Controlling Mother Ch. 02

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By Tug Coxwell

A continuation of a short story kicking around in my head. It’s fiction, not true, and not real. All characters are 18 or older. If incest offends you, you probably shouldn’t read this story. All rights reserved.


Tim returned to school later that Sunday, and Caitlyn returned to work on Monday.

“Quite a performance on Saturday,” Steve Ridgemont commented when Caitlyn waltzed through his office door to drop off a stack of reports for the month’s sales activities. “I didn’t think you had that in you.”

Dressed impeccably as usual in her fashionable but professional forest green pleated skirt and black button-down blouse, the chastened and beautiful red-headed account executive paused tensely to think about her response.

‘I should read that sonofabitch the riot act for making me blow my son,’ immediately raced through her mind.

Caitlyn was still under the misguided belief the text messages directing her to give Tim a birthday blowjob to celebrate his twenty-one years were from her perverted boss. Instead, the intelligent woman wisely thought better of it.

“Yes, well, you made me what I am today,” Caitlyn snarked with a tone of attitude. “I had it in my alright.”

The statuesque college graduate was pleased with her clever double entendre about her successful career, while at the same time alluding to her degrading descent as an incestuous cocksucking mother.

“If you mean a ‘son-sucking’ slut,” he answered viciously, taking up the challenge with an open disparagement of his own, “apparently I’ve been more successful than I realized.”

It was a hard cut at the proud mother considering she’d had no choice, and had only taken Tim’s substantial cock into her mouth at what she believed was her debauched employer’s shameful demand. Still, Caitlyn held back on a full-fledged verbal harangue, not wanting to antagonize her scheming boss further.

As with his alluring but disgraced sex toy, Steve was completely ignorant of Tim’s hijacking of his phone messages, and in doing so, of Tim’s manipulation of his own mother.

Caitlyn and her captor were unknowingly talking past each other, with each thinking the other had instigated the demented act of the curvaceous mother on her knees sucking off her youthful son. Their off-target conversation did nothing to change that perception, and they remained none the wiser to Tim’s calculating deception.

The week passed rather uneventfully as it turned out. Caitlyn was only asked to ‘entertain’ one prospective client on her back in the comfort of the large leather sofa in Steve’s office over a long Thursday afternoon.

“Unnh…ugh…yeah baby,” Art Mortenson, the balding, overweight, 60-something president of Go For It Sporting Goods huffed and grunted on top of a topless and uninterested Caitlyn O’Donnell until he poured his feeble semen into her warm cunt.

“Oh, Mr. Mortenson, so big…uhh…so hard,” Caitlyn lied to convince the old man of his impressive virility, while feigning an orgasm as she loathingly accepted his foul seed into her precious snatch.

“Shit, I love…whew…fucking married women,” Art crowed between recovering breaths while laying on top of Caitlyn and toying with her huge, unrestrained boobs. “They’re so much more interesting than single girls, especially wives with tits like Mrs. O’Donnell here.”

“Deal then?” Steve asked indiscreetly from his desk where he’d avidly watched the entire performance.

“Damn right,” the sated new customer agreed. “So long as Mrs. O’Donnell is my account executive, with frequent visits to my company headquarters, of course.”

“Done,” Steve easily consented to the sordid arrangement, unconcerned that he’d just committed Caitlyn to regular bouts with Art Mortenson between her long, spread legs.

‘Great,’ Caitlyn bemoaned with exasperation.

The dishonored wife and mother was only able to assuage herself with Steve’s promise of substantial residual commissions from the Go For It account…and his continued promise to keep her company malfeasance a secret, and thus keep her out of prison.


For his part, Tim tried to focus on his studies all week, but couldn’t. He was obsessively preoccupied with getting home again for the weekend, thinking only of his wonderful mother’s luscious lips encircling his rigid cock.

The problem was Tim had a date scheduled on Saturday night with Linda Tompkins, one of the lovelier coeds at the school, and certainly the best-looking chick in the IT department. He was frustrated, having dated Linda three times and getting nowhere with the uptight girl.

‘I think she just wants me to help her with her coursework,’ he finally decided, admitting to himself what he feared from the beginning. ‘She just wants me for my brain.’

Tim weighed the prospects of getting to feel-up Linda’s bountifully large breasts, even over her clothes, and decided the promise of a blowjob from his caring and equally buxom mother was the better option.

“Fuck casino şirketleri Linda Tompkins,” he bemoaned with final determination. “I’ll never get to, that’s for certain.”

“Mom’s a sure thing,” he grinned, drawing the phrase from a movie he saw years ago.

