Young admire for my wife.

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Young admire for my wife.
I’ve always been turned on, by other men lusting for my wife. The funny thing is, that she never been aware of guys want to fuck her.
When our daughter was 14, she had a lot of friends coming around, especially one was always very polite to my wife, always want to help. He was 18, and at the time my wife had just turned 31.
I never really had any idea that he had a crush on her, but when our daughter went to boarding school, in an other part of the country, and he still came to visit us (her)… sometimes when I was at work, I guess “a light bulb went on”
I know for sure that she never encouraged him, or try to seduce him. She wasn’t even aware of his crush on her, and even told me that she thought it was strange that he still came to visit… And it was often when she just gotten home from work, or have had a night shift and got up at 2 in the afternoon, especially when I wasn’t there…
One day I got home from work a little güvenilir bahis early, my wife and her admire (Peter) was having coffee in the living room. My wife sat in the sofa, and he had placed him self on the floor, and had a great view up under her t-shirt dress. Fortunately she was wearing her panties, but she wasn’t wearing bra, and her nipples was almost pushed through the thin fabric.
So I sat down next to her, ad put my arm around her, and Peter was trying not to look up her dress, but failed, which was obviously when he got up to use the bathroom and trying to hide his hard-on.
He really took his time in the bathroom, it took almost 10 minutes before he returned, only to say goodbye and thanks for the coffee….
I went to use the bathroom, and noticed that the lid on the laundry basket wasn’t was not properly put on, and I found a pair of my wife’s panties on top with some white sticky stuff in her panties crotch.
Wauuh… türkçe bahis Peter had just finished himself in to her panties.
I must admit that it was making me hard to know that this young man was lusting for my wife, and she had no idea. I never told her about it, but the following weeks I was checking our laundry basket every time I got home from work, and every time my wife told me that Peter had visit, I found cum covered panties in the basket.
This gave me an idea….. We had planned a night out, going to a restaurant, and maybe out dancing afterwards.
I was counting on Peter visiting in the afternoon before I got home, he usually did that on Friday’s right after his school, so this particular day, before I went to work, I took one of my wife’s very fine laced thong and place it in the laundry basket, and hoping that Peter would visit and find it. He did visit but had left before I got home. The first thing I did when I got home, was to güvenilir bahis siteleri look in the basket, and her thong was filled with sticking white stuff and sucking we’d, I’m quite sure there was more than one load of cum in them, and my wife confirmed it, by telling me she thought that Peter had a bad stomach, because he had spent a lot of time in the bathroom and she had asked if he was okay, but he had sounded strange and left quickly.
When she was getting ready for our night out she asked if I had seen her new laced thong, and I said “I’ll find it for you” and told her to getting dressed.
When she was ready to go, she asked me if I had found the thong, I told her to close her eyes and I would put them on her… She laughed but did it, and I lifted her dress and she stepped into them and I made sure they was all up between her buttocks. She gasped a little surprised “what have you done, they are all moist” . All I could say was ” don’t worry, they’ll be more moist before the evening is over”. I reached under the dress and my fingers pressed against her pussy while I kissed her…
All evening I was incredibly turned on thinking about how the young mans sticky cum against her hot pussy…!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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