Wild Weekend with Widow Aunt & her Daughter at

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Wild Weekend with Widow Aunt & her Daughter at
Hi all, its Ali here!

I’m back with yet another recounting of a hot and debauched weekend that I spent with my widowed Aunt Sheen and her daughter, my sexy cousin Dee.

Let me tell you a little background first. I belong to a conservative Muslim family and stayed in a big city in central India. We were 8 families living in a huge private housing complex with several buildings in it. Every one of these was home to one of my 8 uncles and their respective families. We were a close-knit family but adhered to the strict guidelines of our faith, as in women wore burqa when they stepped out of the house and at least tied a hijab scarf around their face if not cover them outright with a niqab.
However, there were a few family members who had stepped out of bounds and into taboo relationships. Two of these were my widowed aunt and my older cousin sister, who was also her daughter. Theirs was the most modern family, in terms of our overall upbringing. As she was married to my father’s eldest brother she enjoyed a lot of respect from everyone in our huge joint family. Although, when alone, she turned out to one of the horniest women I’ve ever met. She had seduced me a few weeks after her husband’s demise but her daughter had already seduced me a month before her mother. Soon, her mother found out about us and this led to Aunt Sheen seducing her daughter for their first lesbian experience and our first threesome at the same time. All these incidents have already been posted earlier.

A little about us: I stand 5’10” tall, very fair complexioned and have a naturally athletic build from playing soccer for years now. I am a simple enough person and cared for my family, but I was also one of the horniest teenagers you could meet then.
Aunt Sheen was around 5’6” tall, very dark complexioned but had smooth and hairless skin all over. She was not chubby but you could call her extremely ‘rounded’. She had huge, D-cup boobs and a slimmer waist. Her curvy hips flared out to a pair of large, round buttocks which stood out prominently.
Dee was a year older to me and is a little over 5’6”. Dee has a dusky complexion which was a few shades lighter than her mother’s. Dee had large, round brown eyes like Aunt Sheen but had a luscious pouty lower lips as opposed to her mother’s thin lips. Dee was busty and had C-cup tits which were amazingly still perky. Her lovely round boobs accentuated her slim waist. The best part about Dee was her awesome booty. It must have been around 35 inches and she had a perfect pair of bubble butts, much like her mother’s lovely huge booty.

Coming to the story

This happened back in November of 2007. My junior college was closed for a month for Diwali vacations as was Dee’s. Aunt Sheen called me on Friday night to tell me about her plan to spend the weekend with me and her daughter at the lake resort. It was a beautiful and scenic place around 40 miles from our city. It has a huge lake with a dam that bordered a thick jungle on three sides with the resort located on this side of the dam. It was winter and as I did not have any other plans I was excited and agreed enthusiastically.
The plan was to drive to the resort. Aunt Sheen had been left very well-off after her husband’s death around 6 months ago and owned her own small business too. Aunt Sheen had bought a small hatch-back model a week ago. Although she did not know how to drive, Dee and I had driving licenses and one of us would always take her if she wanted to go somewhere.
Aunt Sheen had booked one of the 6 independent villa suites from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. We were set to leave around 9 so we could have plenty of time to reach the resort. I walked out to the common parking lot of our house and smiled when I saw Dee and Aunt Sheen waiting for me.
It did not go below 10 C in winter where we lived yet it was remarkably chilly in the morning. I noticed Aunt Sheen had on her thick, black button-down Abaya with a Hijab covering her head. It was more like an overcoat and was not form-fitting but it outlined her large, round ass cheeks noticeably.
I looked at Dee and saw her wearing a pair of Jeans with a short, white-colored kurti on top with a black hoodie over it. She was wearing a matching blue-colored Hijab to cover hear head. Dee’s jeans were doing a good enough job of pushing out her firm, big booty and it jiggled seductively with her movements as she went about loading two small overnight bags into the trunk at the back.
“Good morning, sweetheart!” Aunt Sheen greeted me with a large smile as I walked to the car.
“Good morning, aunty! What’s up, Dee?” I greeted them back with a smile and stepped to put my overnight back pack into the trunk as well. Luckily, there was no one out at this time so no one saw us leave together. Although it wouldn’t have been a problem as I’d already told my folks I was going to take Dee and Aunt to her mother’s place which was in the next town, a good 3 hours’ drive from our city.

Carnal Car Ride

I drove while Dee sat on the seat to the side. Aunt Sheen sat alone in the backseat and I could look at her in the rear view mirror over the dashboard. We chatted excitedly about the weekend and joked about some of the fantasies that we all wanted to play out. It was amazing to see the otherwise strict Aunt Sheen talk so openly about sex and that too with her daughter and her nephew. I realized that the level of intimacy we three had shared by now had made things extremely comfortable between us.
Aunt Sheen and Dee treated me more like their real family, as Aunt Sheen always called me “son” and Dee loved calling me “daddy” especially when we were in bed or alone. Aunt Sheen and Dee had become completely comfortable with each other’s bodies too, thanks to the several lesbian and bisexual threesomes we had had together till now.
As we reached the outskirts of our city on the way out I noticed Aunt Sheen begin to remove her Hijab. She shook her hair loose and I looked to the side to see Dee was also removing her Hijab. I knew now that we were safely out of our city there was no risk of anyone recognizing us.
I drove with one eye on the road and kept in the rearview mirror. I watched Aunt Sheen chat casually while she unbuttoned her thick burqa before taking it off.
“Nice!” I smiled and commented when I saw that Aunt Sheen wore a long, loose, red skirt and a red hoodie with a zipper in the front. Dee turned around when she heard me comment suddenly.
“Wow, mom! You look hot!” Dee said and smiled wide.
“Mmmuuahh!” Aunt Sheen kissed Dee on the lips and said, “Thanks, sweety!” as Dee turned back and looked at me with a smile on her face.
“Mmpphh… hey!” I exclaimed as Dee suddenly caught my face and kissed me hard on the lips. Luckily I drove slow and could still keep one eye on the road.
“Whoa!” I exclaimed again and exhaled, before grinning as I felt Dee reach out and grab my cock over my jeans.
“Someone seems to be very horny, mom!” I said teasingly, while looking in the rear view mirror at Aunt Sheen in the back seat who giggled as she saw Dee begin to rub my cock.
Dee looked at me and bit her lower lip as she smiled. She began to unzip my fly and I shifted my seat a few notches back. This allowed me to still reach the pedals with my legs easily and allowed Dee more space.
Dee was quick to unzip my fly and I felt her reach inside and quickly gripped my semi-erect cock within.
“Oh!” I exclaimed but kept smiling when Dee squeezed it hard. She then carefully pulled my cock out of the fly. Once she had my cock out, Dee leaned closer to me until her shoulder rested against mine. She put her head on my shoulder and gently stroked my cock with her left hand. I realized that this was a couple of hours drive and Dee was already horny. I wasn’t complaining at all as my hot cousin continued to stroke my cock gently with her hands as I drive at a slow but steady pace.
