My Sew Called Life

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This story is a work of fiction. All characters are at least 18 years old.

“I can’t believe this Paulie. You’re eighteen and already more successful than most adults will ever be. You have more talent than most of New York combined. And you think you’re a failure because you’re a virgin?”

Paul Moretti handed the cash over to the hot dog vendor and gave Elli a stern look.

“Look. You’re too shy. Hell if any girl knew you were the creative genius behind Myst…”

“ELLI! SHH.” Paul cut her off. She was one of few people who knew what he did.


It all started from his mother who was a talented fashion designer in her own right. Paul grew up in his mother’s shop and from a very young age learned how to sew. In fact that’s all he ever wanted to do. When other boys were playing with GI Joe’s, he was making dresses for Barbie’s. When other boys were in sports Paul would study patterns and read fashion magazines.

It didn’t take long for Paul to start drafting is own patterns and create his own garments. His mother guided him along but Paul took to it naturally and with ease. His mother insisted Paul show off his designs in the front window but was reluctant to do so.

“It’s not good enough.” He always said. He was too much of a perfectionist.

“What’s the point of making all of these if nobody is going to he able to enjoy them?” Loraine asked her son. “Your designs and craftsmanship is just as good, if not better- than mine.”

So Paul picked the best dress he did and displayed it on a mannequin in his mother’s shop. His big break came shortly after his 18th birthday.

“Paulie dear. You know that actress Megan Marcrott?” Loraine said casually.

Paul didn’t bother looking up from his fabric as he grunted a yes.

“Well, she just stopped in. She asked about the black dress in the window to wear at a red carpet event. However I told her it wasn’t mine and it wasn’t for sale.”

“MOM!” Paul gasped and dropped the shears he was holding. He finally turned to face his mom and she was grinning ear to ear.

“Haha good one. Can I get back to work now?”

“I’m not lying.” She handed her son a business card. “She wants your dress.”

Paul reached for the card and studied it. Then the realization hit him.

“Mom they are gonna ask who is she wearing. And if kids at school found out then I’m gonna be picked on even more. I can’t have my name out there like that.”

“Suit yourself. But this doesn’t happen to someone your age very often. Plus you don’t have very much longer to go. You’re a senior now. How about you sleep on it? Let me know tomorrow.”

So Paul thought it over and came to the conclusion he would create a brand called Mystique. He would hire someone for PR and would keep his name out of the lime light.

“Mystique. I like that. I think it has good marketing potential. Good job son. Now let’s give this actress a call.”

Paul was so nervous when Megan walked in through the shop.

“You must be the genius designer behind the dress I fell in love with!” Megan said giving Paul a hug.

Paul felt his face blush as her breasts pushed up against his chest. It was a nice warm feeling for him though and he didn’t want to let go.

“How much for the dress?” Megan asked.

“I think..” Loraine started to talk however Paul cut her off.

“No mom I got this. You can have this for a loaner, for free. As long as you promise not to mention my name just mention the brand Mystique. I’m serious I don’t want people to know who’s behind it.”

Megan thought over his words but seemed disappointed.

“If you still want to buy my dress afterwards I will sell it at a discount.” Paul said with a smile.

“That will work. You’re such a sweet young man.” Megan gave him a peck on the cheek.

The magazines ate it up. Paul’s dress was the talk of the fashion world and everyone wanted to know who was behind Mystique. It wasn’t long after that Paul had designed his own clothing line and put on his own fashion show. At the end he stood in front of a white curtain and a light showed his silhouette. The thunderous applause of the audience sent Paul to cloud nine. He hired a lawyer to broker deals for the Mystique brand and to appear on television. Everyone wanted to know him.


“I don’t get it Paulie. You’re around beautiful women all day but yet you can’t talk to them?”

“Well don’t I talk to you?” Paul said between bites of his hot dog.

“You’re not trying to sleep with me are ya?” Elli said with a cheeky grin.

Paul thought about that for a moment. He looked at her blue eyes and her shoulder length blonde hair.

“Paul Joseph Moretti are you telling me you wouldn’t sleep with me?”

Elli usually only used Paul’s full name when she was mad, however he could tell she was only messing. Paul pinched her oversized hoodie.

“I don’t know El. Maybe if you wore something that showed what you were workin with.”

Elli dropped her lower jaw and threw the last bit of hotdog at casino oyna him.

