Wendy’s Purple Passion

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Thanks, again, to Darla for her support and editing expertise.

Wendy’s Purple Passion

Wendy and Andrew drove home in silence, each reflecting upon their experience in the restaurant. Wendy found herself in an aroused state she had never experienced before. She angled both vents to directly blow the cool air across her pussy and closed her eyes to savor the sensation. Andrew, meanwhile, was as hard as Chinese arithmetic. His cock throbbed and strained uncomfortably against his slacks. When they arrived at Andrew’s condo, Wendy started to walk to the bedroom.

“Where are you going?” asked Andrew.

“To take off this butterfly vibrator and fuck you senseless.” She replied.

“No, no baby you’re not going anywhere,” responded Andrew. “I want you naked, right here, right now!’

Wendy smiled. “Anything you want, lover. After the orgasms I’ve had tonight, you can have anything you desire.” Wendy pulled the dress over her head, not bothering to unbutton it. She kicked off her shoes and stood before Andrew, naked save for the vibe still attached to her pussy. Andrew smiled and began to strip off his clothes, leaving them in a pile at his feet.

Wendy knelt before Andrew and grabbed the shaft of his cock. She looked up obscenely and stuck out the tip of her tongue to lick the man juice from the head of his cock.

“I love the taste of precome in the morning.” Wendy said, smiling.

“It’s not the morning and you will taste a Hell of a lot more than precome tonight baby,” he growled. “Suck my cock. Show me what a little fucking slut you are!”

Wendy usually didn’t like to be called names, but in her current state of arousal, she enjoyed being called his slut. She eagerly took the head of his cock into her mouth and began to tongue the head and underside of his cock. Andrew moaned his pleasure at the tongue lashing his cock was receiving. Wendy began to deep throat him, taking the length of his cock deep into her mouth and then bobbing her head back and forth. She continued to stroke the shaft of his penis, like she was milking a cow. Andrew grabbed the back of her head to guide her mouth across his cock. Wendy continued casino şirketleri to expertly suck his erect penis, determined to give him an orgasm equal to the ones she experienced during dinner. Wendy knew that Andrew was close to coming, but was still surprised when he jerked and stream after stream of his load filled her mouth. The force of his orgasm was so hard that the first shot went down her throat before she could even swallow!

“Damn! Thank you baby. That was the best fucking blowjob I have ever had!” Andrew said after he caught his breath. Wendy smiled and felt the warmth of his compliment flow across her body.

“It’s the least I could do after receiving such a deliciously naughty gift tonight honey,” responded Wendy. “What else would you like?”

“I want you to get up onto the dining room table and lie down on your back,” he said. Wendy had never had sex on the top of a table, but she was so horny, she would have agreed to be fucked on top of a cactus. Andrew lifted the vibe off of Wendy’s pussy and replaced the vibe with his tongue. She laid back and closed her eyes as she felt Andrew’s tongue flick across the lips of her engorged pussy.

“That’s it, right there, right there,” she panted. “You know how I like it baby.” Andrew smiled, tasting her nectar, evidence of her arousal. Wendy began to buck her hips as Andrew continued to lick and suck her pussy. He expertly switched from licking her pussy lips to sucking her clit into his mouth. Wendy could not control the movement of her pelvis and she moved obscenely to the tongue dance Andrew was performing on her sex.

“FUCK!” Wendy screamed as she experienced wave after delightful wave of orgasmic pleasure coursing through her sex-driven body. “Holy fuck!” She exclaimed, “I came as hard on your tongue as I did to the vibrator during dinner!”

Andrew smiled at the compliment and he said, “Are you ready for round two?”

Wendy said, “I don’t think I can fucking walk right now. Round two better still be on this table.”

Andrew said, “Of course it’s on the table. I’m not through with your body yet! I’ll be right back.” He left the dining room and walked casino firmaları into the bedroom where he grabbed the bottle of lube he had purchased just for this evening. His cock stiffened as he walked back into the dining room.

