How’s Your Gag Reflex?

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“The doctor will see you now.” Florence the nurse’s voice broke into my thoughts. I looked down at the magazine in my lap, closed it, and replaced it to the table in front of my chair. I looked around, ascertaining that I am the last appointment of the day. She smiled. I followed her through the low swinging door.

It was just a routine visit. Since there is a history of reproductive difficulties with the women in my family, I’d decided to be proactive.

My regular doctor was on vacation. I wonder whom she got to stand in for her. I hope it’s not a man. No offense to male gynecologists, but the experiences I had with them were not very pleasant. They were too rough, and their examinations hurt. Also, one tried to seduce me while on the table. Pervert.

Florence led me to the last examination room on the left, took my blood pressure, checked a few things, and left me alone. I’d taken off my blouse, bra, and panties, and slipped on the gown she’d left. I looked at the plate on the desk: Dr. Lutakowski. Okay. I climbed onto the table and waited.

There was a soft knock on the door, then it opened slowly. I was zoning out again, so I didn’t notice anything until I heard the doctor call my name. My head jerked up. Dr. Lutakowski is a man. I started to say something, but…what a man. He seemed to be about my age (late 20s) and tall with dark, carefully styled hair. He stood behind the door, smiling, the corners of his hazel eyes crinkling. His white lab coat covered a toned, lightly muscular physique. I was dumbstruck.

“Miss Thomas, are you all right?” I nodded. He was holding out his hand for me to shake.

“I’m sorry, doctor. I’m just a little nervous about male gynecologists. I’m sorry.”

“I understand. I get that often. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” he said, winking. He smiled again. I suppose this won’t be so bad. He seems friendly enough.

‘I wouldn’t mind having his head between my legs,’ I thought. He asked me some questions about my medical history that I answered in robotic fashion, trying to hide my attraction to him. Finally, he stood up.

“The first thing I’m going to do is check your breasts for any tumors. If I’m squeezing too hard, or hurting you in any way, just tell me.” His voice is so soft and even. I get the feeling that he won’t hurt me. He put the clipboard down and walked towards me. I must keep my control.

His hands went to the ribbon that tied behind my neck. I gasped slightly as his fingers brushed my skin. I hope he didn’t notice that. He didn’t seem like he did. My breasts came into view, my nipples almost betraying my arousal. The room’s cool air hit them, and they became more erect. I blushed. He looked at them, and then he looked at me.

“Would you like me to turn up the thermostat? It is rather chilly in here.” I shook my head.

“That’s fine, doctor. I feel fine.” It was all I could to do to keep my voice from shaking. I could have died on that table. I was hoping—silently pleading–for my nipples to return to normal. Dr. Lutakowski nodded. With a business-like air he palmed my left breast, kneading it, looking for lumps. I savored the feeling and tried to keep my breathing even. Inhale, exhale; inhale, exhale. Come on, Sarah…he applied the same attention to my right breast. I felt myself becoming very wet. Oh, no. Not here. Not now. Anywhere else, but not here. He hefted me.

“Your breasts are very full, Miss Thomas…” His voice was slightly husky. Looks like he’s enjoying his work.

“Please, call me Sarah,” I whispered.

“Sarah…I take it all the women in your family are endowed as you are?” I nodded. I was expecting him to quote some statistic about the size of my breasts and how that corresponded to the risk of breast cancer…or something. I just didn’t trust myself to speak at this point. He looked down again. My nipples were more erect from his ministrations. “I see you’re still cold. Let me warm you up?” Surely he meant warm the room, turn down the a/c. I shrugged. The next thing I knew, his mouth was on my right nipple, suckling gently and swirling the tongue around the areola. With his other hand, he gently kneaded my left breast, pulling the nipple between his fingers. My head fell back and I pushed myself into his hands. He pushed both of my breasts together, running his tongue between my nipples, then drawing them into his warm mouth. I’m warm! I’m warm! My hands tangled in his hair, holding his head to my chest. Please don’t stop, Doctor.