A moment later his phone was in his hand, typing away.

‘Mom?’ Tim texted with his course of action decided. ‘Coming home this weekend’

Caitlyn didn’t answer immediately, so he followed with a brief addendum to cement his intent.

‘Deal still hold?’

Tim’s meaning was clear, but another full minute lapsed before his mom finally buzzed back.

‘Yes’ her brief reply finally was received, followed by a hesitant but more reassuring message.

‘Deal’s on’ Caitlyn wrote warily. ‘As promised’

‘Looking forward to it’ Tim finished gleefully.

‘Me? Or…it?’ his irascible mother typed in a jaded follow-up.

‘You…and it’ Tim irreverently texted back, picking up her skepticism over the ether and replying in kind.

‘See you Saturday’ Caitlyn ended, then added a cynical snipe as the denouement.

‘Your son-loving mother’


Tim arrived home late again, finding his dad in bed and his mother asleep on the couch with a half-full glass of wine resting on the oak end-table.

‘Time for bed,’ the hopeful young man thought, admiring Caitlyn’s sleeping form still dressed in the loose pajamas she wore to relax after a long week.

He briefly considered copping a feel of his passed-out mother’s big left tit, assuming it was uncovered by a stiff bra under her top, but decided against it…perhaps saving the moment for the morning.

‘The sooner I get to sleep,’ he understood slyly, ‘the sooner I get my wake-up call.’

Sleep was restless, and his fantasies wild. They were so real, Tim almost wasn’t sure he’d actually gone home. Instead, he thought he was in bed in his apartment, and Linda Tompkins was stark naked sucking his hardy upright cock with a vengeance.

Linda looked good.

The usually prudish girl’s short dark curls framed an impish face, and her brilliant blue eyes were aflame with aroused passion as her pink-painted lips enwrapped his upright pole with feverish sexual intent. Her tits were unbelievable, set firm and bounding aimlessly beneath her chest in time to her wild gyrations.

“OHHHHH, SUCK ME, LINDA!” Tim’s deep guttural groans of satisfaction issued between heavy breaths.

It was like a dream, and in fact, it was…

“Oh wow, mom, I thought you were…,” Tim moaned as his eyes fluttered open to find his red-haired mother between his legs with his thick rod appearing and disappearing between her sumptuous lips.

“Oh, never-mind,” he closed his eyes in surrender the wonders of his mother’s attentive mouth. “Shit, that’s nice.”

Caitlyn was still in her flower-printed pajamas and sporting a nasty hangover. Even in a ponytail, her silky straight hair was disheveled from spending the night on the couch.

She’d slept late, awakened by the garage door opening as her husband had left early that morning.

“Gotta wash the car, Caity,” Patrick had called innocuously, “before the Open starts at nine.”

“Shit,” Caitlyn started from the couch. “What time is it?”

“It’s eight o’clock, sleepy-head,” her dutiful husband replied as the door closed behind him.

“Oh fuck,” the startled mother gasped and leaped from the cushion with concern.

“Gotta wake-up Tim,” Caitlyn realized, “while Pat’s washing the car.”

Now, she was upstairs in Tim’s room, doing everything in her bag of oral tricks to get her son to cum quickly, knowing her oblivious husband could enter the house at any time to catch her hovering over Tim’s hips taking his dense shaft down to the bone.

‘Mmmum…smup…,’ Caitlyn drew his full 7″ length into her mouth, working over the expansive cockhead with a rolling motion of her head each time she reached the peak, and then consuming the broad column of veined meat again on the trip down.

“Ohhh, mom, what the…,” Tim nearly complained at her urgency, expecting the slow, lingering performance he’d received the previous week in the most amazing blowjob he’d ever had.

Not that he was unhappy. Caitlyn’s determined efforts felt unbelievable, he just wanted them to last.

Staring along the contour of his muscular torso, Tim witnessed his solid pole vacuumed into his resolute mother’s warm suctioning mouth over and over, with her pretty but reddened green eyes gazing at him watchfully with a hint of the love she felt for her only child.

“What’s the…ahh…rush?” Tim finally managed between breathless sighs as his remarkably talented mother sucked his cock with the zeal of a porn actress.

He simply didn’t understand the hurry…and then noticed his mother’s incredibly bodacious body was totally covered by her pajamas.

“I wanna play you your…ohhh…tits,” he moaned.

“No time, Tim,” Caitlyn explained, breaking away briefly casino firmaları before swiping her tongue across her boy’s wrinkled ball sack. “Dad’s awake. Can’t get caught.”

Caitlyn knew the risk she was taking.