“El. Maybe we should? Ya know. We both never done it. We are both eighteen and seniors. And you’re the only one I’m comfortable talking to.”

“Yea Paulie I don’t know if that’s a good idea though. No offense. You’re pretty cute. It’s just sex can complicate things. I’m not sure I can do a no strings type of deal. We have been good friends for years now.”

“Yea you’re totally right. Sorry I was just thinkin is all. Anyway I gotta go back to the shop but let me walk you home.”


“I heard Mystique is going to release a new winter collection. My father’s friend is friends with Craig, the Mystique Lawyer. I’m sure I can get access to it early!” Paul laughed and shook his head while he overheard some girl spew lies just to seem cool. It was the end of second period and already he wanted to go to work but instead he mindlessly walked to his next class. Until someone pushed him against the lockers.

“Out of my way ass hat.” Stupid jocks, Paul thought to himself.

“If only he knew who designed the hoodie he was wearing.” Elli said appearing from behind.

“I’m not gonna out myself.”

“You sound like you’re gay. Are you gay Paulie boy?” Elli Teased him.

“Only for you, love.” He said as he put a finger under her breast and flicked it up. Elli responded by punching his shoulder.

He hated school so much he thought about dropping out. The only two things that kept him going was Elli and the fact that a lot of the student body wore his clothes. Elli was right though. If only people knew what a trend setter Paul was.

“Paulie. You still going to the dance with me tonight right?”

Shit. Paul thought. His mind has been on his work lately and it slipped his mind. Thankfully he had already cleared his schedule.

“I mean it Paulie don’t be late this time. Pick me up at 6.”

“Come on El. What if I run into Ashley Turner and she needs a date?” Paul teased. Elli punched his arm again. Ashley had been his crush for many years, but so far doesn’t know he exists.

“Damn it Paulie that’s not funny. This is the first formal dance I’ve been to. You’re gonna actually see what I’m working with. I’m wearing a Mystique dress too.” Elli said with a wink.

Paul leaned down a bit so he could whisper in her ear. “El why didn’t you say something? I could have given you a dress for free or made you something special.”

“Paulie first off you got people that actually pay thousands for your dresses and that’s what you should be focusing on. Secondly your mom gave me all the hook ups. I got the dress shoes makeup and all for free. Pick me up at six. Don’t be late”


Paul gave himself a once over in the mirror and ran a comb through his black hair one last time. The suit he wore was one of his own handmade down to the last stitch. The black fabric was offset with red trim and he looked sharp. He wanted to choose a dark blue one, but his mother insisted the red would match Elli’s dress.

The traffic in Brooklyn was terrible but fortunately Paul left with plenty of time to make it to Elli’s apartment. He pulled up to Elli and her family waiting by the front door.

“Pictures first!” Paul heard Erica, Elli’s mother, shout before he even opened the door to the limo.

He stepped out of the limo and stopped dead in his tracks. Paul recognized the fiery red dress she wore but he barely recognized Elli. Her shoulder length blonde hair was professionally styled and her makeup brought out her blue eyes. The sweetheart neckline plunged just a little bit deeper to show a bit more cleavage. She looked absolutely stunning.

“Paulie pick your jaw up off the ground and come take some pictures will ya?” Elli said smiling. She rarely wore anything to show off her curves but she loved the reaction she got while wearing his own dress.


Elli pressed herself closer into Paul as they slow danced for the final song. She had to admit there were butterflies in her stomach and a not so familiar feeling stirring in her groin. She thought about what Paul had mentioned the other day. Maybe they should sleep together, she thought.

“Paulie. I want to take you up on your offer.” She whispered into his ear.

“What offer is that?” Paulie looked at her quizzically. He let his hand drop right above her butt.

“About us. Ya know. Being each other’s firsts.”

That took Paul by surprise. So much in fact he stood up straight and kind of turned his body. At the same time Ashley Turner was walking right behind him. He ended up knocking her into the refreshment table causing her to splash punch and soda all over her white dress.

“Shit!” Paul exclaimed. He grabbed some hand towels and started to dry her dress off. Suddenly he realized he had his hands on her breasts. He dropped the towels and his face turned as red as Elli’s dress.

“Oh. My. God. This dress is a Mystique! It cost a fortune!” Ashley screamed out. She could barely hold back tears.

“Shit I’m really sorry. canlı casino Really really sorry.” That’s all Paul could say. But then he realized what she had said. The dress she was wearing wasn’t one of his. Ashley had been duped.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it here! My parents are going to kill me! You’ll need to pay me for this.”

