Conversations with Manny Ch. 04

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The sun streamed in the cottage windows illuminating the three bodies that lay piled on the floor. “Let me up, I gotta go pee!” Said Susan from the bottom of the heap.

Manny shook his head and moved from on top of his cousin Maria, who was lying on Susan. Maria rolled to one side and grabbed the discarded towel sticking it between her legs. “Dribbles” She commented. Manny and Maria sat up and admired Susan’s sexy ass as she walked to the bathroom. “Sometimes she can be so sexy” Whispered Maria.

Manny smiled at her “You’re not kidding” He stood up and reached down for Maria, pulling her to her feet. She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed. Looking up at him she kissed him tenderly. He could feel his still slimy penis begin to stir. “You’re incredibly sexy yourself,” He whispered as he licked her earlobe.

“We should get cleaned up” Maria smiled at him, she was still holding the towel between her legs. Then she took his left nipple into her mouth and sucked gently. Manny’s boner returned with a vengeance.

“Do you know how erotic that is?” He breathed in her ear.

“I do actually, thanks to our Miss Sykes” She chuckled. “C’mon let’s get cleaned up.” She took his hand and led him to the bathroom door. “Coming through” She called as she pushed the door open. Susan was sitting on the toilet in a daze. “Still got afterglow, do we?” Maria laughed as she threw the towel into the laundry hamper. Susan just smiled blissfully.

“Wow, both my lovers know how to use their tongues” She grinned “What more can a girl ask for?”

“I should get out of here ’til you ladies are finished” Said Manny turning towards the bathroom door.

“You don’t have to leave” Susan responded cheerfully. “You’re gonna have to get used to sharing the bathroom with two raving beauties in this relationship” She tore some toilet paper and wiped herself.

Maria reached in and started the shower. “Yea if you’re in the shower and we need to pee, lookout, were a comin’ through.”

He felt a little more comfortable as he turned around to face them again.

“Ready for action again are we?” Susan laughed as she nodded towards his slime covered erection. “C’mere Sweetheart let me do something.”

Manny took a couple of steps over to where his sister was sitting on the toilet. Susan reached out and took hold of his prick, running her fingers through the gooey coating. She guided the head towards her mouth and slowly enveloped it.

“Oh” he groaned as she reached around and placed both hands on his ass, pulling him in deeper.

“Mmmn” She moaned as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft a half a dozen times. Susan let his cock fall out of her mouth with a plop. “Delicious, Manny and Maria syrup” She licked her lips. “Shower time,” She said patting his ass cheek.

Maria had been watching the scene from the beside the shower stall. “Yep, c’mon young man, lets get you all cleaned up” She winked at him “Well, the bits that Susan missed anyway” Maria chuckled. The three of them stepped into the shower together.

“Do my back?” Asked Susan handing him the soap. She reached back and moved her long hair over her shoulder so that her back was unobstructed. He soaped up the face cloth then he passed the soap to Maria who was in front of Susan. Carefully he washed his sister’s back. There was a thunk, as the soap hit the shower floor. “Shit, I dropped it” Maria called.

“I see it” Susan bent to pick it up. This pushed her ass back onto Manny’s erection. “Isn’t this interesting” She smiled over her shoulder as she pushed her ass back against his boner. He grabbed her hips as she reached back between her legs and place the head of his prick between her pussy lips. He slid his penis into her warm vagina.

The warm shower water cascaded from Susan’s back in rivulets down her ass crack and around the base of his cock. Slowly he started pumping his dick in and out. Maria moved to Susan’s side and kissed Manny. Tongues entwining she reached under Susan. Manny could feel her fingers under the base of his cock as she stimulated Susan’s clitoris. Susan moaned as she started humping back onto her brother’s prick.

Manny reached over and took Maria’s right nipple between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing and rolling it gently but firmly. “Aah!” Maria gasped as she closed her eyes. She reached around with her free hand and parting the cheeks of Manny’s ass, she massaged his anus with her middle finger.

“Holy Fuck” He breathed lengthening his stroke. He was surprised at how pleasurable the pressure on his asshole was. It sent him racing towards his peak.

“Oh Wow, I’m gonna fuckin’ Aaargh!” Susan’s orgasm exploded within her. She pushed her ass backwards to try and get as much of her brother’s cock into her as her legs shook.

“Shit, Oh Holy Fuck” Manny erupted into Susan as the head of his cock touched her cervix. He thought he was never going to stop coming. Pulse after pulse of semen bathed her insides. His legs started shaking, and as he felt his sister sink moaning and trembling casino şirketleri to the floor he collapsed with her. Maria sank to her knees beside them and rested her head on Manny’s back.

