Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 07

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I pull into the trailhead to find Eric leaning against the jeep, stretching out. His orange shorts fit snug and reminded me of how much I had missed him. It had been over a week since we had last seen each other…we talked and texted, but it wasn’t the same.

I pulled up next to him and parked, “Look at that hot guy!” I got out and grabbed his butt.

He turned to give me a steamy kiss, “Dude…fuck, it’s been too long.”

“Know what you mean.” He smiles as I say, “I’ve been missing my Eric. Let me get going…I need to catch up.”

He finished to watch me finish my warm-up. Patting me on the ass and grinning, “You know…this butt’s one of my favorite parts of running.”

“I fuckin’ hope so, dude.”

“Hey…you got the right idea! It’s gonna be hot…I need to get rid of this shirt. Let me throw it in the car.”

Eric and I were both shirtless and running on a wooded part of the trail. The sun was sprinkled over his skin, as we ran under the trees. We passed a couple women running towards us on the trail; they seemed to look us over pretty thoroughly…it was one of those conspicuous vertical glances, indicating they liked what they were seeing. Once they were past, he said, “Did you see that? They were checkin’ us out!”

“They were…both pretty hot, too.”

We had run 3 or 4 miles, before I, too, got distracted. It was his cute little running shorts. I couldn’t keep my eyes off that butt…it was the kind of butt you’d about follow anywhere it took you. It was obvious that I liked to watch him run…I positioned myself a couple feet behind, where I had the best view. I restrained myself from attacking him right there, on the trail. Anyway, I finally gave in to lust and reached out to slide my hand under one of those rounded muscles. Nobody was around, so I kept my hand there for a few seconds, to feel the muscle ripple from his stride. I could hardly breath, thinking about those legs, up on my shoulders or wrapped around my waist.

He looked over and tweaked my nipple. “Now, I think you got the right idea…we got better things to do!”

“We fuckin do! Let’s go over there and see if we can find some privacy.” I pulled him off into the woods.

Our breathing is still broken, but he shoved his tongue between my lips and groped my ass. His skin, moist with sweat, I pulled him closer and ran my hands over his firm body…and between his legs. “I gotta have some of that fuckin’ cock!”

“Fuck yeah…come and get it,” he replies!

Painfully confined and growing hard, we both popped ourselves free from our jocks. The two purple helmets stood proud, sticking out over top. We pulled our running shorts down and snapped the waistbands under our balls, with everything hanging over the top. After being curled up in that sweaty jock, it felt amazing to feel a cooling breeze on my dick. It was such a relief, I stroked it some…it felt like I could even breathe easier.

He grins, “Love to watch you, stroke that beast.”

“Let’s move back from the trail…I can still see it from here.”

Both cocks bobbed and bounced, as we moved back into the woods. We almost tripped over an old beat-up picnic table, “Maybe a deserted camp-site…I think this was part of an old girl scout camp.”

He grabbed the base of his dick and held it out, “Bet the girls would really enjoy some of this!”

“They would, dude…they’d have to fight me for it, though. I think they’d get a serious education with two of us.”

After the hot women on the trail and now girl scouts, I started to wonder. Maybe weird timing…maybe curiosity…concern…I casino şirketleri don’t know? I know how I felt. I had intense feelings for Eric, but I had to ask, “Do you ever miss that? Do you ever think about women anymore? Crave pussy?”

Both stroking and horny as hell, he answered, “Not really…not repulsed by it, but that dick pushes pussy right out of my head…ya know.”

“I guess, dude. I know you’ve gone through a lot. I want you to be happy.”

“After being in a relationship, with you, I’ve come to realize that I am gay. I know you’re happily married and bi, but I think, I’m happiest with men…only men. Besides, Tina and I adore each other and we’re comfortable sharing you…I mean…I think it really works for you…having both of us in your life. Doesn’t it?”

“It does…I do need both of you…in my life. Eric…I think it works for all of us.”

“I’m very happy and completely satisfied with you…I just don’t need anyone else. Though…I wouldn’t mind, if we had some hot, college babe watchin’…remember the trucker, Luke…how hot that was! So…to answer your question, I guess I have a little interest in women, but not very damned much.”

“The Luke-thing was fuckin’ hot!”