Elli watched quietly at the interaction thanking God the dance was about over.

“I can’t go home in this dress. This has to be fixed.” Ashley continued, embarrassed and fuming.

“Damn Moretti. You’re gonna have to work three jobs to pay for that.” One of Ashley’s friends chimed in.

“I can fix this. Let me take Elli home first and then we can go to my mother’s shop.” Paul already had his plan worked out. He had plenty of dresses ready to go, all he had to do was do some alterations for Ashley’s size.

The limo ride to Elli’s apartment was awkward. It was deadly silent as Ashley stared at her phone no doubt texting all of her friends keeping them updated. Elli locked eyes with Paul trying to give him a comforting look. It didn’t help much.

“Sorry the dance ended like this.” Paul said, giving Elli a hug on the stoop of her building.

“It’s okay. And don’t worry about Ashley. I know you can fix this.” She gave Paul a peck on the cheek and let herself in. Paul hated to see her go.

“To the shop please.” Paul told the driver as he got in the car.


“Are you sure your mother won’t mind being in her shop?” Ashley said looking at the dresses on display.

“Yeah trust me she won’t care.”

“Look. I don’t wanna sound mean. You’re mothers dresses are great and all. But I got a Mystique. It’s like Haute Culture vs Wal Mart.”

“I hate to break it to you but you’re wearing a fake.”

“Whoa. Ok stop right there. Where do you get off telling me I’m wearing a fake? My parents spent three grand on this dress. It’s real. What do you know about fashion anyway?”

Paul grabbed Ashley’s hand. At first she was taken aback but she followed Paul through the employee only door. Ashley stopped and looked at all the Mystique apparel and dresses lining the wall. Her hand let go of Paul’s as she covered her mouth in awe.

“What do I know about fashion? Plenty. This is my work. I am Mystique.”

Ashley, still in her ruined dress walked along the wall admiring the dresses. She noticed more than a few that had been worn by movie stars.

“This is impossible. How? Why?”

Paul smiled.

“Why do you want to keep it a secret? Or is it really your mother who designs all this stuff.” Ashley asked, looking at him cautiously.

Paul took out his cell phone and opened his gallery. He slid the phone towards Elli.

She scrolled through photo after photo of Paul standing next to models and celebrities. Photos of him working on garments. And photos of his newest collection.

“I don’t know. I don’t think this proves anything.”

“Look. It’s not like I have to prove anything to you. But iI don’t like to be called a liar.” He got his phone back and dialed a number.

“You know the actress Megan Marcrott? Well she was my first customer. Let’s hope she answers.” Paul hit the speakerphone button. It rang a few times before Megan picked up.

“Paul so nice to hear from you!”

“Hey Megan sorry to bother you so late…”

“Not a problem! Is there something wrong with my academy dress? Do I need to come in?”

“No nothing like that you’re dress is almost finished. Would you be willing to represent Mystique on the cover of vogue next month?” Paul said with a smile.

“Oh Paul. It would be an honor. I wish you would finally tell the world who you are.”

“All in good time. Anyway I’m sure you’re busy so I’ll let you go. I’ll have my secretary send you the details.”

“Ok Paul thank you so much. Love you bye!”

Ashley stood stunned at what she just heard. Here she was. Standing next to the biggest name in fashion. And a high school senior to boot.

“Now. I’m telling you your dress isn’t one of mine. And I’m so sorry I made you ruin that dress. It was an accident. But you can pick out any dress along the back wall and I promise I’ll make it fit like a glove.”

Ashely still couldn’t speak. All she did was nod.

Paul checked his emails and largely ignored Ashley as she browsed the garments. He didn’t really pay attention to Ashley talking to her mother explaining she’d be late coming home. Paul was startled when she finally spoke to him.

“Why keep it a secret?”

“Fair question. Because I already get picked on enough. I don’t want kids calling me fag or anything. Not that I got anything against gay people. It’s just not who I am ya know? Kids can be mean. Especially the crowd you run with. So I’d appreciate it if you’d keep this between us.”

“You’d literally become royalty. The most popular person ever. Who wouldn’t want that?”

“I don’t. At least not yet. School is hard enough as it is. Have you found a dress yet?”

Ashley grinned and pulled the dress off the rack.

“Good kaçak casino choice. You’re what, five foot six? This dress should work nicely.”