Dee would occasionally turn her face to me and gently nibble my ears or kiss my neck. She was now pressing her firm, big tits against my left arm as she clung closer to me. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Aunt Sheen grinning widely, watching her daughter stroke my cock, as she sat comfortably in the back seat. I also noticed that there were practically no other cars behind us. This suddenly gave me an inspiration.
“You seem really desperate, Dee.” I commented softly with my eyes firmly on the road as Dee kept her soft grip on my now erect cock and stroked it gently.
“Of course, I am. It seems so long since I’ve had your cock in me, bro.” Dee replied in a husky voice. In reality, she had fucked me 2 days earlier in the night. She had a high sex drive, just like her mother, and would frequently fuck me, as much as 4 times a week.
“Well, baby you’re going to have to wait to fuck me. But you can still have an orgasm. Do you want it?” I said softly in her ear.
“Yes, please?” Dee replied softly, in a pleading tone.
“Ok, you’ll do as I say?” I asked her.
“Yes, anything you say, daddy.” Dee replied in a lusty tone this time. Whenever she began calling me “daddy” instead of the usual “bro” or my name, I knew instantly that she was horny.
I smiled and then looked at Aunt Sheen looking at us with a curious smile on her face, obviously wondering what I and her daughter were whispering about.
“Mom.” I said and Aunt Sheen immediately looked at me in the rear view mirror.
“Dee is very horny. Will you help her cum?” I said with a grin and Aunt Sheen’s eyes seem to light up.
“Oh yes! I would love to, baby.” Aunt Sheen replied excitedly and sat up straighter on the back seat.
Without another word I pushed Dee to her seat and asked her to get on her knees on her seat and face me. Dee looked confused but complied with my command.
“Slip your jeans lower, Dee. I don’t think mom can pull them even if she tried. Damn! Those are some tight jeans you’re wearing.” I said and laughed. Dee smiled and immediately unzipped her jeans and after shifting a little she was able to lower her jeans to her thighs.
I was careful to keep my eyes on the road and reached out with my left hand. I caught Dee’s shoulder and gently pulled her down. Dee bent down, with her butt to the door till I brought her face to my cock. Dee immediately realized what I was trying and without another word Dee began to lick my hard cock softly.
“Yes…” I moaned softly as I felt Dee’s soft, wet tongue circle around the thick head of my dick. Dee rested her hands on the side of my seat and began to suck on my cock lovingly.
“Mom, now you can finger Dee.” I said as I looked at Aunt Sheen in the rearview mirror.
“Oh, of course, baby!” Aunt Sheen said with excitement as she was looking longingly at the two of us from the back seat. Aunt Sheen shifted all the way behind the driver’s seat. The gap between the two front seats was quite wide. It allowed her to reach to her daughter’s crotch from over Dee’s lovely, round buttocks. Dee seemed to be waiting for it and quickly spread her legs as wide as she could, at least as much as her tight jeans allowed.
I rolled the windows closed, turned on the radio volume high and one again checked the road. There was a heavily loaded truck driving a few meters ahead and I could not see any other car behind us.
“Ohh, Dee…” I sighed loudly and relaxed against the backrest of my driver’s seat. I adjusted myself to a more comfortable position. I could now rest a foot on the accelerator and began cruising at a steady 50 km/hr. My right hand gripped the steering wheel tight and kept the car at a safe distance behind the truck.
Aunt Sheen had a better idea it seemed. She paused while caressing her daughter’s pussy for enough time to reach around with the other hand and lower the backrest of the front passenger seat all the way back. It now made an almost perfect L-shape seat as it joined with the rear seat. I smiled at Aunt Sheen and watched as she hungrily caressed her daughter’s lovely smooth back with one hand while her other hand seemed to be gently rubbing over Dee’s tight pussy lips.
“Mmmhhmmm…” I heard Dee moan through a mouthful of cock as her mother began to caress her bald pussy. My cock was fairly erect now but I was still concentrating on the truck ahead and drive safe and steady. Dee was now slowly sucking in the top few inches of my cock in her mouth.
Aunt Sheen soon slid Dee’s kurti and hoodie to her shoulders as she bent on her knees and blew my cock. I rested comfortably now and gently caressed Dee’s smooth, bare back with my left hand.
“Mmm.. mmm.. mmm…” I heard Dee’s moaning grow more frequent and harder as Aunt Sheen expertly fingered her daughter’s lovely, young cunt and reached down to caress her hot, perky tits with the other hand. I heard Aunt Sheen begin to whisper encouraging words to Dee, words that seemed to bring her even closer to orgasm. I stretched my hand far and touched Dee’s firm bubble butt and gripped her left ass cheek. I felt her firm ass cheek with my hands for a few seconds before I grabbed a handful of her round butt cheek.
“Mmhmmm!” Dee moaned in approval as Aunt Sheen’s finger could slide in even better as I helped spread her tightly closed ass cheeks a little apart. Aunt Sheen was deftly fingering her daughter’s lovely pussy with one hand as her other hand caressed Dee’s large, lovely tits from below.
“Mmmm.. Mmmm…. Mmmmm..” Dee’s moaning rose in rhythm with Aunt Sheen’s fingering and I could clearly hear a sloppy sound coming as Dee’s cunt dripped with her pre-orgasm juices. Aunt Sheen could also tell that Dee was near orgasm so she began to rub Dee’s clit now and Dee immediately jerked her butt up at the sensation.
“Oooohhh…!” Dee moaned loud as she paused while sucking on my cock and lifted her head a few inches over my cock. I could hear her breathing was fast and she panted hard.
“Aaahnn.. aaahh.. aahh.. mmooommm!” Dee moaned very loudly and her body began to quiver succinctly with the waves of orgasm hitting her. Aunt Sheen did not stop immediately but seemed to have shifted her hand and now caressed her daughter’s sloppy wet pussy lips instead of the tiny clit.
“Ooohhhhhh.. yessss!” Dee exhaled and moaned long with a quivering voice and her grip over my cock tightened instinctively.
“Oh yes, baby, come!” Aunt Sheen whispered loudly in encouragement to her daughter and slowed her fingers till Dee was unable to take it anymore and suddenly sat up straight, pushing her mother’s hand away from her butt. As Dee knelt back on her seat sideways I glanced at her for a second. Dee’s eyes were half-closed and she had a lazy grin on her face. She was breathing long but slower now, as the throes of orgasm finally left her in a relaxed mood.
“Thanks mom!” Dee said softly and looked at Aunt Sheen in the backseat who was now caressing her crotch over the soft fabric of her cotton skirt.
“You’re always welcome, baby!” Aunt Sheen replied with a loving smile while she watched her daughter struggle to pull her tight jeans in the awkward position on the passenger seat. I was about to push my hard and wet cock back in my jeans when Dee suddenly said,
“What about mom, Ali? Now she seems horny, he he he!” Giggling she pointed to the backseat where Aunt Sheen was sitting with her skirt pulled to her waist. I quickly twisted canlı bahis siteleri my head around to look back for a second before I exclaimed.