Again, testing the table’s stability with a nudge, he sat down next to me. We both started stroking for each other. Our bodies touched and I could still feel the sweat and heat from the run. He had an amazing, lean build with broad shoulders, solid abs and strong legs. I was staring at his hand, moving up and down the length of his dick. That smooth, muscular body, had little hair…he had a cute brown trace starting just above his navel and leading to his pubes.

I looked up to see that he was engrossed in watching me…and then I felt his hand close over mine, “Let me do it.” He took over, wrapping his fingers around my dick and stroking, slow and sensuously. I moaned, “Mmmmm…that feels goooood.”

His dick, glistening with beads of cum and weaving back and forth, was so enticing. It drew all my attention and I reached for it; it was hot when I held it in my hands. He got up, stood between my legs and pressed our dicks together; using both hands, he stroked them together…we both got to take turns, stroking all that beautiful meat.

Finally, he pulls away and runs his tongue down over my chest, licking sweat and teasing my nipples. His eyes lock with mine, as he pulls my shorts off and grabs for dick.

My hands, on the table behind me, supported the lean of my upper body. The shaft, resting in a matt of thick brown pubes, stood proudly from my body. Fully erect, it continued to bounce with each beat or pulse of my heart. I needed his lips so bad, but I didn’t rush things. I let it go, because he was admiring…or worshipping…worshipping my dick. Something I never mind…cock worship is something incredibly sexual and exciting. He continued his exploration, gently cupping the balls in his hand, while stroking with the other. He teased, “Are these babies ready…ready to pump out a serious load?”

“Oh yeah…gotta a big one…yer gonna like it.”

He flashed one of his sexy smiles and grabbed a handful of my butt…he kneaded, while stroking slowly over the big dick, in his hand. I know he loves to grope my ass, whenever he can…sometimes, he surprises me with a discrete squeeze…always with a cute mischievous grin. I really like it when he can get his hand inside and grab bare skin. Of course, it was always nice when we could cast reserved or discrete aside and show our affection (or lust) for each other.

His fingers sensually wandered casino firmaları up and down the shaft, feeling the veins that defined the surface. I dreamed of how the raised ridges would feel, sliding between his lips…I was so ready for the relief he could provide. Amazed that I had so much self-control…I was so tempted to hump my hips forward, driving it into his mouth…but I didn’t…I waited till he was ready. He leaned down to swirl his tongue over the tip; it darted over the slit, to lick up the drops that were forming. “Mmmmm, Robbie juice.”

After all the cock worship, finally, my swollen head popped through his lips and he took me into his mouth. I pumped into him while he kept his hand stroking, at the base. Whenever he did me this way, my dick was wild with sensory satisfaction.

“Oh yeah…feels so good….suck that big fuckin’ dick…suck it…uhhh…uhhh…it’s all yours. Right there, like that…just like that…uhhh…uhhh…uhhh…yer mouth feels so fuckin’ good…that’s it!”

“I wanna taste you…need to taste you…need to lick that gorgeous cock…look at that thing…mmmmm, that beautiful dick!”

“Just like that…fuck! Fuck…uhhh…uhhh…uhhhh…yer pushin’ me closer, dude…fuck! That’s it, man…gotta stop…yer…yer gonna make me cum. Sit up here and let me do you.” It was a warm day but it felt cold when I pulled out of his mouth. The wet dick sprung back to hit my belly and bobbed wildly as we changed positions.

He hopped onto the table and planted his feet so I had plenty of room. “Mmmmmm…look what I got for ya!” He moaned, as I scooped up the big drops, seeping from the tip and down the underside.

“Dude, it’s like honey…fuck me with that beautiful thing! Fuck, I missed this thing! Do my mouth!”

Placing his palm over the back of my head, he slowly pushed himself through my lips. He held it there for a second; it felt warm in my mouth and I could feel it pulsing…something I never tire of. Together, we pushed it to the back of my throat and he started pumping into me. He knew what I wanted…I wanted my mouth fucked…I wanted as much as I could get, almost sliding my lips down to his pubes. After a while, I watched it slide through my lips; it was all shiny with juice and spit. I loved the sense of a swollen cock between my lips, stretching them wide and sliding in long strokes…fuck, it was incredible! I really did miss this…it’s not like it had been months, but I wished I could have him every day…just like this.

Spreading a little further, “Suck me, dude…suck me! Fucccckkkk, that’s good! Suck that dick…feels so fuckin’ good!”

