How to Rebound

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It started with a break up. The college whatever relationship, three plus years, came to its inevitable end. And though it comes with freedom it doesn’t come without pain and uncertainty. So I decided to get the fuck away from her and myself, or that is, the me I was with her. Didn’t even want to know that person. Either of us. So unload the bank account and move. At first it didn’t even matter. I drove the car until I was tired. Four aimless days culminating in Phoenix. God only knows what the fuck compelled me to seek the desert, some perverse freeway design leading me past those hellish cityscapes which blighted the otherwise pristine sun scorched land. I utterly loathed Phoenix.

So I sold the car and prepared to board a plane. There was some foolish notion of Greece. A buddy, or some acquaintance had recently come from the Mediterranean, high on the beauty and the women. It sounded perfect. Flush with cash, I figured, why not?

Trip to Greece, meet up with friend from Spain. Bum around. Spend all my money disappearing in Europe. Parents can bring me home. Good itinerary.

But I had got in touch with Alicia. Sweet dirty little Alicia. I guess it wasn’t surprising that my cock would point at her like a fucking compass.

“Jesus Johnny. You sound crushed. You should come see me. Let me take care of you. This Greece idea, is well, shit. You need to be around people that love you. So come out to New York. Let me take care of you for a few days.”

“I don’t know…I think I need to get out of my head for a while. Just get lost somewhere, where I don’t know anyone and they don’t know me.”

“That’s stupid. That’s the kind of wallowing self pity garbage that will have you jumping from the Eifel Tower like some kind of romantic sad sack bastard.”

“Ya…probably right.”

“That’s it. You are definitely coming out.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. And want to know why?”


“Cause Nikki is going to be here this weekend.”

Well, Alicia was definitely right, usually was. But first, an explanation: There Was This Party.

Alicia, very much entangled with a good friend of mine, was drunk. Good-friend-of-mine was preoccupied, drinking, talking, passing out. And so, this drunk little pixie trotted her lithe little body around, beautiful blonde hair swaying, kissing just about anything with a pulse. Pulling hands to tits. Giving lap dances to any willing guy or girl. Except me.

Me, also entangled. With my college whatever relationship. Who didn’t care for that ‘fucking slut’.

I just completely lacked Alicia’s fuck-all attitude. That kind of pleasure seeking freedom so enticing, but ultimately impossible. I was too nice. If only I had known what was coming. But instead, Alicia the slut became a favored masturbatory scene, something for the mind to drift to while fucking my college girl. And an oh-so subtle topic to occasionally broach with the other. As if there was some chance of that fucking happening.

But now, Alicia was in New York and I was going to her. But not only that. Nikki was going too. Some kind of wonderful miracle. Because, oh yes, accompanying Alicia that fateful night, was her never far away best friend. Another tiny little blonde angel.

Nikki always was the reluctant one. Shy as a butterfly. But completely Alicia’s creature. Inseparable and dangerously sexy. They could own a room immediately, pissing off any women in proximity. Which happened that night.

Alicia was parading Nikki around, fondling her, kissing her in front of the stunned onlookers, all gawking like some Puritanical mob. Unable to comprehend the two blonde phenoms that seemed to take so much pleasure in life. But I understood. I knew with every fiber of me. But that was where it stayed. A giant inaction.

But this was not to say there weren’t moments. A dirty dance with Alicia. Flirting with Nikki. Drunken nights, running our mouths about whatever until they hauled us all to bed. So by the end of our time together, the potential fuck had built to a crazed peak. With them both. Neither willing to be outdone.

And we were meeting in New York. I would take them dancing.

First there were drinks. Then there was music. The music owned our drunken bodies. It moved us up and down, arms and legs. It pressed us close. It put my cock against Alicia’s tight little skirt clad ass. It brought Nikki to my side, her legs on either side of my own, running her hands down my chest. It was slow then frenetic. It was booze fueled and crazy. We loved it.

But they make you go home at some point. Or we decided to go. It didn’t matter. Suddenly we were in a cab. And we laughed and touched, hands straying and staying. So it was inevitable. The Kiss.

Someone giggles, a touch lingers too long, or a finger grazes a face. The hand on a thigh tightens then rubs. Someone leans in for a whisper, and then…

Is that how those things go. Or maybe.

Without cue, Alicia kissed me. A good hard kiss. Then she kissed Nikki. casino şirketleri Then Nikki kissed me. Then it was a mesh of tongues and lips.