He suddenly lifted his head. There was a horrified look on his face. “I’m sorry, Sarah, casino şirketleri I just…” He frowned slightly. “Your breasts are just so tempting. I couldn’t resist.”

“I’m not mad at you.” I smiled weakly. “Men seem to love them.”

“Don’t you?” He smiled wickedly.

“Yes, but not as much as they.” He chuckled.

“How about I just get on with the exam? No hard feelings?”

“None whatsoever.” My eyes moved to the bulge in his trousers. “Not hard at all.” His eyes followed mine, and then it was his turn to blush. He bade me lie back on the table while he pulled out, then adjusted, the stirrups. I was staring at the ceiling absently, and then I remembered my still-wet pussy. Oh, no! My breasts were tempting enough to him, but what about…? I relaxed. I decided that I wouldn’t mind anything he had in mind from that point on.

“At least I won’t need to use any lubricant.” Dr. Lutakowski’s voice drifted back to my ears. I raised my head to see him smiling his smile again.

“Oh, that…well…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t attack you or anything.” ‘Please? Would you?’ I thought. I felt him insert then open up the speculum. Ugh. I hate the pelvic exam. I hoped that he would just get it done and over so I could leave. If I stay any longer in this room, I’ll be tempted to really test the doctor’s ethics.

I heard him slip on a latex glove. I tried with all my might to relax. His gloved fingers gently prodded around the entrance to my vagina. I stared at the ceiling, counting to one hundred.

“Sarah, I’m going to need you to relax a little.” I didn’t realize that I was still clenching. I slowly released my muscles. His fingers entered me, then moved up, checking my ovaries, cervix, uterus…routine, routine. My juices were dripping at the idea that this handsome man had his hand inside me, the purpose didn’t matter. All too soon, he pulled out. I felt the speculum being pulled out at well

“Don’t move, I’m just going to make some notes.” I heard the glove being pulled off, then thrown into the disposal receptacle. “Your ovaries and cervix felt fine, but I’m a little worried about the size and feel of your uterus. I’m going to schedule an ultrasound for next week. Otherwise, everything seems to be fine.” Good. Now, stop talking to me. That voice is getting me worked up again. I heard him move back to me and an intake of breath. That wasn’t my breath, was it? “Sarah, your vulva is absolutely beautiful. Your boyfriend must love it.”

“Uh, I don’t have a boyfriend.”


“Nope.” May I sit up now? I felt his naked fingers trace delicately over my swollen lips. I shuddered. My clit woke up; I felt the blood move into it. My breathing quickened. He traced around the base of my clitoris to the tip, all the while talking to me.

“I know I shouldn’t do this. I tried to resist you, but your pussy is making my mouth water. Your whole body is making my mouth water.” I couldn’t answer back; the sensations on my sensitized flesh took my breath away. All I could manage was a low moan. “You don’t seem to be trying to stop me. Do you want me to stop?” I shook my head. “What do you want, then?”

“I want…you…I want you, doctor,” I gasped out. His finger continued its lazily motion around my clit. I thought I was going to explode.

“Do you want me to fuck you, here in this room?” He growled.

“Yes!” I felt the fingers of his other hand running up and down my moistened opening. He met no resistance as he slipped two of them inside. His fingers moved in and out slowly as he played with my hard clit, carefully moving its hood back and forth and lightly squeezing. I bucked up to him, crying out. I tried to spread my legs further, to give him more access to my glistening, sopping-wet pussy. That’s it, doctor, just like that…after my orgasm, he withdrew his fingers. I lay panting.

I heard a rustle, and I raised my head. He’s…he’s…quite…he’s huge. I licked my lips. His darkened eyes met mine and held them.

“I have one last test for you. How’s your gag reflex?” Excuse me? I raised an eyebrow and licked my lips again, slowly and seductively this time. I hope he means what I think he means. He lowered the table so that my head was level to his erection. “Open your mouth, Sarah,” he whispered. “Take me in.”

I stuck my tongue out, licking into the little cleft from which he was leaking. I heard an intake of breath, which told me that I was on the right track. With my hand, I gripped him and pulled him closer. He attempted to push more of his length into my mouth, but I held him casino firmaları back a little.