“We’re going into town, need anything Sweetheart?” Manny opened his eyes to see Susan and Maria standing by his chaise lounge. Maria was wearing a purple sundress. Susan was similarly clad but her dress was blue. Manny admired their legs for a moment.


“Wake up sleepy head” Maria laughed. “We’re going into town, need anything?”

Manny shielded his eyes against the strong sunlight “No, nothing.”

“Ok, don’t get too much sun” Susan said cheerfully “Need any lotion spread on before we go? Did you bring any casuals?”


“Shoes?” Maria stood looking down at him, hands on hips.

“Yea, My Bass slip-ons, why” He asked.

“Just wondering, see ya my Love, Don’t get too burned” Maria leaned down and kissed him lovingly on the lips. Susan leaned down and kissed him too, inserting her tongue in his mouth. “Love you little brother,” She whispered.

He watched the girls walk around the corner of the house. Suddenly Maria stopped and walked back to Manny.

“So what happened between you and Brenda?” She asked seriously. “Do you still see her?”

Manny sat up just as Susan walked back to join them. “Well, we ‘studied’ a few times after that first session. We hung around together quite a bit. Then she went off to University, and yes, she is in Engineering.”

“You ever pop her cherry?” Susan asked slyly.

Manny shook his head. “No, tried everything to get there though. She wanted to stay a virgin and she meant it”

“Plans?” Asked Maria.

“No” He shook his head “She is my best friend though, and why fuck up a good friendship?”

“I hope she finds Mr. Right” He mused.

Both girls smiled down at him. “Well we found Mr. Right”

They turned and headed towards the corner of the house again chatting between them selves.

Manny lay there enjoying the sun. Eventually he felt himself dozing into that semi conscious fantasy world. Drifting in and out of sleep.

He was tied naked and spread eagled on the bed with a raging boner. Two mysterious women were taking turns licking his cock. The two were hidden in shadows, but they were alternating licks. Every time they licked almost to the head of his prick. Their hot moist breath enveloped the head of his member. The scene grew suddenly dark.


Manny jolted. Forcing his eyes open, the sun was obscured by someone standing at the foot of the Chaise Lounge.

“Is this the DaSousa place?” A pleasant female voice asked.

‘Holy Fuck’ Manny sat bolt upright, trying belatedly to hide his aroused state.

“What?” He shielded his eyes trying to make out the person standing there.

“Is this the DaSousa place?” She giggled.

“Why?” He was only beginning vaguely see a tall figure, the sunlight streaming through brunette hair.

“I’m supposed to meet my friends, Maria and Susan,” She said.

“They invited me to come and visit for a week” She sat down on the lounge next to his.

“Yea, this is the place” He smiled. He sat up and faced her.

“Avril” She said extending her hand. “Avril Rennie”

Her smile was one of the warmest he’d ever seen. She seemed to glow somehow. He felt instantly at ease.

“You ever meet someone, and it’s like you knew them before. Shades of a past life, maybe?” Manny looked at me inquisitively.

“Once or twice” I commented. “Strange feeling isn’t it?”

Manny sipped his coffee and nodded his head.

Avril had long brown hair and blue eyes, almost icy blue. Her skin was golden she had obviously been tanning somewhere. Her breasts were just right for her size, perfect in fact. There was nothing that he didn’t like about this woman.

“I’m Susan’s brother Manny” He smiled. ‘Fuck’ He thought ‘This really screws things up between the three of us’ He shook her hand.

“Very pleased to meet you Manny” She replied easily. “This is lovely” She surveyed the panorama.

Manny’s boner had subsided enough to allow him to stand up. As she stood up with him he only then realized how tall she was. She stood about 6’2.” Her nose was level with his forehead.

“Yes it is beautiful here, I’ve only just come to appreciate it” He grinned. “Spent so much time here when we were kids, but didn’t notice it.”

“You’re very lucky” She commented.

“Look, do you need a hand with your stuff? I’ll show you where to put it” He started towards the house.

“Just a couple of bags in the car” Avril walked easily beside him.

“Holy Shit!” Manny stopped in his tracks “This is yours?” A black Porsche 911 sat gleaming on the driveway.

Avril laughed “I take it you like it huh?” She beamed at him.

“Wow, you’re gonna have to wipe the drool off of the hood” He cast an appreciative eye over the automobile.

“My parents gave it to me when I started Law school” She grinned.

“Holy casino firmaları Shit, do you think they’ll adopt me?” Manny chuckled.