This is how I like to remember it. Simple. Insistent. Almost desperate. A natural reaction to being with each other. And a promise of what was ahead. So breaking away from this perfect kiss, we got out of the cab.

Alicia led us up, a couple steps ahead, holding my hand, practically dragging me up the stairs. She kept turning around with these big smiles, little imploring looks, hurrying us along. Nikki was draped on me, both hands around my neck, occasionally dipping her head down against my shoulder. I was dragging her along as Alicia dragged me. We were laughing, pretty much nonsensical, congratulating ourselves on how much fun we had dancing, how after so much time apart we still did it right, fun above all else. And there was the tone, undercurrent, whatever. The Kiss. Our shared kiss in the taxi, now, The Kiss.

How did it happen? Was it the climax of our fevered dancing, or maybe for Nikki and I, the logical conclusion of the freedom one only feels on vacation in a strange city? Maybe it was the culmination of our years of friendship. A relief to the tension we had all felt back in school, when entangled in various relationships, good friends with all our various significant others, we had been unable to act on the flirtations, only to build them up in stolen moments, illicit contact, of hands and hips, or even better, the times when brazenly we touched with our legitimate partners watching, playing it off as something innocent, thinking we were so clever but fooling no one. But who was fooled now? Alicia and Nikki, their clever little tongues, light then forceful, making a promise to me. God, I was going to fuck these girls.

We were at her door now. About to enter Alicia’s apartment. Nikki clinging closer. Alicia squeezing tighter. Me, wondering what would come next, trying not to fuck this up, a slight little grin on my face, hoping that my sheer force of will would be enough strip these girls naked and propel us into bed. Then the door was open and we were inside. It was their world. I was only following their lead. I would not be the one to upset this balance.

We stumbled toward the couch, linked limbs, a drunken mass, all smiles and little flirtations, comments none too witty. “Doesn’t he have great hips Nikki? I just love his hips. With those hips, you’d almost think he knew how to dance.”

“Mmm, nice hips,” Nikki said, running her hand around my waistline, moving close, but not too close, just a little teasing.

“Hold on lady, I am a phenomenal dancer and you know it. Do you remember that guy at the club handling two chicks on the floor? Who was that again?”

“Handling? This poor boy is confused. The only thing you handle is your cock, in the dark. You’re just lucky Nikki and me took pity on you. Gave it to you half speed.”

I wasn’t even listening, just talking over her, hand up to my ear, cupped so I could pretend to hear better. “Just tell me who that guy was. Tell me who the guy was,” I kept repeating. I had apparently forgotten to be sad. These wonderful little girls.

We crashed into the couch, splaying out, the girls on either side of me. Nikki wasn’t even talking, just running one hand up and down my side, waist to shoulder, another on my back. Drunk, I was keyed in on my little argument with Alicia, ignoring Nikki’s obvious invitation.

We continued blathering, until the our little flirt was pierced with: “Johnny, I…I want to suck your cock. And then I want to fuck you.”

And what do you say to that? You don’t say a word. You just smile and remove your pants.

We both turned. Alicia was grinning, so big, and then a giggle. “You dirty little slut. I mean fuck, can’t even wait for me to leave the room.”

“I didn’t say you had to leave.”

“You kinky little girl. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were coming on to me.”

“No, when my pussy is on your face that is when I will be cumming on to you.”

Alicia and I looked at each other and laughed. Such a ridiculous line. I mean, who the fuck?

“Okay, baby doll, now you’re going to have to back that talk up.”

Alicia moved in. They kissed. I watched. Still uneasy, doing nothing to upset the balance. But then, they broke away.

“That was nice.”

“Sexy,” I said, lamely, the girls now remembering I was there. Nikki turned to me.

“Feeling left out Johnny? Well I’ll make you feel included. I’ve got just the idea. In fact, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for years.”

Her hand to my crotch. My zipper down. Button undone. Pants dropping. Boxers next. Face moving down. Her lips. Her tongue. My cock.

I met Alicia’s eyes. Pure animalistic look, lust and strength. I didn’t look away.

I reached out slowly, and then grabbed Alicia hard. Pulling her in to my body, faces together. I waited. A smile, then a kiss. I had them both.