“Wow! No panties, huh?”, I said as I turned around to face the road and looked at Aunt Sheen through the rearview mirror. I had got a clear glimpse of her dark and bald crotch which was glistening around the large, soft lips.
“You know how horny mom is son. I’m always ready to get fucked, baby.” Aunt Sheen replied in a slutty tone and winked at me. I checked the distance and figured it was only around 10 kms left to reach. We were about to reach the exit from the highway that took you to the resort. The road from this exit took a winding way through the dense forest and finally ended at the gates of the lake resort.
“Hold on to your horniness for another half hour, mom. We’ll reach the resort soon and then I’ll fuck you all you want.” I teased back in reply.
“Aw… not fair!” Aunt Sheen said with a pout as she continued to caress her glistening wet pussy softly with her fingertips and then pulled down the zipper of her hoodie to reveal that she was completely nude underneath.
My mouth dropped open and Dee mewled softly at seeing her mother’s lovely, huge and dark boobs. Dee had a lust for her mother’s voluptuous D-cup boobs while I was fascinated with Aunt Sheen’s huge, round and soft ass.
The exit came and I signaled before diverging off the highway and driving on the single lane road. Despite being in the middle of the jungle the road was fairly well-maintained as there were a couple of small villages on the way to the resort.
“I’ll help you mom.” Dee said softly before she immediately shifted to the back seat. Aunt Sheen moved behind the driver’s seat as Dee knelt with her back on the opposite end of the small rear seat. In the rearview mirror I could only see Aunt Sheen’s thick, curvy leg placed over the backrest of the rear seat as she leaned and rested her back against the door, turning to face Dee on her side.
“Oohh! Yess…” Aunt Sheen exclaimed with a loud hiss and I figured Dee had touched her mother’s pussy. “Yes, sweety.. like that.” Aunt Sheen said softly while her breathing became harder. I had to fight hard from turning all the way around and watching mother and daughter but I had slipped my now semi-erect cock back in my jeans and pulled the zipper close with one hand. I pushed the small button and shifted my driver’s seat back ahead to its original position.
“Thanks, Ali.” I heard Aunt Sheen say sweetly through her moans as she now had more space in the backseat.
“Aaah.. aah.. aah.. mmmm!” Aunt Sheen’s moaning became more frequent and louder as I heard Dee’s finger slipping in and out of her mother’s wet pussy. The sloppy sounds of fingering a dripping wet pussy were clearly audible. I could also smell the musky scent of cunt juices within the small confines of the car.
I had a huge grin on my face as I concentrated on the road and the sounds of Aunt Sheen’s moaning became louder and louder. Dee seemed to be fingering her mother’s mature pussy furiously now as the slurpy wet sounds became more intense.
Dee continued to finger-fuck Aunt Sheen’s pussy till her mother to pant loudly,
“Aahh.. aaahhh.. aahhh.. aahh..!” Aunt Sheen kept on panting loudly and I could tell she was about to cum.
“I’m coming….!” Aunt Sheen screamed out very loudly and I could hear her scrambling to hold her legs spread apart in the as she lay in the backseat.
“Oohhh.. stop.. please stop, sweety…” Aunt Sheen began to beg after which Dee immediately stopped and slowly pulled her fingers out of her mother’s dripping wet pussy.
“Wow! Look at this mom!” Dee exclaimed, holding her hand up.
I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed her hand was glistening with her mother’s cum.
“Mmmm.. I’ll get that cleaned, sweetheart.” I heard Aunt Sheen say before she seemed to grab Dee’s wet hand and begin to lick her fingers.
“Oh, mom.. you seem like a dirty slut right now.” Dee said, in a tone which was part teasing and part fascination.
“Is it? Well, then why don’t you guys make me your slut for the weekend?” Aunt Sheen asked boldly but in half joking way.
“Well… why don’t you, mom?” I asked her seriously, looking at her in the rearview mirror. I watched her sit upright and Dee cuddled Aunt Sheen from the side. Mother and daughter looked at me.
“Why don’t you become a sex slut for us? This is the perfect chance. We have 24 hours at the resort. How about taking it one step further?” I said while grinning now and looking straight ahead as I drove the winding road of the jungle. The lake resort was only a couple of miles now.
“Sure! I’d love to, Ali.” Aunt Sheen replied with excitement and Dee voiced her support with, “Awesome, mom!”
“Great! Then it’s done.” I replied excitedly. I watched Dee and Aunt Sheen smile at me in the rearview mirror before she turned around and mother and daughter shared a long, passionate kiss on the backseat.
“Here we are.” I announced after a few minutes as I sighted the board over the entrance to the resort and the gate to the dam, which was right to the side.

Thrilling Threesome in the Room

Dee and Aunt Sheen had stashed their Hijab scarves and Abaya in their bags. I parked the car and after making sure everything was in order we stepped out and walked to the small registration office in the parking lot. Aunt Sheen went inside to complete the formalities (we had been here several times so she knew the process well by now). I waited with Dee near the car and we excitedly discussed details of how we were going to spend our time here.
We were led to the last villa in the long line of 6 bungalow-suites that spread behind the registration office. It was a good 150 meters from the registration office and as isolated as you could be in the resort area. The entire resort was built on a low hillock, just 100 meters behind the dam. There was a small incline and sparse woods between the dam and the resort. The only proper way reach the dam was from the side of the entry gate at the parking lot.
The villas had the same layout: a grilled entrance gate to a small porch which was enclosed with steel bars (rightly so as there was risk of wild a****ls straying into the villa compound from the bordering forest). Then another door from the porch led straight into a huge room. This was the living room with a queen-sized bed. It had huge, wide windows on 3 sides while the remaining side had a door. This led to another (slightly smaller room) that had two single beds. There were only a skylight and a small window at near the high ceiling in this room. There was a door from the second bedroom which led to the large bathroom. It had a large shower area with a sink and a huge mirror on one side of the wall. There was a small window in the bathroom with a tiny exhaust fan attached to it.
Anyways, I was feeling a little tired after the drive so I stretched out on the bed as soon as we stepped in the villa’s main bedroom. I watched Aunt Sheen order lunch with the bus boy before giving him a huge tip. She then stepped in and locked the door before announcing that lunch would be here within a half hour.
“Gives us long enough to get fresh and change, mom.” Dee said as she stood rummaging through her bag. We had dumped our bags near the door. Aunt Sheen helped Dee carry our bags into the other bedroom and I heard mother and daughter begin to giggle over something. Still chatting, they entered the bathroom and I heard the bathroom door close.
As I lay on the soft bed, I had my eyes closed and was feeling sleepy coz I’d been awake almost all the night with anticipation. It was always extremely exciting to come to this particular lake resort with Aunt Sheen and other women earlier. This was the first time that Dee had come. Thinking about all the possibilities I didn’t even know when I drifted off to sleep.
Ding! Ding!
