teasing way.

‘Maybe I should come to your house tomorrow and teach you a bit of acting,’ said Rajeev.

‘You could do that,’ said my mom in a very sexy innocent tone.

‘And you should dress up for the event. Acting is very tough, you know,’ said Rajeev.

‘Yes, I know. illegal bahis I shall be waiting for you at 10 am.’

‘Bye then. See you tomorrow at ten.’


I knew that there was definitely sexual electricity between my mom and Rajeev. Although it like they had ever done anything before, I knew that tomorrow something would definitely happen.

The next day, I told my mom that I was going to college and out of the house. I waited for some time until I knew that my mom would have a bath and then entered the house through the back door and hid in the storage room. After an hour, I heard a car pull up in front of the house. I slowly sneaked out of my hiding place to behind the kitchen door from where I could see the living room. I saw Mr.Rajeev come in. He was dressed in a blue long kurta and a white lungi and was a fair man who was well built. I saw my mom come into the living room to welcome him. She was dressed in a red saree and matching blouse and had let her hair loose. She had deliberately overdone the make-up and looked like a total slut.

‘Are you ready for the lessons,Sobha?’ Rajeev asked.

‘Yes. But its too hot here and the fan in this room requires some repairing. Mind if I learn in the bedroom? I have an AC there,’ said my mom.

‘Sure, I would be pleased,’ said Rajeev with a wink.

As soon as they moved to the bedroom, I quietly went into the adjoining room which was the guest room and opened a connecting window a bit. The window gave a good view of the bedroom. My mother was standing near the bed and Rajeev was locking the door from inside.

‘First, I will teach you to let go of all emotion,’ he said.

Saying so, he moved closer to my mom and took her in his arms and pressed her towards himself. He then fiercely kissed her full on the lips. She responded to the kiss with equal vigour.

Then Rajeev threw her onto the bed rashly. He then took off his kurta and jumped bedava bonus veren siteler onto the bed himself. He then continued to kiss my mom savagely. I wax watching my mom and another man kissing like wild a****ls and felt extremely horny.

Rajeev removed the pallu of her saree and started to crush my mother’s big breasts. He removed the hook of her blouse with his teeth and literally tore off her bra. Behold! Mother’s breasts jumped to freedom and they hardened and became bigger. Rajeev started to suck her nipples and bite at them.

‘aaaaahhhhhh…Rajeev…no…it hurts…’

But he paid no heed and continued to abuse my mother’s boobs. This drove my mom crazy and she pressed his face onto her breasts harder. But Rajeev stood up and removed his lungi and underwear. He exposed a very impressive piece of meat from his underpants. It was very long and big. I had only seen such a cock on sleazy porn sites. Even mom let out a gasp on seeing it.

‘Suck it, baby,’ he said.

My mom slowly stroked his cock and moved back his foreskin to reveal a pink glans, already shining due to precum. She slowly parted her lips and took the monstrous cock into her mouth It was too big and she was having a bit of difficulty taking it entirely into her mouth. So Rajeev held the back of her head and thrust his pelvis forward strongly. His cock went deep into my mother’s mouth in one stroke and my mother coughed and gagged a little. Then mom started adjusting to his cock and sucked at his cock as if it was the last one on earth. She never broke eye contact with him. Her hands were playing with his balls. She would occasionally take the cock out of her mouth and rub her spit over it or lick it from base to top or flicker her tongue over the head of the penis and then put it all back into her mouth. All the while, Rajeev moaned in his deep voice. She sucked on it yatırımsız deneme bonusu for a long time until Rajeev shouted, ‘I am cummingggggggggggggg…’ And blast his load deep into her throat. Mother was desperately trying to swallow all of his cum but was having a bit of trouble doing so. White globs of semen flowed from the corners of her mouth and she collected it with her fingers and licked it all up. She lcked Rajeev’s cock clean and they both collapsed on the bed.

Mother then walked out of the room entirely naked and Rajeev reclined on the bed and switched on the TV in the bedroom. After some time, my mother returned with some snacks. Mother sat on his lap and started feeding him. After some time, they started kissing like before. Rajeev slipped his fingers into my mother’s cunt and said, ‘Shobha, your cunt is wet and hot.’

‘Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…yes…please treat it well.’ she said.

Rajeev laid my mom on the bed on her back and kissed his way to her cunt. He then spit on her cunt and started to lick her clit. In between, he also slipped his fingers into her cunt and pinched her clitoris. Al this action was making go mad with sexual pleasure.

‘Fuck me, Rajeev!!! Fuck me hard!! Please!’,she cried.

At those words, Rajeev got on top of my mom and rubbed his penis over my mom’s pussy. Then in one fast, swift motion he rammed his cock into my mother’s cunt. Mom cried out in pain. Rajeev continued to pump harder into my mom. In a while, her pain turned to pleasure.

‘Fuck me, Rajeev. Give the big cock to me. Oh yyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh…it feels so good…go on…faster…harder…harder…aaaaahhhhhhhh…’

Rajeev thrust mercilessly into mom’s pussy. The sound of their moans turned me on to sexual heights. After some time, mom shouted that she was going to cum and her whole body shook and shivered as she had a very explosive orgasm. Just then, Rajeev also pulled out of mom’s pussy and emptied his load over face, hair and breasts. Then he collapsed in a heap on top of her and they continued to kiss passionately.

The whole incident lasted an hour and I came about fifteen times. This was an unforgettable experience for me and I hope this happens to you too

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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