When Friends Meet.

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When Friends Meet.
An icy cold wind blew from the North,winter was arriving,but it wasn’t the wind the made Amy shiver,what made her shiver was the thought of what was about to happen to her and her friends. Amy,Paul,John,Aisling,Oliver and Siun had all attended school together,as young adults they had went on holiday together and they had always shared the same interests,all six wondered what it would be like to receive a spanking. It was Aisling,who had been sentenced to a spanking at the Monastery of Repentance, who had suggested that they all go to the Monastery and and take a spanking from one of the Nun’s or Monk’s there.Paul felt unsure,he was all for talking about spanking,but was unsure about baring his bottom and allowing some Monk or Nun to spank him,Amy,his girlfriend of two years while nervous,was willing to give it a try so Paul decided to go along and so it was that the six friends found themselves sitting on a long wooden bench on a long stone- flagged floor corridor waiting to be called inside a room which had a nameplate kartal escort on the door which read ‘ABBOT’. They whispered to each other and every now and again they shared a nervous giggle.

Oliver and Siun
John and Aisling.

Amy and Paul.

Soon the door opened and the six friends looked up at the austere figure standing there wearing a long brown,wool habit with a thick strap around his waist.
“Stand up!” the Monk ordered. The six friends stood up and the Monk examined each one of them with a glare that made them all feel uneasy.
“Now,follow me boys and girls,” the monk said before shuffling off down the corridor.Paul noticed the MOnk was wearing sandals and wondered was he not cold in this weather.The friends remained quiet as they followed the Monk down a winding staircase and along another corridor before finally reaching a room.The Monk opened the door and ushered the friends inside.John entered the room first and was noticed a Nun wearing a full veil and long habit standing at the top of the room.As the six friends filed pendik escort bayan into the room they all became aware of the canes,leather straps and school desks in the room. They stood in the room,the Nun looked very stern although Oliver would later swear to a slight smile on the Nun’s stern lips.The Monk closed the door and the Nun spoke.
“My name is Sr,Ethel and this is Pater Benedictus we will be administering to you today.” There was a silence as the six friends could see Sr.Ethel staring at them ,Siun noticed the Nun lick her lips slowly. “Pater Benedictus will take each of you in turn over his knee and then when you have been soundly spanked I will take the cane to each of your bare bottom,” Sr.Ethel said as she held up a school cane,it was thin and flexable .The friends exchanged nervous glance and then Amy heard her name been called by the Monk.The friends could see that the Monk had taken a seat on a chair at the end of the room and was gently rubbing his hands together.
All of a sudden Amy felt so alone as she walked towards escort pendik the Monk.
“Bend over the desks the rest of you,”Sr.Ethel ordered. Paul,John Oliver,Aisling and Siun approached the desks and bent over as the Monk brought his hand down on Amy’s bottom. They all heard the slap and Amy cried out. The five bending over the desks kept the eyes firmly down staring at the wooden desks as the Monk brought his hand down again and again on Amy’s bottom. Amy was screaming now and begging the Monk to stop but her suffering continued. Sr.Ethel walked among the desks,her long habit brushing off the bottoms of the five friends who waited with nervous anticipation of what was to come over the Monk’s knee.Finally the spanking stopped and Paul could not resist a quick glance in Amy’s direction.He was alarmed to see that Amy was naked form her waist down,it became clear that the Monk was going spanking them on their bare bottoms.
As the Monk called Paul to him Amy was already bending over a school desk. And so it continued spanking on their bare bottom and when the spanking of all six had taken place it was the turn of Sr.Ethel to bring the cane down of the already sore and painful bottom ,all the time Pater Bendictus watched with growing excitement under his habit.

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