You don’t always get what you want

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You don’t always get what you want
My mind was racing as I stepped out of the car and closed the door behind me. Here I was, at the parking lot of a Holiday Inn, about to enter room 217, where my ex-boyfriend was waiting for me. The last text he sent simply said “And wear some sexy lingerie under a long coat. And nothing else, =)”

About 8 months ago my ex-boyfriend Damon and I had broken up. We had been together almost 4 years, and even though I had still loved him, he wasn’t showing me the dedication I needed so I moved on. I met another guy, Greg, through my sister and he was the responsible, mature type that a girl marries, plus he was filthy rich, which I have to admit, played a factor. He asked me to get married 2 months ago, and without really thinking I said yes, and we were married within 45 days.

Greg is a great guy, but when it comes to sex, I can’t say I come away satisfied. When I was with Damon, I would get so horny for his 7″ cock that I’d be sitting at my cubicle thinking of it, and thinking of how I was going to suck him off as soon as I got home. My pussy would be getting soaked while I daydreamed about sucking on his helmeted head, and licking under the base of his shaft along that nice thick vein that extends across his length. Even his balls I couldn’t get enough of. I would stroke his balls while I sucked, and then suck on his left one, while I tickled the right.

Damon knew I was addicted to his cock and he took full advantage it. He would fuck me mercilessly and relentlessly. Anywhere, anytime, any position. I loved sex and loved how much great sex I was having with my man.

But sadly, I can’t say the same about Greg. It’s not that he doesn’t try, but, his cock is kind of small at maybe 5″, and he just doesn’t take control the way I like. I like to be kissed and fondled too sometimes, but most of the time, I want to be taken and made to feel like my purpose in life is to be getting fucked.

About a month ago, I got an email from Damon. He said his number was still the same, and to hit him up sometime. Knowing Damon, I knew that hitting him up meant that he wanted to meet, and if that happened, it meant sex. I never replied to his email, until today.

I couldn’t help it. I’ve been super horny all week and Greg has been working his tail off to get to a deadline by next week. I was so frustrated at work today, I started thinking of Damon’s email, and of his cock. How it would literally grow inside my mouth. How I loved feeling it fill my pussy. Gosh, I remember the first time we had sex. I wasn’t able to walk straight for a week after the way he pounded me. And fuck, how I loved it. He made me realise just how filthy and slutty I can be in the bedroom. He made me feel so sexy I would turn myself on. I felt my pussy start to drip, and felt my mouth water thinking of his cock in my mouth. I didn’t stop to think any further, I got out my phone and sent him a text.

“Hey, sorry I didn’t reply to your email. Did you want to hang out?”

A few minutes later, I felt my pussy start to tingle. I looked down and saw my phone vibrate.

“Sure, meet me at the Holiday Inn near your house on Rochester. Room 217. Come after work”

Geez, he sure got to the point. I didn’t want to come off as wanting him too badly, but at the same time I thought the hell with it, might as well not play any games. I knew if I had calmed down and thought about it, I would know it was wrong. But all I could think of was the fire inside my pussy. And how I wanted his cum to fill my pussy and put it out.

I just typed “Sure, see you at 6″

Around 5 I left work and headed home, and that is when I got the text telling me what outfit he wanted to see me in. Greg wasn’t home and was going to be staying late at work, so I was able to take my time, give myself a nice shave, and a hot shower, and doll myself up with makeup and perfume just how Damon used to like.

I put on my leopard bra and panties with knee high stockings, and put a trench coat on, and headed out.

So here I was, illegal bahis walking towards the room. I felt my heart beat faster as I walked into the main lobby and headed to the elevators. The attendant at the front was filling out some paper work, took a look, went back to his paper work, then looked up again when he realised what a bombshell I looked like. The trench coat was tight fitting, so it amply showed the curves on my 5’7″ frame and 36D tits. I topped it off with some sexy heels that clanked loudly on the tile floor, as I walked briskly by, jet black hair bouncing on my shoulders.
I entered the elevator, and pushed 2. When I got to his door, I hesitated, thought of his cock, and knocked.

“Its open” I heard from inside.

“I opened the door, and there he was. 6”, 180 pounds, well toned body rising from the bed, wearing nothing but a white towel.

“Glad you made it”

I looked down and was able to make out his obvious erection. Fuck I wanted it.

“Take off your coat Tammy”

Still looking at his cock straining thru his towel, I did as I was told, and dropped the coat to the floor.

“Whheeew. Now that’s the body I’ve been thinking about fucking. You know when I’ve been fucking some other bitch the past few months, I’d make her bend over and fuck her doggy. So I could close my eyes and think it was you. I think I even called out your name a couple times” he said with a smirk.

I looked in the mirror next to the door and admired my sexiness. I did look damn good.