“They may just do that, they always wanted a boy but I’m it I’m afraid” She said batting her eyelids demurely.

Avril opened the passenger door and reaching in pulled out two carry all bags. Manny took what seemed like the heaviest one from her and headed to the cottage.

“It’s rustic,” He announced with a sweep of this hand as he walked through the living room. “We’ll put you in here” He opened one of the unused bedroom doors. “Sheets and stuff are in the hall closet, do you need a hand to make the bed?”

“That’s very nice of you” Her smile melted him.

“Fuck man, that smile is something. It makes everything bright” Manny stretched out in the chair opposite to my desk. He grinned at me “Holy Fuck, it’s like the sunshine.”

They got busy making up Avril’s bed.

“Wow, this humidity is something” Avril commented.

“Yea, lie outside and sunbathe is all I’ve got the energy for” Manny chuckled. He didn’t mention that his energy had likely been sapped by all of the sexual activity as of late.

“Do you mind if I join you?” She asked. “Wha?” Manny was of course lost in thought about the previous evening.

“Sunbathing” Avril prompted.

“Oh, Oh yes!” Manny spluttered, “Yes of course. Susan and Maria are in town, so God knows when they’ll be back.”

Leaving Avril in her room he went outside and lay down on his chaise lounge again. ‘Fuck’ He thought ‘There goes the good thing that my sister and cousin and I had going,’ He lay back and closed his eyes ‘Fuck’.

“Is this one OK?” Avril’s voice snapped him out of his delicious daydream about Susan and Maria.

“Sure” He said shielding his eyes against the sun.

He sat bolt upright. Avril was wearing one of the tiniest blue bikini’s he’s ever seen. Her body can only be described as perfect. With her golden tanned skin and her height she looked like a Supermodel. Manny was in awe. ‘Holy Fuck, another incredibly hot babe’ He thought ‘I’ve almost got a constant boner from Susan and Maria, this should just about do me in’.

“Oh,” He groaned.

“Sorry, did you say something?” She smiled at him.

“No,” He croaked “Just clearing my throat”

Avril stretched out on the lounge next to his and opened a bottle of Suntan oil. “Would you mind doing my back,” She asked, “I’ll do yours in return”

“Sure” He said holding his hand out.

Avril lay face down on the chaise lounge and reaching back moved her hair to one side. Manny poured some oil on his hands and started rubbing her shoulders. Tentatively at first, but then a little firmer. She reached back and unclasped her bra, letting the straps fall to her side. She didn’t have any tan lines on her shoulders and back.

“Been doing some tanning this year?” He asked. His boner was coming back with a vengeance.

“A bit, Oh wow your good” She sighed, “We have a pool that’s nice and secluded”

Manny’s hands continued working. He rubbed the sun tan oil into her shoulders, concentrating on her neck. Then between the shoulders, continuing slowly down her back to the waistband of her bikini panties. He worked the oil in along the waistband to her sides, massaging as he went. Her ass cheeks began to just perceptibly undulated.

‘Holy Fuck, she’s rubbing her crotch into the lounge’ He thought.

He worked his way up her sides to the swell of her breasts. She didn’t object as he spent a little time there. Then, apprehension took over. ‘Shit, better stop now before she elbows me in the nut’s’ He said to himself.

“That’ll do you,” He said cheerfully, replacing the cap on the bottle.

“Oh, already?” She asked wistfully.

“Yep, I need to go into the house for a while” He croaked. “I’ve been in the sun too long. Enjoy your sunbathing, I’ll just be in the cottage.” The truth was his boner had reached mammoth proportions. If she rubbed oil on his back he wouldn’t be able to hide it unless he lay on it. In his present condition he thought that would be too painful. So he stood up and headed for the house. “Everything OK,” Avril called to him.

“I’m fine, just need a nap!” He called over his shoulder. “Help yourself to anything in the fridge!”

He was almost at the house when he heard voices. Susan and Maria rounded the corner and almost ran into him. They were loaded down with bags.

“Where is Avril?” Susan asked, “That’s her Putt Putt in the driveway.”

“Ooh My!” Maria’s eyes went straight to his erection. “Are you glad to see us or what? Why don’t I go and find Avril and you can help Susan carry this lot into the house.”

“Well, we can hang one of the bags on there” Susan chuckled as she checked the bulge in his swimsuit.

“Avril’s sunbathing” Manny indicated back over his shoulder.

“Aah, That’s why your Dick is at attention” Susan smiled wryly “C’mon, give me a hand.”

Manny took the bags from Maria and followed Susan into the house güvenilir casino and down the hall to the Master bedroom.

“Just drop them on the floor” Susan said cheerfully.

