Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman
The wall exploded as Wonder Woman was thrown through it. She rolled across the ground and loose bricks, scrambling to her feet in a low fighting stance. Lobo stepped threw the hole in the wall and cracked his large knuckles. The Amazon Princess flew at him with her left fist extended, which he easily blocked only to get hit square in the face with the right.
“You’re too weak to hurt me!” Lobo exclaimed. He caught her with a backhand.
“No,” she said. “I’m just used to holding back against street thugs. I just got to remember that you can take it.”
Lobo took a wild swing at her that stopped dead on her bracelet. She punched him again. This time he was launched back with sound of his neck snapping and a few of his teeth now littered the floor.
“Ok.” He steadied himself and reset his neck. His healing factor was already repairing the massive damage. “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about,” the Last Czarnian chuckled. “If it wasn’t for my regeneration, that would have straight up killed me.”
Lobo threw 2 or 3 powerful punches, but Diana slammed her bracelets together forming a forcefield, the impenetrable Aegis of Zeus. The Main Man silently mused to himself that Wonder Woman herself would be very penetrable.
“Let’s try a different tactic,” Lobo said as his arm shot out. Wonder Woman dodged it easily…or did she. Lobo wasn’t aiming for her. He caught her costume. He pulled his arm back rapidly, tearing off her shirt off, leaving only a few tatters. A ray of light from a window landed on her perky and perfect breasts.
“Hahaha,” Wonder woman roared with laughter. “Was that supposed to humiliate me?” She tore off the remaining scraps herself tossing them to the ground. She was now completely topless. “No Amazon would ever be embarrassed of her body. I once walked around nude for a month as part of a charity fundraiser.” kaçak iddaa She hit him again, in the chest this time, crushing his heart. He healed instantly.
“This is pointless,” he said dryly. He was obviously staring at her tits. “With your bracelets and my healing factor, neither one of us is getting anywhere.”
“You’re right,” she replied, “These bracelets are the only protection…” She slide off the legendary bracelets. “…for you.” Wonder Woman’s bracelets shielded her, but they also held back her immense strength. If she went without the for too long she would slide into Warrior’s Madness. In this state, she would devolve quickly into a wild, raving creature drive completely by instinct.
She rushed him, knocking away his defense. When she punched him, a shock wave went out and everything seemed to pause for a moment before he was launched through the roof by the force. Wonder Woman flew through the opening and paused mid-air. The entire battlefield stopped fighting to watch her jug jiggling joyfully. Her panties were soaked. She flung her golden lasso around Lobo, who was still in mid-air. Flicking her wrist, the princess pulled the bounty hunter to her and punched him down straight threw the roof of another building. As she dived after him, the heroes and villains beneath her were in a trance oogling her perfect body and only snapping out of it after she left view.
Now it was Lobo rolling to his feet. As Wonder Woman landed, she noticed the massive bulge in Lobo’s pants. She didn’t need a Lasso of Truth to tell he was very excited. She wondered if he noticed the huge wet spot on her star-spangled panties. She breathed heavily and raspily. He eyes flashed white for a second. She had to hold back the Warrior’s Madness.
Lobo got up and grabbed the bulge. He ripped away a section of his pants revealing a canlı casino siteleri massive 13 inch cock, fully erect and throbbing-hard. Me made his way across the room.
“Bitch,” he said. “If i can’t beat you maybe I’ll just cram this huge fucking cock in your desert-dry holes!”
For the second time, Wonder Woman roared with laughter. “Dry? Ha! I’m drenched as the rain forest! I’m horny as all fuck.”
“Really?” Lobo said, now standing right in front of her. He put his hand on her crotch. She wasn’t joking.
“You know what?” she said,panting a little. “Fuck it.” She kissed him full on the mouth and grabbed his cock. With her lips still pressed on his, she used one hand to pull her undies aside and the other to slide his cock into her wet furry pussy.
He grabbed her perfect butt, fondling her perfect butt. His coarse hand squeezed her sweet Amazonian ass as she threw her legs around him. He pushed her back against the wall and began pounding.
“What about the fight?” he asked.
“Let those assholes take care of it,” she said. “No need to solve everything with v******e.”
Lobo’s thrusts sped up. It felt AMAZING. Her pussy was so soft and warm, but virgin tight. She pushed him onto the ground and tore of her star-spangled undies. Wearing nothing but her tiara, she squatted down on Lobo’s massive dick, pushing it right into her cunt. She then got on her knees and rode him cowgirl style.
Lobo couldn’t get enough of her wonder-tits. He fondled and suckled each breast, alternating back and forth. Diana’s princess pussy slide up and down on his cock. At first it was slow and romantic, but then she started to change.
Wonder Woman became more feral and aggressive. Her bouncing got faster and began to break rhythm. She tied his hands with the lasso.
“This is the best fuck of my life!!” Lobo exclaimed. He was, after casino şirketleri all, compelled to tell the truth. “I’m gonna cum soon. Should we use protection?”
“I’m fucking Wonder Woman! There’s your protection.” He shook as blew a huge fucking load right up her. Her pussy was filled with cum, but she didn’t stop. Her ass slammed his legs and she actually started to get faster! She was literally fucking him into the ground.
Just then, Superman and Green Lantern showed up. “Diana! What are you doing?” the Man of Steel asked.
Wonder Woman turned to face him. Her eyes glowed white and her beautiful face was contorted with a sneering grimace. “Wanna join us?” she asked Superman. While she asked, she reached one hand back and pulled one ass cheek to the side revealing her tight pucker-hole. She was in full Warrior’s Madness.
“Maybe we should just…”
“Shut the fuck up! Either cram it up my ass, Kal or get out!!” Superman recognized what was wrong and with sonic speed zoomed away to find her bracelets. He returned less than a second later and attached her bracelets. Her eyes and face returned to normal. She was safe.
“Thank you, Superman,” she said, still onto of Lobo with his dick in her. Everyone paused for a moment and Batman came in. After a moment, Diana’s hips raised up, sliding up the massive Czarnian cock to its head. Then, unexpectedly, she she pushed back down.
The Justice League members though they imagined it but then she did it again. And again.
“Um, Diana?” Batman asked. Superman put up one hand to shield his eyes.
“What? Just because I’m not in Warrior’s Madness doesn’t mean I can’t finish,” she said with an innocent smile. Superman pulled off his cape and d****d it over her to cover the pornographic scene.
“Well,” Lobo said, “if I could get a meeting with Wonder Woman like once a weak, I think I might be to exhausted for any crime or mayhem. I’d be a model citizen.”
“Not a chance!” Superman protested.
Wonder Woman leaned over and whispered to Lobo, “You got yourself a deal. And if you are extra good, next time you can fuck me in the ass.”
“Yes ma’am!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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