“Mmm mmmmm. Get over here girl” he cooed as he dropped his towel. “Get over and get on your knees.

I got on my knees in front of his dick, still not fully hard, but already bigger than my husband’s.

“Yeaahh, you miss this dick huh baby? Huh? Mm mm no no, not yet baby” and he withdrew his cock from my hand as I was about to put it in my mouth. Then he took his cock, and started rubbing it all over my forehead.

“Mmm, yeah baby, you love this dick don’t you”

He was rubbing his hard cock all over my face, and fuck, I wanted it so bad. I took my right hand and started rubbing my pussy.

“Ohh hoo, you want the dick that bad do you baby? Yeahh I remember when you would get like this. Those used to be the best nights we had together isn’t that right baby? When you’d get into horny slutty whore mode. Fuck, I loved those nights” he sighed as he lifted his nut sack, and plopped then down on my face as well. I inhaled his musky scent and felt my mouth drip with saliva almost as much as my pussy was overflowing with its own juice.

“Here you go baby, you waited enough, put this fuckin cock in your mouth, and suck it like the whore you are”

I didn’t hesitate and put his hard cock straight into my mouth.

“Uhhhh that’s right baby, suck that cock like my little dirty bitch” and I did exactly as told. I gave him the sloppy blowjob he loved, using my saliva to lubricate his dick as i stroked it and sucked at the same time.

“Yeah baby you like that dick?” he asked

“Mmm hmmm” I moaned while I tried to take his entire dick into my mouth.

“Mmmm that’s right bitch take that whole dick right into your mouth, let me feel it tickle that fuckin throat”

I took it in as much as I could, and felt it slide down my throat.

“Fuckkkk yeahhhh baby, suck that” he moaned as he was now pumping his dick in and out of my mouth as if he were fucking my pussy.

He grabbed the back of my head and brought in my head with the rhythm of his cock. I loved it when he face fucked me like this, my saliva going all over my face, and listening to him tell me how I was born to suck his cock.

“Yeah you love it when you get fucked like the whore I made you into huh? Like it when I use your body as my little fuck toy? Tell me you’re my little cock whore” he told me with his eyes closed, while he continued ramming his rock hard dick in and out my hungry waiting mouth.

I looked up at him and felt my pussy drip thinking of how much pleasure I was giving him. I think that’s the main reason I was such a slut with Damon, when I’d see his dick perabet giriş it was as if my life mission was to help him unload his hot man juice wherever he wanted on or in me.

He opened his eyes and he looked right into my eyes. Looking into his eyes like that, I couldn’t help but feel the nostalgia from our past. Then he smiled and the gleam in his eye changed “Come on slut, tell me what a filthy whore you are”

At that moment all I could think of was how good this hard long cock I had in my mouth was going feel when it filled my pussy. “I want your fucking cock Damon, I’m a filthy whore for your cock, now stop fucking around and fuck my pussy the way it’s been wanting to the past 8 months!”

Damon grabbed me roughly by my arms and flung me on the bed.

“Bend the fuck over, I’m going to ram my fucking cock deep in your pussy, and I want you to fucking feel it”

I immediately got on my hands and knees and lifted my ass seductively in the air while I removed my bra.

Damon removed my knickers, and gave my ass cheeks a rough slap as he stood on the floor, admiring my ass bent over in front of him.

“Fuckin love that ass. You want to know something? Every guy you know? Every guy you meet? Every guy that you make eye contact with you? Wants one thing and one thing only. To fuck you the way I’m about to. But I’m the only one who can give it you the way you need huh baby?” He asked as he slapped my ass again and tickled my clit with cock while teasing my slit.

I loved how sexy he made me feel. “Ohhhhh fuck yeah Damon, I’m your cock whore and your cocks the only one I want, just fucking fuck me!”

And without any warning he slammed all 7″ of his man pole into my drenched pussy.

I gasped at the sheer pain the size gave me. Although the wetness of my pussy allowed him to enter with some ease, my pussy was definitely not used to being stretched and filled like this. I stifled my scream by grabbing the nearby pillow and putting my face into it.

“Fuck yeah you like that fucking cock bitch?!” he yelled as he pounded without mercy into my stretched pussy. I felt him reach over and grab both of my tits. My tits hadn’t got any attention so far, and his touch sent a shiver to my pussy and I felt the first gush of an intense orgasm.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!” I yelled into the pillow as my pussy squirted out juices, forming a puddle on the bed sheets and splattering parts of Damon’s stomach and arms. my entire body was radiating with electricity from the buzz of the orgasm.

But Damon was not about to stop now. He began pounding into me harder, but not at a frantic pace. He was making sure each thrust went as deep into my pussy as possible. He used to joke before that his mission was to puncture my uterus. The way he was slamming me it sure as hell was feeling like it.