Manny put the bags on the floor in a corner of the room. Susan took his hand and steered him towards the bed.

“We can drop these on the floor too” She reached her fingers into the waistband of his swimsuit and yanked it down. His cock escaped as if it were spring loaded, hitting his sister in the chin as she pushed the swimsuit past his hips.

Susan stood up in front of him and placing both hands on his chest pushed him back onto the bed. He bounced on the mattress as Susan pulled her dress up to her waist. Her dark triangle came into view revealing the fact she had not worn panties. Susan climbed on the bed a knee on each side of Manny’s legs, and she walked like that until her pussy was directly above her brother’s cock.

His sister reached down and took hold of his cock, guiding it between her soaking wet labia. “Oh, I’ve wanted to feel you like this all day” Susan whispered. “Your beautiful cock sliding back and forth, just like this.” Slowly she started moving his prick to and fro along the warm slick opening. “I’ve needed you so much, I need to feel you pumping your semen into me. I need you to flood me again.” Her head was back and she seemed to be talking to the ceiling. “Oh, this is so good, Oh my Love.” Slowly she sank down, impaling herself on his prick. “Oh, Fuck” She breathed.

Manny was in heaven as his cock was slowly enveloped in her warm wet vagina. “Oh” He groaned “Oh.”

“You feel so very good,” Susan gasped as she forced herself down even further on his cock. “Oh, Fuck” She caught her breath as the head of his cock came in firm contact with the mouth of her cervix. Suddenly she crouched over as if she had been kicked in the stomach. “I’m Come.” Spasm after spasm wracked her frame. “Coming, Oh Fuck I’m coming” As she doubled over even more.

All Manny could do was try and force his penis up into his sister as much as he could and hold on to her hips. Susan’s whole body shook, as wave after wave seemed to hit her. Susan was moaning steadily as she collapsed onto Manny’s chest. “I love you so much” She whispered in his ear. “You have no idea.”

“I love you too Susan” Manny groaned as he rolled his sister onto her back, his cock still firmly engaged in her vagina. Reaching down with both arms, he looped them under both of her legs and lifted them so that both of her ankles rested on his shoulders. Her knees, touching her own shoulders. This increased his penetration inside of his sister, creating a delicious feeling.

“Oh, Wow” Susan moaned as Manny slowly started moving his hips. Thrusting in easily and then holding for a moment to enjoy the delightful feeling before slowly withdrawing. Each time he repeated the process Susan grew more delirious. She was babbling incoherently as her head moved from side to side.

Manny could feel himself getting close as he quickened his pace. Susan’s eyes flew open as he raised himself up on straight arms and looked down between them, watching his slime covered penis gliding in and out of his sister.

“That is so fucking, Oh Fuck here I come!” Susan almost screamed. It was as if she was being electrocuted. The shakes and spasms were so severe. She managed to reach down and grab his ass cheeks, pulling him into herself as deep as possible.

“Me too, Holy shit!” Manny grunted as his cock erupted inside of his sister. He felt like every ounce of fluid in his body passed through his cock as it spewed and spewed semen. So much so that it felt like gallons flooding out of Susan’s pussy, coating his upper thighs.

“Oh, oh Fuck!” Manny and Susan collapsed sideways, still in the same coital position. Manny’s head was spinning. They just lay there oblivious to the outside world, Susan occasionally flinching and shaking as mini orgasms rushed through her body. Manny’s penis eventually softened, dropping out of Susan’s vagina.

“So, she really makes you horny?” Susan asked through ragged breaths.

“What?” He opened his eyes.

“Avril really pushes your button huh?” She reached out and caressed his cheek with the backs of her fingers. “You had quite the boner there, lucky for me,” Susan giggled. “She really gets to you doesn’t she.”

“We should clean up” Manny whispered.

“Just answer the fucking question” Susan reached over and tweaked his left nipple. “What did she do to make you so horny?”

“She didn’t do anything, I just rubbed suntan oil on her back” Manny was very embarrassed.

“You wanna fuck her?” Susan smiled at him “No need to say anything I can tell. She makes you so horny you can taste her. Or rather you’d like to taste her too wouldn’t you?” She took his face in her hands “Well it’s OK, honest it is.” She kissed him tenderly. “Listen she makes me horny too, but she really doesn’t need to get into anything right now. Confidentially she’s just out of a bad relationship, the last thing she needs are any overtures from you or I, or anyone else for that matter.”

“Boyfriend give her the gears?” He asked seriously.

Susan shook her head “Not a boyfriend” She replied. Then she smiled at him “You really like her don’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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