Paul grabbed a measuring tape and put the dress Ashley picked on a table.

“I’m going to have to measure you.” Ashley nodded, trying to contain her excitement.

“I’m sorry you got ripped off.” Paul said while sliding the tape around her waist. He checked the measurement twice before writing it down.

“If it wasn’t for you I’d never known. So I guess I owe you a thank you.”

Paul nodded and continued his measurements. He could feel himself get nervous and start to sweat. Up until now he was too preoccupied with Ashley’s dress problem to even think about how beautiful she looked. This was the closest he had ever been to his crush. His hands began to shake.

“Is something wrong?”

“I’m going to have to measure. Um. Your bust.”

“Oh. Yea sure.” Ashley gave him permission but it did nothing for his nerves.

He wrapped the measuring tape around the fullest part of her bust but frowned.

“What is it?”

“Well the beaded trim and the bust on this dress will distort the actual measurement that I need.” He felt the sweat form on his face as his eyes glanced down her cleavage.

“Paul I’m not wearing a bra.”

“Yeah I know. Well how about you put the dress on that you picked and we can go from there? There’s dressing rooms out front.”

Paul adjusted his boner in his pants and wiped the sweat from his forehead. If this was any other woman he would be fine. But this was his crush.

“Paul can you help me for a minute?”

Paul cautiously entered the dressing room.

“Just unzip me please.”

Paul moved her brown hair over her shoulder and nervously guided the zipper down her back. He almost jumped when her white thong came into view.

“Thank you.” Ashley said. Paul stood there like an idiot.

“Oh right. Sorry.” He said putting one hand over his eyes and reaching for the curtain with the other.

“Wait. Don’t go yet. You’ll have to zip me up in the new dress. Just keep those eyes closed Moretti.”

Paul waited with equal nervousness and excitement.

“Okay now you may look.”

Paul opened his eyes. Ashley stood in the same spot holding the top of the dress to herself. Paul once again moved her hair out of the way. He slowly zipped up the back of the dress over her snow white skin.

They moved back into the workshop where Paul pinned the dress to where it should be.

“It looks beautiful.” Ashley said, twirling in front of the mirror

“You look beautiful.” Paul said out loud, but barely above a whisper. The look on her face meant she heard him.

“Right. Time to get back out of that dress. But we need something for you to wear while I work on it. This will take some time though I can have my driver take you home if you’d like.”

“No I’m enjoying this. You know we never hung out. And you’re like the coolest person I’ve ever met.” Ashley picked up the jacket to Paul’s suit. “I’ll wear this. Zipper please?”

Paul swallowed hard and pulled the zipper down a few inches so she could reach it. Instead of heading to the dressing room this time Ashley pulled the zipper down and let the dress fall away from her body. Paul was facing her back but he could see her c cup breasts in the mirror. They were perky as could be. Her beautiful pink nipples were erect. Her flat stomach led down to her hips which were hugged by her white thong. She slowly stepped out of the dress and put Paul’s jacket on. She neglected to button it; or it wouldn’t with her ample chest. Either way it left a great amount of skin on display.

Ashley sat in a chair while Paul worked. She would wiggle around causing the jacket to open up even more. Paul tried to keep his eyes on his work but it was hard. In fact more than one thing was hard. Several times he had to redo a seam.

“So you work with beautiful women all the time. Famous people. You must have a lot of women in your life. A lot of girlfriends.”

Paul wondered how to respond. But he decided since she already knew one secret he might as well keep being honest.

“Actually no. I’ve never had a girlfriend. And um. I’m a virgin.”

Ashley looked at Paul who was staring very hard at what he was doing. If he hadn’t bumped into her she would have never actually noticed him.

“Don’t be embarrassed. You know I may be popular but you’ve got everything figured out. I’m eighteen like you and I don’t have any idea of what I’m going to do with my life. With your talent and ambition? You could get any woman you want.”

Paul laughed out loud.

“If only it was that simple. Your dress is done.”

“Thank you!” Ashley said jumping off the chair. She ran around the table and held the dress up to her body. Paul checked the time. It was a little after four in the morning. They had been there for almost five hours. Paul collapsed on the couch that was against the wall.

Ashley looked at Paul then set the dress down. She let the jacket slide off of her body. Paul sat up on the couch taking in her beauty. She took a few steps and sat on his lap. She held his face as she kissed him.

“Touch me.”

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