I immediately bolted upright on the bed as I heard the doorbell ring. I looked at the clock hanging from the wall and realized I’d been napping from the past half hour. Dee and Aunt Sheen could be heard in the bathroom. I groggily got up from the bed and opened the outer grilled door for the waiter. He rolled in the huge serving trolley up the short ramp and I thanked him. I watched him leave as I rolled the trolley back in and kept it beside the couch set in the front room.
I fished around in my pockets as I stepped back out on the front porch. Although it was 1 in the afternoon, it was comfortably cool outside. I sat on one of the four large and comfortable wicker-work chairs and lit a smoke. The porch was shaded from the sunlight as it faced north towards the dam. I was lost in the scenic surroundings when I finally heard the door to the other bedroom creak open.
A couple of seconds later, I saw Dee slowly peak out of the main door into the porch. Once she saw that I was alone there she stepped out with a huge smile on her face.
“Wow! Dee, you look so cute!” I exclaimed as soon as she stepped out the door. Dee wore a simple white tank top with white cotton booty shorts. Her dusky skin was a perfect contrast to the bright white outfit. Dee had an amazingly curvy body do the tight-fitting clothes accentuated her luscious figure even more. She had on flip-flops and seemed very comfortable in her clothes.
Dee walked right up to me with that huge smile and before I knew she pushed me gently till I sat all the way back in the wide lawn chair. Dee bit her lower lip saucily as she slowly bent down and placed her firm, large buttocks on my lap. I put an arm around her curvy slim waist and pulled her closer as she bent down and kissed me quick but hard on my lips.
“You can come out, mom. It’s just us here.” Dee turned around after the kiss and called out. It was then that I noticed Aunt Sheen open the main door and step out into the porch.
“Wow!” I exclaimed as soon as I saw Aunt Sheen, “You look absolutely ready to be our sex slut, mom!”
Aunt Sheen was dressed in a thin, black lingerie set. It had a flimsy, short blouse which barely covered her luscious and huge boobs. Below, aunty wore a matching short skirt. It was also completely transparent and I could see that Aunt Sheen was not wearing panties or bra. As opposed to Dee’s flip flops, Aunt Dee wore a pair of black, 4-inch high heels.
“You think so, son?” Aunt Sheen replied in a slutty tone as she posed near the door with her hand resting on the lovely curve of her huge hips.
“Don’t you agree, Dee?” I turned around and asked her daughter who sat on my lap.
“Mm… I told her so, Ali.” Dee said and giggled.
“Ok, ok.. let’s do this.” Aunt Sheen said, suddenly taking on a serious expression.
She stood straighter, with her huge bust jutting out. Her high heels were doing a great job of exaggerating the rounded huge buttocks which were barely covered with the flimsy short skirt.
“Will you be having lunch now, sir? Ma’am? Aunt Sheen said, with a bright smile on her face, mimicking a waitress at an upscale restaurant.
“Oh, yes. I think we will now. Right, babe?” I said in the same formal manner while looking at Dee who was looking at her mother with a grin.
Inside I was amazed at the sudden transformation that Aunt Sheen seemed to have gone through. Her mannerisms became crisp and flirtier as she turned around and walked a couple of steps to the main door. Her large, curvy hips swayed.
“Come on, I’m hungry.” I said to Dee before slapping her lightly on her almost naked butt cheek.
“Mmm.. ok.” Dee replied as she stood and began walking to the main door too. She walked with a light spring in her step which made her lovely, round bubble butts jiggle enticingly with each step. It was when I stood that I noticed my cock was waking again. I made sure to lock the grill door from within before I stepped in the main bedroom and locked the door carefully from inside.
“Wow!” I exclaimed softly as soon as I turned and took in the scene in the living area. Dee sat comfortably on the main large couch. Aunt Sheen had pushed the long coffee table closer to the couch and stood to one side, with a small white napkin cloth d****d over an arm. I grinned widely as I sat beside Dee and commented,
“It seems like we are in for a five star treatment, Dee.”
“Sure seems like it, Ali.” Dee said and smiled wide as she turned to look at her mother on the other side.
Aunt Sheen smiled as she slowly walked around the coffee table, swaying her hips exaggeratedly. Her huge, round booty cheeks jiggled hard with her steps. Dee and I watched with grins on our faces as Aunt Sheen bent low and began to place servings on two plates.
As soon as Aunt Sheen had finished serving I attacked the food. I was feeling very hungry with the delicious food and enjoyed an awesome lunch with my scantily clad cousin sister and her mother. Aunt Sheen was the perfect waitress as she served us more helpings without having to be told and always had a huge smile on her face. I finished my food in record time and stepped into the bathroom.
I had a quick shower and changed into a pair of white cotton shorts and a white, loose basketball Tee. I stepped out 15 minutes later to see Aunt Sheen had joined Dee on the couch and mom and daughter were talking softly as they had lunch. It was quite dark inside, with the curtains drawn tight over the windows. There was a dim light coming in through the small gaps in the curtains which was enough to see indoor.
I walked to the bed and lay down in the center. I rested my head against the head-board and watched with a semi-erect cock as Dee and Aunt Sheen finally finished dinner. Dee stepped into the bathroom and after washing her hands in the bathroom she walked to the bed and rested by my side. I put an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. She snuggled up closer to me and wrapped her arms around my waist. Her head rested on my tummy as I watched Aunt Sheen clearing away the dishes. Watching her round, large boobs sag and jiggle as she bent over the coffee table, I could clearly feel my cock begin to grow hard.
“Hmmm..” I sighed and smiled as Dee grabbed my hardening dick in her hand. She had noticed the erection and began to caress it over my shorts softly. I was not wearing undies within and the thin, soft felt amazing against my sensitive cock. Aunt Sheen must have noticed us because I heard her heels step closer to the bed.
I opened my eyes to see Aunt Sheen was standing on the other end of the bed. She looked at Dee caressing my cock over my shorts and climbed up on to the bed. I now lay with my back against the wall and Dee and Aunt Sheen were on either side. Aunt Sheen knelt on the side and slowly began to strip my shorts. Dee also sat straight and watcher as her mother stripped off my shorts and remove them completely. Dee began to caress my thighs as Aunt Sheen next took off my Tee and kept it on to one side. I slid a little low and got comfortable.
“Come here, babe.” I whispered to Dee before putting a hand behind her neck. I pulled her closer to me and began to kiss her hard. Dee complied immediately and caught my face in her hands as she responded with sucking my lower lip.
Without even looking at her I pointed to my cock and immediately felt Aunt Sheen grab my hardening cock. She shifted lower, towards my feet, and bent low as her mouth gently perabet giriş wrapped around the thick head of my hard dick. I felt Aunt Sheen begin to rub her tongue over the extremely sensitive head of my huge circumcised cock and moaned in Dee’s mouth who was kissing me harder with each passing second.