The half-awake, half-crazed wife would have preferred to wake Tim more leisurely while her husband snoozed in their bed in the next room, but she’d overslept in her inebriated slumber.

With that in mind, she hadn’t bothered to expose her ripe melons, fearing Tim would become fixated with the spongy globes with the unfortunate result of Patrick finding her naked in their son’s room.

‘That would be difficult to explain,’ she rationalized, ‘…even if he doesn’t catch me with Tim’s cock in my mouth.’

Today, Tim’s morning blowjob was about expediency rather than luxury so as not to have Patrick find out.

That meant doing everything Caitlyn knew to make her disappointed son shoot off as quickly as possible to pour his incestuous cream into her tummy in fulfillment of her promise to him and, as she believed, Steve.

“But I…uhh…,” Tim protested meekly, before surrendering to the splendor of his hot mother’s marvelous mouth and letting her do as she pleased.

Within moments of his capitulation, Caitlyn’s goal was accomplished.

“Ohhhhh, yesssssss…awwwhh…,” her climaxing son sighed, catapulting into a stratosphere of ecstasy, with the lights popping in his brain as he exploded in a white lightning orgasm.

Convulsing spasmodically, Tim’s hips reflexively jerked upward in a reaction his expectant mother was learning to anticipate when her son came.

“SOOO FUCKINGGG GOOOOOD…!” he called aloud, unconcerned about his father for the moment.

A river of forbidden cum spit in bursts into Caitlyn’s enveloping mouth, with the heated jism flowing easily down her gulping throat as the depraved mother nursed the tip of her baby’s cockhead to consume his copious spunk.

“CAITY?” Patrick’s voice rang from downstairs, searching for his incestuously-occupied wife.

‘Shit,’ Caitlyn cursed her luck just as a last spurt of Tim’s impressive load filled her bloated cheeks.

“YEG…HUMMY,’ she answered the best she could after a moment’s panic, trying to finish her placated son’s creamy jism without giving her husband a clue as to her deviant act.

“I need my wallet, hon. On my dresser,” Patrick yelled. “Gotta run to the store for some snacks before the tournament starts.”

‘GUP…,’ Caitlyn choked, looking Tim in the eye and shaking her head in a clear signal to be quiet.

“You alright?” he asked curiously. “You sound funny.”

‘I can’t let Patrick come upstairs,’ she feared more than anything, gulping furiously in a desperate attempt to consume her forbidden mouthful.

“Ummm, just brushing my teeth,” Caitlyn struggled to reply once the last of the viscid goo was gone and only a flavorful coating of Tim’s potent semen remained in her mouth.

“I’ll get it…just stay there,” she answered, scrambling to their bedroom and grabbing her husband’s wallet.

“There you go, sweetheart,” Patrick’s helpful wife said, dropping the leather billfold over the railing to her husband with a good-natured admonition to hurry.

“You’d best get going,” she smiled pleasantly with a gleam of guilt in her eye. “You don’t have much time.”

“Don’t I know it,” Patrick returned the remark with an amiable grin, looking at his wife quizzically for a moment.

“Hey, you’ve got a little toothpaste on your lip,” he chuckled innocently, motioning to his own lip by way of example. “Better wipe it off.”

“Ohh, sorry, um, I was in a hurry,” Caitlyn stuttered, then slipped her moist pink tongue to the corner of her mouth to scoop up the visible dribble of their virile son’s opaque white cum from the rim of her lush lips.

“Go on now, get going,” Caitlyn urged her husband out the door, rolling her eyes at her indiscretion and near discovery, before exhaling with relief at her quick thinking.

‘Whew! I’ve gotta do something about this blowjob schedule,’ the relieved wife and mother realized the narrowness of her escape. “That was too close. I need more flexibility about when I give Tim head.”


‘Steve?’ Caitlyn texted while Tim was in the shower reflecting on his good fortune, and planning ways to expand his universe of control over his captive and captivating mother.

Tim’s phone buzzed as he dried himself with a towel in the steamy room.

‘What?’ The deeply-absorbed youth pounded into his keyboard, feigning anger like Steve.

‘Almost caught. Need more time.’ Caitlyn messaged her ‘boss.’

‘Caught? ‘ The reply came almost immediately.

‘You know…,’ Caitlyn hesitated, hating to type the words before finally giving in.

‘Sucking Tim’


‘Too risky’ the urgent mother hammered back on her keys, reiterating her urgent message.

‘Need more time’

‘How much?’

‘All day’ Caitlyn answered right away. ‘Not wake-up bj’

A güvenilir casino long pause ensued, and Caitlyn feared after a minute passed she’d angered Steve with the presumptuous request to give her more latitude about when she sucked the cock of her young stud son.