“What’s that for?” Asked Wendy. “I’m as wet as Niagara Falls; you sure as hell don’t need lube to fuck my pussy.”

“I’m not planning to fuck your pussy, baby. I’m going to fuck your ass!”

“No fucking way!” Exclaimed Wendy. “No one has ever fucked me in the ass before.”

“That’s exactly why I am going to fuck your ass now,” replied Andrew. “You’re my fuck toy this evening and I am going to fuck you any way I please.” Wendy looked at Andrew and saw that there was no way he was going to be denied.

“Just… just be gentle, OK?” she pleaded. “Your cock could rip me apart.”

“I will be gentle with you baby,” replied Andrew. “I would never hurt you.” He turned on the butterfly vibe that was still strapped to Wendy’s pussy. Immediately, she began to once again move her hips in concert with the vibe’s dance.

“There’s no way I am ever going to come again.” Wendy said. “I can’t believe I have come this much tonight. I have fucking lost count of the number of times I came.”

“I don’t know how many times you have come tonight either, baby. But I know there is at least one more orgasm in you and I will have it tonight.” Wendy closed her eyes, once again, allowing the vibe to work it’s magic on her pussy. She was aware of Andrew standing between her legs and she did not even open her eyes when she felt him place her right leg over his right shoulder. Wendy opened her eyes, only briefly, as Andrew turned off the vibe to concentrate on positioning her for his anal assult.

“Move forward a little bit, honey,” he directed. Wendy did as she was told and felt her left leg be lifted and placed on his left shoulder. She had never felt so exposed before, with her legs opened wide and her ass up in the air, easily accessible to Andrew. She gasped as she felt his cock head slowly enter her virgin asshole.

“Relax baby,” he said. “I will go slowly.” Wendy tried hard to relax, but she was still güvenilir casino tense as she felt the tip of Andrew’s cock enter her ass. Andrew, sensing her tension again turned on the vibe. Immediately, she forgot about his cock and savored the sweet sensation of the vibe’s magical force on her sex. Andrew alternated turning the vibe on and off while he inserted inch after inch of his manhood into his willing slut.

“I’m in as far as my cock can go,” Andrew said with a smile in his voice. “You’re fucking incredible baby.” He began to gently withdraw his cock from her ass and when he was half way out, he shifted position and entered her again, filling her with his manhood. Wendy soon began to enjoy the dual sensation of having her ass filled with his cock while the vibe merrily buzzed against her clit. She felt detached from her body and was able to picture the lewd scene before her. Andrew standing between her legs with his hard cock deep in her ass while the vibe was stimulating her clit. She began to caress her breasts and pinch her nipples, causing even more stimulation. She felt like the fuck toy Andrew had called her earlier in the evening. Her only purpose this evening was to fuck and be fucked like the slut she knew herself to be.

“Christ Almighty!” She screamed suddenly. “I’m fucking coming again!” This orgasm was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. It seemed like she was starring in a San Fernando Valley porno movie, except the sensations were real. Sweat beads formed on her forehead, caused by the intensity of her orgasm and the heat flash that coursed through her body as a result of her physical response. Andrew could feel wave after wave of muscle contraction in Wendy’s body as her sphincter gripped and relaxed only to grip his cock again and again. Her orgasm triggered his own orgasm and he splashed sperm deeply into her ass. Andrew collapsed on top of Wendy and they kissed softly, both satiated by the intensity of their coupling. As they lay together on top of the table, Andrew heard the doorbell ring.

“Who the fuck can that be at this time of night?” Andrew wondered. As he walked to the door he looked through the doors peephole. A smile enveloped his face as he opened the door to two “old” friends. At the doorway stood Cindy and Jill, the waitresses from the restaurant earlier in the evening. Cindy held out a can of whipped cream and said, “Time for your special dessert, guys!”

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