I put my hand on Dee’s soft tummy and gently pushed her, guiding her back till she was bent over to my left side on her knees while her hands clutched my face, still kissing passionately. I could now feel her teeth nibble at my lower lip gently. I then opened my legs wider, which allowed Aunt Sheen to sit between my thighs and suck on my cock. I adjusted myself till I could slip my hand underneath Dee and reached her crotch.
“Mmmhhmmm!” Dee moaned in approval while kissing me hard as soon as she felt my fingers brush gently over her clean and smooth pussy. I was struggling to push aside her tight-fitting shorts to reach her pussy underneath when Dee suddenly broke the kiss and sat up straight on her knees. I watched as she stepped back off the bed and hurriedly peeled off her cotton shorts which clung to her like a second skin. She then stripped off her tank top too. Dee leaped back into bed and soon took her position at my side.
As Dee was stripping I stretched out my hand and put it over Aunt Sheen’s head. She was still playing her tongue over the thick head of my huge, hard cock.
“Mmpphh!” Aunt Sheen gagged as I suddenly pushed her head down hard.
“Aaahhh!’ I moaned aloud as I felt her thin lips grip my cock harder. Aunt Sheen had half my cock buried in her mouth before I let go off her head and began to fondle Dee’s large, firm tits with my right hand. My left hand was busy at her crotch.
“Aaah.. yesss…” Dee hissed loudly as soon as I pushed my forefinger in her wet pussy. She was turned on as her pussy became moist with pre-cum. I only flicked my finger over her tiny but hard clit very lightly with the tip of my finger and she was going crazy, moaning loudly and kissing me harder.
Aunt Sheen knew exactly what I wanted. She was busy sucking my thick, hard cock deeper and deeper into her small mouth. I kept teasing Dee’s pussy this way for a couple of minutes till I was sure Aunt Sheen had made my huge cock slippery enough.
I could feel Dee’s pussy was very wet now. Her juices had begun to flow out and my fingertips were slick with her cum.
“Wanna ride, baby?” I asked Dee after breaking our passionate kiss.
“Oh! Please, daddy!” Dee whispered desperately in my ears.
“Then get on my cock, babe.” I replied to Dee.
Aunt Sheen reluctantly slipped my wet and thick dick out of her warm mouth. I saw her look at her naked daughter with lust in her eyes.
“Let me help, please?” Aunt Sheen pleaded, looking at Dee. She reached out and guided Dee till her daughter was sitting over me, with her knees on either side. I watched with fascination as mother helped her daughter to get into a proper position. Dee looked straight in my eyes as she bit her lower lip in anticipation of having my throbbing hard cock in her desperate and horny pussy.
Aunt Sheen grabbed the base of my huge, throbbing cock with one hand as she gently pushed Dee lower with a hand on her smooth, shapely thighs.
“Aaahhh… Ooohhh, daddy…” Dee hissed and moaned as soon as the thick tip of my huge cock slipped passed her wet and tight pussy lips. Dee put her hands on my chest and supported herself as her mother gently pushed her lower on to my hard cock.
“Mmmmhhhmmm….” Dee moaned long and hard as another couple of inches of my slippery wet cock went in her lovely cunt.
I then caught hold of Dee by her curvy hips. I gripped my hands tightly as I gently pushed my cock up into her pussy. I realized that Dee would not be able to take my huge cock completely in her tight pussy so I pulled her down to me and began to kiss her. I licked her lips and sucked on them.
“Mmmppphh!” Dee groaned loudly in my mouth as I shoved another couple of inches of my cock in her very tight pussy. I rested my left hand over her lovely, round buttock and gestured to Aunt Sheen with the other hand.
I saw Aunt Sheen disappear behind Dee’s huge, firm ass. I let Dee suck softly on my tongue and pointed with the free hand to her deep ass crack. I felt Aunt Sheen grab her daughter’s firm booty cheeks and spread them wider. I let go of Dee’s heavenly ass cheeks and wrapped my arms tightly around her curvy waist. I pulled down on her back till her sexy booty was sticking out prominently.
“Oooohhh!” Dee suddenly jerked up and moaned aloud as she felt her mother’s soft, wet tongue on her tight asshole. I took this opportunity to pull my cock out a few inches and ram it back in her tight and wet pussy.
“Aaah!” Dee groaned with the sudden penetration of my huge cock in her tight little cunt. Her pussy lips gripped the thick shaft of my cock as it lay buried halfway in her wet vagina. “Aaah! Aaah! Aaah!…” Dee began to moan in rhythm to my stroke as I jerked my hips up and down. I could feel my heavy balls slap against Aunt Sheen chin as she was licking her daughter’s anus from behind.
The feeling of Dee’s tight pussy lips gripping and sliding over my veined and slippery wet cock was incredible and I could feel her moaning begin to grow louder and louder with each passing second. It was barely two minutes before I had started to fuck my elder cousin’s lovely pussy when she grabbed my long hair and smashed her mouth against mine.
“Mmhhh! Mmmhh! Mmmmm…” Dee moaned very loudly as her body began to jerk with the first orgasm. I held her even tighter and kept fucking her at the same pace, with only half of my huge cock sliding in her young and tight pussy. As Dee began to groan and shiver with the waves of orgasms that hit her, she kept pushing her ass back, right in her mother’s face who was still licking her anus from behind.
Dee eventually rolled off and lay exhausted on my side. She had her eyes closed and her legs were clamped together tightly as she lay clinging to my side. Her breathing on my side was hot and hard. I felt disappointed for a moment because I was on the verge of coming. I had been waiting from morning for an orgasm.
I suddenly noticed that Aunt Sheen was still sitting between my legs, on her hands and knees. Aunt Sheen soon turned her gaze to mine and I looked at her with a grin. I suddenly had an idea. I climbed off of the bed. I kept looking straight in Aunt Sheen’s eyes as I walked around and stood behind her. Aunt Sheen smiled as I stood behind her and grabbed an ass cheek. Her short skirt had rode up her plump, soft ass cheeks and her pussy juices glistened between her thick thighs.
Without a word, Aunt Sheen reached behind and pulled her huge ass cheeks wide apart with her hands. She buried her face in the bed and waited with her bare booty high in the air. My cock was throbbing hard and I felt my orgasm was very close. So without wasting more time I stepped closer and positioned the thick head of my dick over her tight asshole. Aunt Sheen’s pussy lips were huge and her vagina was considerably loose. I knew her little asshole would be perfect to help me cum.
“Unngghh!!” Aunt Sheen groaned loudly as the huge head of my cock slipped past the tight ring of the anus. I saw Aunt Sheen’s fingers clench her soft, large booty cheeks harder, reacting with the painful anal entry of my cock.
“Ungh! Aah! Aah!” Aunt Sheen now moaned louder as I began to jerk and push my cock deep in her warm and tight rectum. I could feel her anus gripping my throbbing thick cock tightly as it struggled to slip deeper in her mature asshole.
“Aaahhh! Aaahhh.. I’m coming!” I moaned loudly and crumpled over Aunt Sheen’s wide back as the first thro of orgasm hit me. I lay over her back as she cried in pain from the way my throbbing cock spewed hot, sticky cum deep in her butt hole. I finally found the strength to push off of her and my cock plopped out of her tight anus with an audible “pop”.