His hands were all over my ass. Gripping it, slapping it, rubbing it. I was feeling almost delirious from the pleasure and the pain I was experiencing. I felt him spit on my asshole, until he got a nice enough lubricant. Then he stuck his pinky gently into my asshole.

“Mmmm this asshole is tight baby. You telling me your man hasn’t been finger banging you while fucking your pussy? Fuck, you used to even be sucking on a dildo at the same time. All three holes filled up, you love feeling like a slut huh baby?”

My mind went back to how I did used to suck on a dildo at the same time Damon finger banged my ass and fucked my pussy. Thinking of having that big black dildo in my mouth and having every hole filled gave my pussy another shiver, and I felt the onset of another intense orgasm approaching. “Oh baby don’t stop, don’t stop baby I’m gonna cum!” I screamed.

Right then the doorbell rang.

“What the fuck?” he exclaimed as he paused.

“Room service, you asked for a sandwich about an hour ago?” a male voice from the other side of the door called out.

“Oh fuck I forgot all about that. Hold on baby let me take care of this”

I sighed as I felt him withdraw his cock from my pussy and his finger from perabet my ass.

Damon wrapped a towel and answered the door.

“Hey thanks for coming by man. Oh crap, let me grab my wallet from my car and give you a tip. I’ll be right back k babe?” he said as he jogged out.

I lay on the bed and couldn’t wait to feel his cock again. I wanted him to cum in me soooo bad. Damon would always cum hard and gush so much I could feel it covering my pussy walls.

I closed my eyes and started rubbing myself thinking about his cock going in me. I wanted to feel it again so bad, I wanted to feel him shove it all the way in and slam me the way he was.

I felt a hard cock start rubbing my lips, and with my eyes still closed, I put Damon’s cock back into my mouth.

Only this time, it seemed bigger. Not too bigger, but…bigger.

I opened my eyes to see the bell hop, a well built black man in his 20’s, standing over me with his 8″ cock in my mouth.

I looked over and saw Damon stroking his cock, watching me suck this cock belonging to someone I had never seen before.

Feeling safe with Damon there, and turned on thinking about how turned on he was getting from watching me suck this strangers cock, I began sucking with more vigour.

“Yeahh that’s my little slut. You ready to really have all your holes filled baby? Make you into a true whore?” Damon asked as I felt his cock near my pussy.

I took the strangers cock out of my mouth and started slapping it across my face and rubbing it over my tits.

“I’m a slut and I fucking love it. Fuck me, fuck me and fill all my holes like the whore I am” I moaned before shoving the big black cock back into my mouth. I was going at that cock like a rabid dog. I hoped this guy was going to be able to hold his load, because I still wanted to feel Damon’s cock in me.

Instead of his cock, Damon slipped three fingers into my sloppy pussy. The black man began fondling my tits while I continued sucking him off, and he started getting into the dirty talk

“Fuckin white slut loves her some cock huh? Some black cock too? Suck that cock till I blow my load all over that pretty little white face you fucking slut” he said with his head tilted back in pure ecstasy and his right hand guiding my mouth in and out.

I loved the way Damon fingers me, and was feeling in heaven. I felt Damon spit on my asshole again, and felt him begin putting his cock into my ass.

“MMMMmmmmmm!!” I moaned with the big black cock still rammed in my mouth.

I had never had anal sex with Damon before. We would talk about it, and one time we were even pretty close to doing it, but the sheer size of it would frighten me and I’d chicken out at the last second.

But there was pretty much nothing I could do at that point. I was in delirium again between the pleasure and the pain my body was experiencing. I had a big black dick in my mouth, big black hands fondling my tits, a big cock shoved in my ass, what seemed to be 4 fingers now expertly fingering my pussy, and I felt the familiar onset of another intense orgasm. This one was more intense than any I had felt in my entire life. I don’t know what happened, my body felt as if it no longer belonged to me, and that I was floating above everything. I felt myself slipping into passing out, and the last thing I heard was Damon saying “I’m gonna fuckin cum baby, I’m gonna pull out and fill that fuckin pussy”

When I awoke, I was lying on my back, naked on the bed. Damon and the black man were gone, I sighed in disbelief. My body was still shivering from the experience of what just happened. Feeling almost in a dreamlike state, I reached down to my pussy. There was still cum on my pussy and it was still leaking out of me. I realised there was no way of knowing if they had both cum in me. I also realised I was actually at my most fertile period right now, which is probably why I was so horny in the first place. Deep down I had known I was still in love Damon, and knowing his seed was in me, filled me with more happiness than I’d felt in a long time. But now I had no idea if I was going to have a black or a white baby.
9 Months later I gave birth to twins. In a twist, one was white, and one was black and neither of them were my husbands.

Adapted from another story.

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