Nikki’s casino firmaları head bobbed slowly on my cock. Alicia’s tongue was in my mouth, darting and playing, sloppy drunk kisses and a sloppy wet blow job. I pulled away from Alicia, drawing my hand across her cheek. I leaned back into the couch, glancing down at my darling Nikki, lips now wrapped around the head of my cock, tongue teasing then lapping, driving me wild. I moved my hand to the side of Alicia’s head, no words, and softly, guided her down. My two dirty little flirts, now my cock sucking angels. Alicia stretched her legs out behind her, coming down with a little crash, just inches from Nikki’s face. Tentatively, she licked out, grazing my shaft, then bolder, licking slow and broad across my balls. Nikki must have been aware now, she attacked my cock, taking possession, claiming it. Alicia, more confident now, began nuzzling, in licking my shaft, trying to muscle Nikki out. Fighting for my cock. Too fucking good.

“Now girls, play nicely.”

Nikki left my cock for the first time in minutes, looking up, her mouth all twisted up, playing the pouty little girl. “But I had it first.”

Alicia chiming in, “And now it’s time to share bitch.” Not waiting she drove her mouth down, taking my cock to the back of her throat. Nothing subtle for her. Direct action always preferable.

She held me there, grazing the opening of her throat, a precarious moment, drawn out like a fine edge, just waiting to teeter into bliss. Seconds like hours. And then she plunged, gagging, a slight sputter, but dutifully sinking her lips to the hilt. Bottomed out, I groaned loudly, rolling back my head, reveling. Nikki crept up to her knees and started kissing my neck. She moved down, ripping the top few buttons of my shirt open, aggression very becoming my nymph. She started licking, sucking my nipple. I just let her, enjoying the sensations, making it my moment. My little beauties adoring me, unselfishly giving me pleasure. Just a moment more then time to be a gentleman. Give and take.

I pulled Nikki up, hard and close, kissing her deep, exploring that hot little mouth, languishing on her full lips, the lips that had been fastened to my cock just moments ago. Then I broke away. All the three-way fantasies started flooding my head. The lonely night jerk off fantasies, often involving these very girls. Where to start? Nikki’s cunt on my face. Alicia’s mouth on my cock.

“Nikki, stand up.” She obeyed, slowly rising, sultry and sexy. I reached for her ass, pulling her forward. There was no time for subtlety and seduction, no time to linger. Drunk, insistent. It was the exact moment I, we, had all been waiting for and I wanted it now.

I pulled her skirt down, revealing cute little boy cut cotton panties. I stroked her pussy through the panties, already moist, and I licked the length of her slit, adding my moisture to hers, before adding the panties to the skirt at her feet. She raised each of her feet in turn, slipping free of the clothing, regaining her footing. I was face to cunt. A beautiful bald little pussy, glistening with anticipation. Here was my reluctant slut. Only bold with her partner in crime. Always following Alicia in her exploits. But no more. She had started this. She waited for no cue, just took what she wanted, and in turn, given us what we all needed.

I reached behind her, grabbing that taut ass hard and firm. I could smell her, thick in the air, scrambling my simple brain. All I could think about was licking that pussy. Had almost forgotten about Alicia on my dick. But one thing at a time. I pulled Nikki to me and tongued that perfect little slit. No teasing, just unadulterated tongue in cunt. I was kneading her ass, applying pressure front and back. And then I was shoving my tongue straight up her, like I was trying to drink from her cunt. The juice flowed down my cheeks. Just pussy madness.

And then my balls began to boil. My focus returned to Alicia with renewed urgency. Drunk or not, it was time to cum in my little cock sucker’s mouth. I left Nikki’s ass and grabbed the back of Alicia’s head. I forced her down, into the throat, burying my cock. Nikki was bucking, rubbing her clit against my face. My head thrown back against the couch, she rode my tongue deep and fast, a little bounce in her hips as she fucked my tongue. Her thighs began to squeeze my head, harder, tighter. She was cumming. She was cumming and I was right behind. Nikki moaned, but quietly, like she was restraining herself, something I would have to fix later. Alicia whimpered against my cock, deep in her throat, and the sound, the vibration, something, cut me loose. I lashed her throat with ropes of cum, endless, thick, pushing further into her. I howled, but the girl pinned to my face, muffled me.

Nikki’s hips shook as orgasm left her. Alicia stayed firm against the base of my cock, balls grazing her chin. And then I released my hands, not moving them, just removing pressure, stroking absently through her hair. She moved güvenilir casino up the shaft, slowly rising to the head, spending a moment there, tongue active, and then let my cock spring free. Still rock hard, sticky, wet, spent but not sated. No, far from that.

“God that looks sexy.” Alicia, speaking from somewhere down by my cock.