“Ooohhh…. God!” Aunt Sheen moaned and exclaimed when she felt her stretched rectum return slowly to normal.
I watched Dee was still lying on her side too exhausted to move but she watched with a smile as her mother kept sitting in the doggy position, recovering from the short and sudden anal fuck. I smiled at Dee when our eyes met and flopped down on the bed beside my nude older cousin. Almost immediately I fell asleep, tired after the drive and the fucking.

Wild Threesome in Woods

I was the first to wake up. I saw that it was completely dark outside the window. The clock on the wall showed a little before 8 p.m. I felt slight regret at having overslept because I wanted to watch the sunset at the lake. It was a truly breathtaking scene and the display of colors in the sky felt amazing every time.
I noticed that Dee and Aunt Sheen had their limbs wrapped around me haphazardly as they slept on either side. I looked at mother and daughter for a few seconds in the dim light of the night bulb that still glowed in the main room. Their dark, nude bodies against were a stark contrast with the bright white bed sheets. I slowly untangled myself and walked silently to the bathroom through the other bedroom. I took care of business and a plan began to form as I pondered what to do with the long night ahead. I was showered and felt fresh when I stepped out of the bathroom and went into the main bedroom. I was surprised to see Aunt Sheen and Dee were also awake. They sat on the bed and chatted as I walked in.
“Wow! That was something, huh Ali?” Dee asked me with a wide smile on her lips, mentioning to the afternoon fuck session.
“Did you like getting your ass licked and getting fucked at the same time, Dee?” I nodded and asked her with a similar smile.
“Oh, damn! It was too much to take and I came within two minutes, bro!” Dee exclaimed and grinned.
“Mom sure knows how to please, right?” I said and winked as I looked at Aunt Sheen. She was sitting at Dee’s side and had taken off her lingerie set. She looked at me and smiled as she responded sweetly,
“Glad to be of help.. SIR.”
I smiled wider at her and then said, “Now, here’s the plan. We’re having dinner at the restaurant and then taking a trip to the woods.”
This sent a buzz of excitement as mother and daughter got up from the bed excitedly. Aunt Sheen began to recount the wonderful and wild experienced we had had in the same jungle on our previous visits of the resort. We decided to have dinner at the restaurant, as there only two old couples beside us here.
Aunt Sheen dressed in a conservative long skirt and a jacket while Dee was dressed in jeans and a thick knitted, dark brown sweater. I had on black jeans and a black Tee-shirt underneath a leather jacket. It was around 7 in the evening but there was a soft chilly breeze blowing as we walked slowly towards the restaurant. Aunt Sheen and Dee were whispering and giggling and I walked a little ahead.
The dinner was delicious so we took our time and ate slowly. We enjoyed the calming sounds of the nocturnal birds and bugs that tweeted and buzzed all around the restaurant building. It was completely dark outside and I could barely make out our car and two other cars parked. The old couples had already finished dinner and returned to their villas. Finally, we decided to head back.
Aunt Sheen bought 5 1-liter bottles of chilled water for the night and we walked back to our villa. Dee was leaning on me from the left and caught my arm on the dark pathway. Aunt Sheen walked ahead with the small flashlight. We reached the villa and Aunt Sheen turned to me and said as we unlocked the door,
“We’ll leave in 15 minutes, sweety.”
“Sure. Take your time, mom.” I replied with a smile as I watched her walk in, swinging her lovely, large behind enticingly.
“It’s going to be so much fun, bro!” Dee whispered excitedly into my ear before she gave a quick kiss on my cheek and followed her mother into the other bedroom. I spent the time having a smoke in the front porch. It was completely dark outside and only the lights from the front two villas and the restaurant could be seen. It was a clear night and thankfully there was a full moon tonight. It was just peeking over the horizon on the other side of the lake so I could not see it over the rise of the dam.
“Ready, sir?” I suddenly heard Aunt Sheen behind me and I turned around with a smile. Dee and Aunt Sheen stood near the door and were locking it with the keys. Dee was still wearing the jeans and her brown sweater.
Aunt Sheen had put on her black Abaya. She handed me the keys and I pocketed them. Aunt Sheen also had her bag slung over her shoulders. I realized that we were all dressed almost completely in black. I looked at Aunt Sheen with a quizzical expression and asked her about the Abaya. Aunt Sheen simply smiled and turned around.
“Wow! That’s what I was wondering about, mom!” I exclaimed when Aunt Sheen pulled her Abaya up and I saw that she was completely nude underneath. The Abaya was almost like an overcoat but form-fitting so I could make out the lovely contours of Aunt Sheen’s curvy body clearly. I took the lead with the small flashlight and once we made sure the outer grilled door was locked we made our way slowly to other end of the small lawn which was spread in front of our villa.
I had discovered this tiny path years ago when I’d come here with friends. This patch led down into the small gorge between the dam and the small hillock where the resort stood. This side of the dam was inclined and had steps at a few intervals. We were trying to avoid going by the proper way because the main entry gate to the dam was locked after 8 every night.
I led the way down the small path carefully. Dee and Aunt Sheen were following closely and had their cell phone flashlights on. Once we reached the bottom they switched off their cell phone lights and we walked slowly towards the dam. There were only a few trees down here so we easily crossed the gorge and reached the side of the dam. The steps leading up to the dam were narrow and quite steep so Aunt Sheen went up first, followed by Dee and I followed last.
“Wow! It’s beautiful!” Dee exclaimed breathlessly as she stepped on to the dam and looked at the huge moon which rose from the other end of the lake. The short trek from the villa, down the gorge and up the steep dam steps had made us sweaty. I took off my light leather jacket and loved the feel of the soft breeze making my sweat cool off my body. Aunt Sheen took the jacket from me and stowed it in her bag. We sat and gazed at the amazing sight of the full moon rising over the dark lake and catching our breaths.
I looked back to check and saw that the villas were in complete darkness. It was past 8:30 according to my cell phone and the elderly couples were asleep it seemed. The restaurant was also in darkness, with only a light in the kitchen giving it’s location in the complete darkness that surrounded it down there.
“Come on, there are even better spots to see, Dee.” I said as I stood up. I lit a smoke as Dee came and caught my hand. Aunt Sheen led with the small flashlight this time. We walked slowly and I could feel Dee’s perky, large tits jiggling more than usual. I put an arm around her and slid my hand beneath her sweater.
“Yeah, I’m not wearing anything underneath either, bro.” Dee perabet güvenilir mi said and probably grinned as she squeezed her liberated tits against me from the side.
“Like mother, like daughter, hmm?” I teased Dee and she started giggling as followed behind her mother. We reached the other end of the dam. The pathway continued to the right and ran a little above far along the lakeside.