“In a hurry?” He shook his head. “Good.” I licked around the tip, then pulled more of him into my mouth, sucking. My hand squeezed him in rhythm to my sucking. My tongue slid around his skin licking every bit that it could reach. While I was pleasuring him, his hands found their way to my bosom: cupping them, teasing my nipples with this thumb and forefinger, finally squeezing them in time with my sucking him. I moaned, and raised my head to take him all in…all the way to the back of my mouth. I opened my eyes and looked at him. My gag reflex seems to be inoperative, doctor. I don’t think that you will be making any notes on this, will you?

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and it opened. The nurse walked in.

“Doctor, I was wondering if you were free next week for—“ she stopped short and stared at us: his hands on my breasts, and his cock in my mouth. I glanced over at her; he turned his head to look. “I’ll just come back when you aren’t busy.” She started to back out. Dr. Lutakowski held up his hand.

“No, Florence, stay.” I continued sucking on him; he was too good to let go. I let him withdraw from my mouth, and licked around his shaft eagerly. Florence closed the door and walked over to us. I could see that the nipples of her impressive chest were erecting as she eyed my pussy curiously. “Would you like a taste?” Florence said nothing, just pulled a chair to the end of the table where my feet were still in the stirrups. I was spread wide in front of her, my juices slowly dripping out. I needed to be eaten in the most terrible way. I tried to make that apparent to her by bucking my hips slowly. I’m so hot…there’s a rustle again, and I see Florence divest herself of her dress. She is wearing a lacy bra and matching panties. Her stockings were stay-ups, no annoying garters. She looks delicious. I licked around the tip of my doctor, whose eyes had closed again in ecstasy. I caught her eye and winked, spreading more for her.

With one hand, she pressed a finger to my moist flesh, tracing up and down, from clit to sphincter and back, making me more wet. With her other hand, she was teasing her nipples through the lace bra. After teasing me mercilessly, she withdrew her hand and walked over to the doctor. He opened his eyes. She offered him her fingers, soaked in my lubricant. His mouth closed over them, and he sucked off.

“Delicious, isn’t she?” Florence smiled wickedly.

“Yes, she is.” His voice was strained. He sounds like he’s getting close.

“Now, how about me?” Florence undid the front clasp of her bra, and pressed her hands beneath her supple breasts, offering them to the doctor. He lowered his head and took her into his mouth. As he licked around her nipples, her fingers found their way to mine. The teasing of both their hands on my chest nearly drove me over the edge. I love it when my breasts get this much attention. After a moment, I felt a warm mouth over my nipple. Florence had moved down a bit and was gently sucking one nipple while pinching the other, eventually switching places. I had momentarily stopped sucking on the doctor’s cock, and was running my hands along the length of it, trying to make him come. He has stamina.

Florence’s mouth moved from my nipples, down my stomach, licked into my navel. I tried to urge her to take me in her mouth, but she had other plans. She flattened her tongue and licked the flesh of my inner thigh and lightly scratched with my nails. I bucked hard. I wanted her to eat me and NOW. She continued to tease me, making me beg for her to eat my wet pussy. I wanted her tongue on my clit. I was aching and throbbing, feeling that I would die if I were denied much longer.

“Please, Florence. I need your tongue on my clit.”

“Do you want me to suck your pussy? Lick your hard little clitty? Look, she’s standing up for me.” She ran her finger over it. I screamed.

“Eat me, you bitch!” I was desperate.

“You’d better say please,” she said, lazily winding her finger, torturing me.

“Florence!” She grinned at me and lowered her head. Her tongue experimentally touched the tip of my aching clit. I raised my hips, attempting to get her to exert more pressure. She licked around the base and up to the tip of my clit. I moaned, once again pulling the doctor in my mouth. I’m going to make him come if it takes me all day. Her tongue teased me, waggling side to side, around…she sucked my clit into her mouth as her fingers traced around my swollen, güvenilir casino sensitive lips. She tugged softly on them while her warm mouth was sucking my erect clitoris. I was lost in a sensual fog with a handsome doctor in my mouth and a sexy nurse between my legs. Florence has a rather talented mouth and I came in no time. She continued to lick me up and down, taking my lips gently between her teeth.