Nikki was collapsed forward, her breasts resting against my head, hair draped down. But then she bolted upright. I realized Alicia was far from done. She had climbed up my torso, straddling just above my cock. My tongue was still resting against Nikki’s clit and I quickly realized where Alicia’s attentions were focused.

This was my dirty little girl. The one in charge, pushing and prodding, using her sex, confident, in control. This is what I wanted, what I was waiting for. Not just me as a conduit, but all of us together in bringing each other pleasure. I needed one of the girls to push ahead. Not just to kiss or caress, but quite simply to put tongue in cunt. Head between thighs, happily lapping. This was my fantasy. This would allow me to fulfill the thousands of position that had . Two girls. Active and willing, with wild abandon, filthy, slutty, good. Thanks Alicia.

She had to be working Nikki’s ass. Maybe tongue, but probably a finger judging from Nikki’s reaction. No time for me to rest. I resumed my licking, this time focusing on the clit, time to get this girl cumming again and again.

Nikki was soon quivering, little labored moans, again trying to restrain herself. I briefly slid up from her cunt, to say, “Nikki baby, get loud.”

She obliged. The moans unrestrained, coming rapidly, loudly, filling Alicia’s apartment. I sucked her clit into my mouth and she screamed. I kept it in my mouth, moving my hands to her hips to lift her, guide her up slightly. And she complied, allowing me the clearance to get a finger in her pussy, all while keeping that clit tight in my mouth. When at last I broke, I could see Alicia’s chin from just under the cunt in my face. I imagined her working Nikki’s ass, circling her little dark hole, penetrating briefly, then circling again. I inserted my finger into her sopping pussy, and it was quickly clamped. I curled back slightly, moans turning to screams. Just moments now.

“Ohh god!” Her cries driving us on, no relenting now. Both Alicia and I determined to wreck her with orgasm. Her knees wobbled and she crashed down into my lap, her sopping pussy crashing against my cock, her hair cascading down the front of her face.

I reached up, gently massaging her breasts, while Alicia was moving her head to the small of Nikki’s back, nestling there. Nikki drooped against me, reveling in orgasmic bliss. Alicia continued her climb upward, soon looking in me in the eye, then moving in to taste my lips. The scent of Nikki was strong, the slight acrid notes of her asshole on Alicia’s tongue, in the air between our faces. Our beautiful little girl still recovering.

Alicia, remembering my cock, reached down, gripping the base, began slowly stroking my raging cock. I moaned appreciatively into Alicia’s mouth while she continued working my shaft. Nikki was stirring now, nibbling at my neck, licking up and down.

I ran my fingers through her hair, delicate, then grabbing a handful, I pulled her head back, hard, quick. She gasped, giving me a rapturous look, somewhat vacant, eye lids fluttering, soft moans emanating. Alicia left my mouth, focusing again on Nikki, a little smile spreading across her face. She stood and began to strip, leaving only panties and shoes.

With a knot of hair in my fist, I held Nikki fast, her neck straining, so exposed, so fragile. I dove into her neck, kissing, biting, running my tongue up her, devouring her. And then my cock was wet, Alicia’s mouth active again. I placed my other hand delicately on the back of Alicia’s head, pressed her chin to my balls and howled. Pure fucking madness.

Time to move. I tossed Nikki aside, her hair falling from my hand. She stretched her lithe little frame across the rest of the couch, purring slightly, running her hands from twat to tits. Alicia surfaced for air and I stood, saliva and cum spanning the gap between my cock and Alicia’s lips.

To Alicia, “Look at her. Already spent, and it’s not even her bedtime. I think we’ll have to wake her up.”

“Oh, absolutely.”

“Alicia darling. Why don’t you sit on her face?”

“Mmm, sounds nice. But only if you fuck her tight little cunt.”

Nikki, giggled, stretching, contorting, loving the attention. Alicia approached, a sexy little strut, and then a full mount, sliding her thong clad pussy over Nikki’s eager tongue. I paused a moment to revel in the sight of a gorgeous girl licking cunt before guiding my cock to the entrance of Nikki’s pussy. And then, pressing in, the familiar clamping feeling, tight but elastic, warm and wet. Cunt.

I slowly fucked her, long laborious strokes, staving off the inevitable thrashing I would give her. Alicia was awkwardly removing her panties, removing any barriers between her and Nikki’s sweet mouth. A sexy little black thong was thrown over my face, the unmistakable smell of sex thick in my nostrils, and Alicia once again had a tongue in her slit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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