I worked the underside with my tongue, but he started pumping harder and faster. It’s exactly what I wanted, but I couldn’t keep up…I just pushed my tongue tight against the shaft…I could feel his veins. He was panting and moaning as if he was getting close. I was torn and thought to myself…I want the seed…I craved it, but I really wanted things to last. I wanted to enjoy that dick for a while…a long while…I wanted the fucking to last.

After just a few more minutes of moans, he spreads his cheeks and says, “Now, I’m really fuckin’ close…gonna blow my load…do my ass, dude! I need it…need it in my ass! I need ya to fuck me!”

With no hesitation, I stand up and grab at his hips to pull him to the edge. “Spread for me, dude!” He wrapped his arms under his legs to pull them back to his chest. “Mmmmmm, that looks sweet,” and I rub my dick over the little bud and tease my way in. Eyes rolling back and fluttering, his whole body reacted to the pleasure, güvenilir casino as I push inward. Clearly, he needed this…he needed cock. Again, I felt his hands slide down my back to grab the smooth, rounded flesh of my ass. Groaning, he pulls me close and I bottom out; we both let out gasps. “Ohhhh fuck, right there…fuck me right there…give it all…to me…hard…fuck me hard!” I eagerly satisfied his need, pushing harder and giving his ass a stiff slap.

I break eye contact to watch my dick slide, in and out. Pumping and pumping into him, I watched his dick bob and bounce. “Fucccck that’s amazing!” Eventually he grabs himself to stroke, as I fuck myself deep into his belly. “Bear down on it, man…squeeze me…squeeze me with that tight ass…yesssssss…that’s it…fuck’n tight!”

He confessed, “God I missed you…missed this! Fuck that hole, dude…fuck me…fuck me…that’s goooood…uhhh…uhhh…fu…ck me…fuck it…fuck it. Fuck it out of mmeeeee…need to cum…fuck it out…fuck it out of meeeeee!”

In the throes of orgasm, he calls out, “Ohhhh god, Robbbbb. Robbbbbbieeeee…fu…ckkkkkkk…ohhhh…fuckkkkkkk! Robbbbbieeeee…fuccccckkkkkkk!” His body shook over and over, as cum sprayed over his belly and onto his chest…the last bit trickled down over his hand. Still inside, I held his warm body and our tongues meshed, probing deeper.

Finally, we came up for breath, “You need to finish; do it inside…wanna feel that load.”

I resumed, stroking into him, “Buddy, yer not gonna be disappointed with what I got for ya…it’s been a couple days…it fucking feels big!”

“Pump me hard till ya cum…fuck me hard! Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh, that’s it…use me…use me!”

That’s all I could handle; I fucked wildly, just pounding his ass, till the woods were filled with our moans. I felt it coming up from my balls and pulled out partway, leaving only the tip to finish the job.

I moaned even louder and sprayed into his ass; I came hard enough that you could see the shaft twitch, with each pulse. I remember it being a big one…a big load that was satisfying to both of us. “Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh…uhhh…fuck! You like Rob’s cum don’t you?”

“Oh Robbieeeee…fuck yeah, that’s what I wanted! Yesssss, I’m yer fuckin’ cumslut! Take it any…way ya wanna give it to me…pump all that seed into me….mmmm…that’s it!”

I use my hand to stroke the last of it into his ass. As he calls out my name, again, “Robbbieee,” he pulls me tighter. Both of us, spent and sweating, look into each other’s eyes and kiss…and kiss…on each other.

His ass sucked the last drops from my dick, as I pulled out. I hated to pull out, but he had put his legs down. Once I slipped out, he sat back to ogle. My dick, all shiny with cum, bobbed around in the dappled light that streamed through the woods.

“Fuck!” He smiled, “When can we do that again?”

I laughed, “Often…often as you want! Maybe tonight?”

“I want to just sit here and watch that dick…you hot fucker!”

I smile, “You keep busy with that and I’ll get your shorts.” I found all our clothes and we headed back to the main trail to finish the run. My head was still spinning some and Eric was sporting a puddle on the back of his shorts. A little further down the trail, the wet spot had grown and cum trickled down his thigh.

I whistled, “Hey, look at that hot guy with a creampie!”

He grins back, “Fucker…get up here…get in front…I wanna look at the hot guy that gave it to me.”

We ran a little further and he said, “I just might need your help later, in the shower…maybe you can help me clean up…you got the perfect tool, for the job.”

“Mmmmm…I’m there, dude!” That was all I needed to say…we were both happy to be together and confident that we’d make up for being apart.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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