My doctor could take no more and he climaxed, pouring his hot semen into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could. Florence’s tongue was inside my opening now, slowly entering and exiting. She finally raised her head, my juices on her face. The doctor beckoned her over with his finger. She obediently walked to him and offered her face. He licked every bit of me from her. “Delicious,” he said. Florence smiled at me. He moved to the end of the table where my spent pussy was still open to him. My clit still throbbed a bit from my last orgasm. He stood watching it, pumping himself.

Florence had moved the table into a half-sitting position and was kissing me. She tasted of my juices, and I sucked her tongue leisurely. Our hands were caressing each other’s luscious breasts, teasing our nipples into hardness yet again. She pulled on my nipples, and I yelped. Dr. Lutakowski interrupted us.

“You two look so hot, look what you’ve done to my cock.” Sure enough, he was hard again. He rubbed it against my clit. I gasped. I wanted him inside me.

“Fuck me, doctor. Fuck me. I need you in me now.”

“What about Florence?” He looked at her and winked. She stepped out of her panties and held the crotch over my face.

“Smell me. I got hot while eating you. You taste divine.” I stuck out my tongue and ran it along the wet spot of her panties.

“So do you.” I looked at Dr. Lutakowski. “I want Florence.”

“Why don’t you ask her?” He continued teasing me with his cock.

“Florence, I want to eat you. Lick your sweet button, take you with my tongue,” I panted. She lowered the table again. My head was level with her hips. I reached over and squeezed the globes of her ass, pulling her over. She climbed over me, straddling my face. Her neatly trimmed pussy met my eyes. She was wet. Her scent assaulted my nose. She is ready. I am willing. I raised my hands to her hips, pulling her closer. Her clitoris stood out, awaiting my tongue. I licked around her swollen lips, making her gasp.

The doctor had moved over to the desk and found an ultra-thin condom. He slipped it on and moved back to where I was wet and open for him. He looked towards my head. I had my face nearly buried in Florence, my tongue licking up and down her clit, dipping into her vaginal opening and back. The next thing I felt was his entering me. I wondered briefly if I could take him, but there is no doubt now. He moved further in while watching my tongue on Florence. She had her head back and was emitting high grunts, plainly signaling her delight with what I was doing to her. He pushed his length into me, then withdrew. My pussy lips seemed reluctant to let him go. He thrust into me again, harder. I began to match his rhythm while my tongue strummed Florence’s clit. She was screaming now and begging to be fucked. I inserted two of my fingers into her, extending them sideways to open her more, then added a third before I repeated the first exercise. Her delectable body shook and she lowered her head and was licking my clit while the doctor thrust deep into my willing body, stimulating my g-spot and causing me to scream so loud, I thought the whole town could hear. Florence and I drove each other to shaking, quaking, screaming orgasms…mine induced the doctor’s, and he came, screaming his pleasure. He continued to pump into me until he no longer could. Florence and I lay, quaking on the table.

Once everyone’s breathing had returned to some semblance of normal, the doctor replaced his clothing, washed his hands, and sat to the desk. He wrote: “Gag reflex abnormal. Needs further testing.” He looked over at me.

“Sarah, do you still feel the same way about male gynecologists?” I shook my head. “Would you like to join me for dinner tonight?” I nodded, my eyes still closed. “Florence, if you want, you may come as well.” She nodded.

After dinner, the three of us ended up in the doctor’s Jacuzzi, and had an enjoyable night. It wasn’t exactly the nightcap I had in mind, but wonderful nevertheless.

Dr. Lutakowski set up a practice in this town when my gynecologist had to take time off to be with her ailing mother. I was his last patient on the first day. As I walked through the door, I saw Florence sitting at the receptionist’s desk and smiled. She winked. Ten minutes later,

“The doctor will see you now.” She walked in front of me, swinging her ass seductively. Here we go again…

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