‘Ok, but naked’ the answer finally came, followed by an order that stunned the compliant mother.

‘and fuck him’

Caitlyn stared at the screen in horror. She’d feared this moment ever since last weekend, knowing the level of depravity of her wicked boss.

Ludicrously, she’d hoped it wouldn’t truly come to fore.


‘Fuck him…fuck your son,’ the reply made clear.

‘Please? No?’ Caitlyn pleaded uselessly.

The vexed mother paused dumbfounded.

‘Or no deal’ the next text mercilessly arrived, leaving no room for dispute.

Caitlyn thought about her options. This was a big decision. A game-changer.

‘Sneaking into Tim’s room each morning to suck him off is simply too risky,’ she knew. ‘It’s just a matter of time before Patrick finds out.

But the alternative was extreme.

‘Tim’s already seen…hell, already felt my tits,’ Caitlyn reasoned, recognizing that getting completely naked before her 21-year-old son wasn’t a concern.

‘Fucking Tim,’ she worried on the other hand, ‘is something altogether different.’

Sex with her admittedly handsome son, full-on sexual intercourse, was an act pushing her relationship with Tim in an irretrievable direction, and one considered morally reprehensible in civilized society.

‘Giving it up…going all the way?’ Caitlyn pondered with despair the prospect of surrendering her once-sanctified vagina to her son. ‘The source of his own precious life.’

‘That’s so…oh, I don’t know if I can,’ the sullen mother lamented her resignation, ‘but I don’t think I have a choice.’

A long time passed…almost too long. Caitlyn knew Steve would be getting impatient, and she didn’t like the potential repercussions of letting her malicious boss down.

‘Deal’ The bedeviled mother finally typed back even as recriminations filled her addled head.

‘How in the world am I going to do this?’ she questioned, shutting down her phone.

Apprehensively, Caitlyn plotted the next step in the defilement of her marriage, her decency and her esteem by fucking her own son, not to mention the drastic and dramatic change in her relationship with Tim.

“Tomorrow’s the day,” Tim fired a lewd grin, setting down his phone. “The day I’m tapping mom’s sweet pussy.”


Saturday came and went.

Patrick watched the third round of the tournament, and then the family enjoyed the rest of the day together, watching a movie with husband and wife sitting side-by-side on the sofa and Tim in an adjoining easy chair.

Tim stared at the boring drama his parent’s chose, but thought only of the groundbreaking opportunity awaiting him the next day. Later, he fell asleep thinking of the glorious possibility of boning his delectable mother for the first time.

“Huh…?” Tim woke suddenly from a deep sleep, alone on Sunday at half past eight.

“No mom. Good sign,” he nodded to himself, understanding his mother’s absence from her promised morning blowjob only confirmed she intended to follow through with the deceitful orders he’d posted on her cellphone.

‘When and where?’ the duplicitous youth wondered about the only questions that mattered in his fevered mind.

As it happened, the cunning young man didn’t wait long for the answers. Rolling out of bed a little after 9:00 a.m., Tim sauntered to the bathroom for a quick shower.

‘It seems only decent to clean-up if I’m gonna bang mom,’ the always considerate son told himself crudely.

Fifteen minutes later, Tim walked into his bedroom wearing only a towel, with his hair still wet and shaking the water from his ears. Even with his high expectations for the day, he wasn’t prepared for the greeting he received.

“Mom?” the surprised collegian gulped upon finding Caitlyn standing next to his bed.

“Shush, Tim. Your father’s downstairs watching the final round,” the concerned wife admonished. “He won’t be bothered, but you have to be quiet.”

Tim’s intoxicatingly beautiful mother wore only a sheer black silk camisole that cut deeply into her naturally uplifted cleavage and ended with a lacy hem stopping just below the desirable delta of her unseen womanhood.

The contrast of the dark fabric with her ivory cream skin was striking.

“Whoa,” Tim sighed involuntarily, easily recognizing the arousal of his large-breasted mother’s erect nipples poking through the thin fabric, hugging her generous curves to outline the marvelous shape of her incredible tits.

“I’m sorry I missed our morning…rendezvous,” Caitlyn cooed seductively in a breathy voice her startled son almost didn’t recognize.

Gone was the playful tone she used when kidding around, or the soft motherly sound when soothing his wounds in his youth which had for so long comforted his soul.

Replacing it was the erotic, sensual and highly-tempting presence of a mature, voluptuous and superbly arousing woman…a woman with but one thought, one goal, and one man to whom it was directed.

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