However Aunt Sheen turned left and within a couple of seconds found the goat-path which no one knew about. It led up the hillside and turned right again. There was a cleared spot right above the original path. There were a dozen huge boulders of varying sizes halfway up the hill. There were many nooks and crannies in this place and it was perfect to watch the dam, the path in the jungle below and the resort too.
Once we reached the clearing Aunt Sheen unpacked her bag and pulled out a thin blanket. There was a perfect nook between two immense boulders that had short, thick grass growing all around. Aunt Sheen chose to spread the blanket there and I watched quietly as Aunt Sheen removed her Abaya completely. She stuffed her Abaya in the bag and stood completely nude. It was not too cold tonight and the breeze was blowing in humid air from the lake. The moon was higher above the opposite horizon and cast a bright silver light all over the hillside. The clearing where we were was bathed in this white light and I could clearly make out Aunt Sheen’s dark, curvy body merely feet away.
She gestured to us to come closer and I walked a few steps with Dee at my side. The short trek and the long walk from the resort to this part of the woods had warmed our bodies and I could feel the warmth emanate from Dee’s curvy body as she clung to my arm. As we reached the blanket, Dee immediately caught my arm and turned me around to face her.
My hot older cousin looked in my eyes and smiled with anticipation before she began to kiss. Dee wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a tight embrace, where she grinded her perky tits against my chest. I put my arms around her soft, curvy waist and pulled her close and kissed back harder. Our lips were practically mashing against each other now when I felt Aunt Sheen step closer behind her daughter. I felt Aunt Sheen lift her daughter’s thick sweater slowly till Dee finally let go of me for her mother to take it off completely. Dee did not even turn around to acknowledge her and threw herself at me again as she continued our kiss where we left off.
“Mmmmhh…” Dee moaned softly in my mouth when she felt me run my fingertips gently over her smooth, silky back all the way up to her neck. I opened my eyes for a second to realize that Aunt Sheen was now reaching from behind Dee and trying to unbutton her jeans. Those were some really tight jeans so Dee had to help her mother out. Slowly, Aunt Sheen peeled the jeans off her daughter’s sexy, shapely legs and Dee immediately stepped on to the blanket.
I simply turned around a little and we began to kiss harder this time. I began to run my fingers all over her lovely and curvy body. The cold air seemed to give her goosebumps for a while but once she came back in my embrace I could feel Dee begin to get hot again.
During this, Aunt Sheen had stepped behind me and began to remove my clothes. I let go of Dee as Aunt Sheen slipped off my jacket. Next, she removed my T-shirt too and I felt the cold air give me goose bumps for a few moments.
“Mmm..” Dee mewed in appreciation as she saw my bare chest and smiled as she ran her fingertips over it. Her warm fingers felt great against my cold chest.
Aunt Sheen stepped closer behind me and reached around to unbuckle my belt. Dee and I began to kiss again as Aunt Sheen managed to unbutton my jeans and pulled it slowly down, stripping my undies along with it.
I stepped out of my jeans and on to the blanket now. Dee was still hugging me close to her and I wrapped my arms around her curvy, nude waist and pulled her close. Her smooth, warm crotch warmed my cock and I felt it getting hard once more despite the chilly air. I could tell that Dee was extremely horny as she grinded her bare crotch against my hardening dick. I decided to do something about it fast.
I whispered to both of them what I had in mind and Aunt Sheen and Dee were immediately excited. Dee immediately took a position near the huge boulder. She stood with her back to me and leaned and put her hands on the cold stone for support. Dee then spread her legs as wide as she could while standing and Aunt Sheen knelt down to crawl between her legs. She sat with her face in her daughter’s crotch and waited for me as I took a position behind Dee.
“Make my cock wet, mom.” I said as I bent my knees and slid my erect cock gently over Dee’s moist pussy lips. I felt Aunt Sheen reach up and caress my balls with one hand while she gripped the base of my thick cock with the other hand.
“Oh, yes!” I moaned softly as I felt Aunt Sheen’s warm and wet mouth over the thick head of my dick. As Aunt Sheen gripped the base tightly, the head had swollen enormously with the blood pounding in it. Aunt Sheen busied herself with gulping in my cock deeper into her mouth as I caressed Dee’s smooth, curvy back with my fingers.
“Oh, bro! Fuck me fast, please!” Dee whimpered because she felt her mother’s face rub against her cunt as she sucked the first couple of inches of my hard cock.
“Hold on, Dee. It’s not wet enough. You’ll get hurt.” I soothed her.
“Aackk!” Aunt Sheen gagged hard as her daughter suddenly reached down with one hand, grabbed a fistful of hair and pushed it back on my cock.
“Whoa!” I exclaimed when Aunt Sheen’s throat gagged and gripped my throbbing cock tightly.
“Aahhh… aack.. agh..” Aunt Sheen gasped and gagged as soon as Dee let go of her hair and Aunt Sheen rocked back to sit on her heels. She somehow maintained her grip on my now-slippery cock.
“Now it’s wet enough, bro. So fuck me now!” Dee said through clenched teeth.
“Mom, help me put it in.” I said while I smiled at Dee who had turned her head around and looked pleadingly at me. Dee immediately grabbed the stone wall for support and pushed her lovely bubble butt out. I placed my hands on her curvy hips and bent my knees.
“Ready, baby?” I asked Dee sweetly when I felt Aunt Sheen place the tip of my thick dick over her daughter’s pussy lips.
“Yes, daddy…” Dee whimpered softly and closed her eyes in anticipation.
“Ungghh… Ooohh..” Dee grunted as the thick head of my spit-licked cock slipped in her narrow vagina. The feeling of her hot, wet pussy lips gripping my cock tighter almost made me cum. I took a deep breath and held it as I waited for Aunt Sheen to do her thing and I didn’t have to wait long as Dee moaned loudly.
“Mmm…. That’s right, mom. Yeah..” Dee encouraged her mother now who was kneeling between her legs and had her face buried in her crotch. Aunt Sheen licked her daughter’s clit softly and I felt her outstretched tongue roam over my thick shaft as she included it in her licking. I bent a little lower to push my dick straighter into Dee’s pussy from behind as her pussy was too tight.
“Oooww… oooohhh.. ooh.. ooh.. yess…” Dee’s groaned turned into moans of pleasure as she felt me give short jerks and push my wet cock deeper in her wet pussy. I pushed in half the length before I slowly slipped my dick out till only the head remained gripped tightly in her pussy lips. I bent back and pushed my cock half in her tight pussy with one jerk.
“Aaaii.. Ooohh.. ooohh..” Dee almost screamed aloud before she began moaning loud with my rhythm. I began to gently stroke my cock in her pussy from behind as her mother knelt between her legs and licked her clit at the same time.
“Ooohh… yeah.. mommmm…” Dee moaned louder this time and pushed her crotch lower on her mother’s face, seemingly loving the feeling of having her young pussy fucked and licked at the same time. I kept the rhythm of my thrusts gentle but steady although only half my cock slid in and out of her tight pussy.
“Ohh.. ooohh… oh God! I’m coming….!” Dee moaned suddenly within a couple of minutes and immediately clamped her legs closed. Aunt Sheen’s head was caught between her daughter’s shapely thighs and I could see that she didn’t struggle to get free.
“Aaahhh…” Dee growled aloud in the darkness as her body began to wreck with spasms. She could barely stand anymore as waves of orgasm hit her. I kept my cock buried halfway in her pulsating pussy and felt her hot juices slide over it and drip to my balls. I held on to Dee’s hips and supported her as best as I could so she didn’t accidently sit down and hurt Aunt Sheen with her weight.
I put an arm around Dee’s waist and pulled her up. Dee put her arms above and behind and caught my hair as she smashed her lips against mine and began to kiss hard. My throbbing dick was slick with her pussy juice and when she turned around to continue the kiss it slipped out and hung straight in the cold air on the hillside.
“That was amazing!” Dee exclaimed, finally breaking our kiss. She smiled and began to caress my rock-hard and slippery dick softly. It was completely slathered with her thick and creamy cum so she caressed it with the tip of her forefinger.
I looked over and Aunt Sheen now sat with her back resting against the huge boulder. She was wiping her face with the back of one hand and I could clearly see her cheeks, lips and chin were completely covered with her daughter’s cum in the moonlight. Aunt Sheen grinned wide when she saw me looking at her and immediately got up from where she sat. I watched Aunt Sheen’s huge, soft boobs sway as she knelt down and walked on all fours towards us.
As she reached us, Aunt Sheen stopped at my feet and turned around. She then spread her knees wide apart and lowered her head, resting her face on her crumpled Abaya. Aunt Sheen pushed her huge, round ass high in the air and waited silently. The pale moonlight was stronger now and I could see Aunt Sheen’s dark brown body outlined below me. Her thick, brown buttocks beckoned to me.
I looked at Dee with a smile but she was looking with a hunger at her mother’s large, naked butt.
“Get her ass wet for me, baby.” I whispered in Dee’s ears.
“Oh, I’d love to, daddy!” Dee smiled wide and replied. Still at her mother’s naked butt, Dee went down on her knees at Aunt Sheen’s side. I stepped around her and knelt by her face. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head up. Aunt Sheen raised herself on her hands and looked up at me with an expectant smile. Her half-closed eyes told me how lusty she had become. My cock was rock hard and slick with Dee’s cunt juice. I grabbed the base of my thick, wet cock with the other hand and brought it close to her lips. Aunt Sheen grinned wider before she snaked out her tongue and licked the tip of my slick cock.
“Mmmhmmm..” Aunt Sheen moaned as she began to lick the shaft of my cock hungrily.
“Ooohhhh!” She suddenly groaned and I looked up to see Dee with her hand between her mother’s huge ass cheeks. Dee looked up at me and smiled wide as she gripped her mother’s waist with an arm and began to push her finger in and out of Aunt Sheen’s asshole.
“Uh! Uhh! Uuh!” Aunt Sheen kept moaning softly and continued to lick her daughter’s juices off of my throbbing cock.
“You think she’s ready, baby?” I asked Dee finally after having my dick licked by Aunt Sheen as her daughter prepared her asshole for my huge dick.
“She’s always ready for your cock, daddy.” I heard Dee replied before she pulled her finger out of her mother’s anus. I got up from my place and went to kneel behind Aunt Sheen now.
“Mmm…” Aunt Sheen was moaned softly as she felt her daughter grab hold of her huge ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart. I took position behind her and rubbed a thumb over her wet anus. I used the thumb to guide my cock and placed the thick head of my dick over the entrance into her ass.
Dee was kneeling to the left and looked at me with lust before looking down at her mother’s huge butt.
“Unngghh! Ooowww…” Aunt Sheen grunted hard then groaned as she felt my slick, thick cock slip almost effortlessly into her asshole.
“Aaahhh….. hhmmmm…” Aunt Sheen’s groans turned mute and she tensed as I relentlessly pushed in my thick cock deeper into her tight rectum. Dee tightened her grip on her mother’s ass and pushed it back on to my cock.
“Aaahh!” Aunt Sheen exclaimed when I pulled my huge cock half-way out of her stretched rectum canal.
“Aaaiiii! Aaahhh! Aaahh!” Aunt Sheen grunted loudly before she began to moan as I thrust my cock into her asshole suddenly with a jerk and began to thrust in and out slowly at first. My cock was hard as a rock and slick with Dee’s juices and Aunt Sheen’s spit. It slid almost effortlessly in and out of my aunt’s mature anus. Her ass hadn’t become used to my cock despite having been fucked several times till now. I had never pushed the whole 8 inches into her ass because she couldn’t take my cock more than halfway in her anus.
Aunt Sheen’s groans were becoming louder as my thrusts became faster and faster. I closed my eyes as I felt my orgasm build up.
“Aahh! Aaahh! Oohh! Aaahh! Ooohh!” Aunt Sheen now moaned really loudly and I figured she was coming herself. I did not have much time to dwell on this as I felt my cum build in my balls now.
“Aaagghhh…. Aahhhhhhaaa… Oooooo….!!!” I moaned loudly and gripped Aunt Sheen’s soft, curvy hips tightly in my hands. My cock stayed buried halfway in her tight ass and it spurted hot steams of cum deep inside her.
“Ooohh God!” Aunt Sheen eventually exclaimed before slipping out of my grip and flopping down on her side on the blanket.
“Mmmm” Dee moaned as she kissed me. She had rushed to my side and began caressing my balls softly as my cock spurted cum out. Dee put and arm around me and began to suck on my lower lip. I moaned softly in her mouth and breathed hard as the last drops of cum slipped out of my cock.
“Oh God! That was amazing, son!” Aunt Sheen finally exclaimed as she recovered enough to speak after her intense orgasm.
I lay down beside Aunt Sheen on the blanket and Dee joined me on the other side. The three of us lay completely nude in the semi-darkness of the woods. The intense intercourse had made us all hot and we cooled off in the cold winter night. We stared at the thousands of stars that could still be seen despite the bright moonlight. After sharing a few smokes and having water we decided to head back as it was past midnight now. Aunt Sheen had brought towels from home and we used these to clean up.
We helped each other get dressed and walked along the trail from the dam to the back of the villa. We took our time walking back and reached the villa somewhere before 1 in the night. We made sure the doors were locked again after we entered the villa and stripped off completely as soon as we stepped in the main bedroom.
I felt dead tired and immediately flopped down on the bed. Last thing I remember before falling asleep is Aunt Sheen wearily opening the door to the other bedroom and Dee followed her to the bathroom inside.

It was past 11 when we woke up so we rushed around to have a quick shower together. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to do anything more than take a quick shower and get dressed normally before packing our bags. Dee and Aunt Sheen checked the whole place carefully and when they were satisfied we hadn’t forgotten anything we paid our bills and left. The car drive was uneventful too as Dee and Aunt Sheen were too spent and they lay asleep together in the back seat as I drove back home.

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